If you were to organize a summer sexual torture camp for girls and women, what "attractions" would be available to them?

If you were to organize a summer sexual torture camp for girls and women, what "attractions" would be available to them?

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ask Harvey Weinstein

Bowl of eggs for breakfast lunch and d.. dinner

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complete isolation while at the same time feeding them secrets about their friends and families. not being able to tell anyone these secrets will result in mental breakdown and even physical pain. their minds will devour themselves.

Covered in honey beneath a bee's nest event.
Buried in shit for a day event.
Ride the Jerry Epstein simulator.

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Daily rides in both the pussy whipping machine and the cocking horse.

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Work experience

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the human centipede

Corn on the cob

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Idle sadism...

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Nipple and clit piercings
Group choking sessions
Pussy whipping
Restraints and edging
Wooden horse rides
Internal hot sauce rankings

Yknow...normal stuff.

any ideas for unusual stuff?

naughty campers become the latrines

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some K9 stuff

Hollow dildo deepthroat waterboarding

When talking about unusual consensual sexual torture or sadism stuff it gets...very weird, things like permanent disfigurement, amputation, killing and resuscitation, extreme crushing things I do not advocate for, but you could get creative with the aforementioned ideas and think of things that could be fun.

It really depends on how experienced these girls would be, what they're paying for, and what they feel comfortable enough doing. If you're just looking for ideas to spice up your own sex life or whatever you can check out one of the many fetish sites out there and they'll be happy to help.

Assume girls are inexperienced but forced to take place in this camp

I mean fantasy is fine and all but I don't do anything without their consent and them being comfortable with it so I honestly couldn't help you out there, a lot of the experience and enjoyment of this type of stuff comes from both parties being trusting and comfortable with what theyre doing. With most inexperienced people what was described in my first original post would be more than enough for them to handle, throw in some casual restraints to fill out time and painful edging.

Hot sauce soaked tampons.

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First a health check.

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keep going

Have to check her inside...
using only the best steel implements of ....uhm... stretching.

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Sometimes the classics are best, hands on, so to speak

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Listen, I'm not here to fuel your wank session... have this one being tested to breaking point and then finish...

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Should make the pipe longer
Then hit it and make it ring


Have them wear this all day.

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