I love industry plant Eilish <3 she's so tapented and aheas of our times oh my god. So inspirational and beautiful...

I love industry plant Eilish

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I don’t like her because she’s a coalburner

Why do you losers hate someone successful? She's young, made millions, her music isn't bad and she has a large following. Is it just the meta nowadays to hate anything made by young artists? Are we supposed to only like music from 40 year olds?

She's talented and well done for her sweep at the grammys. Get a fucking life you pleb and go back to putting CCR on repeat thinking you're a real man, dipshit.

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I cut her a LOT of slack because of her age. And I never argue with success, but let's be honest- her music is all over-processed pop gunk. They use real-time autotune when she's live. It's not her fault, but a problem with the industry and the listeners who accept it. She's 100% a manufactured product.

>music isn't bad
It’s fucking awful, m80

You will love the bbc

So how many Grammy exec's did she blow to get these many awards?

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>meta nowadays to hate popular things

new huh?

Given her style of music autotune is fine. Sometimes I would rather listen to something like that than old rock or metal just to chill with and be happy. As young kids/teens, we loved pop music don't fucking lie and say you didn't. Our pop music was childish dogshit yet we loved it. Her style is fairly decent even if it is a manufactured product. That's still not a decent reason to hate her and her music.


Her music is utter garbage. I would put my ear up to the exaust pipe of a backfiring car.
Stop acting like you're some intellectual.

You just admitted that she is replacable and doesn't contribute to her own music at all. So why are you okay with her winning the grammy's?

It's garbage to you mate. Music appeals to the listener who can relate and enjoy it or if you're in the mood for whatever style it is be it reggae, rock, pop, metal, disco etc.

I don't see how you can misconstrue what I said as being considered an intellectual, just pointing out that people need valid reasons to hate something not just "hurrr it's cool to hate it right guys amirite guys we hate it right" which is fucking stupid.

Bait, don't fall for it.

So, someone else writes the lyrics, someone else composes and produces the songs and someone else autotunes her speech to make it sound like singing, but she gets the awards? I don't get it.

The music is fine, but she's not the reason why. Her voice is just another (heavily processed and tuned) instrument for the product.

I don't see anywhere I said what you're stating, at all. When did I say she's replaceable? Dafuq you on about? She co-writes her songs with her brother. She performs and sings them. Why would I not be ok with her winning the grammys she won? Was there someone in your opinion more deserving in those categories?

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The people who put it all together. Her lyrics aren't special. The ultimate product is what sounds good. And again, she earns not credits for that.

..and the prize goes to the girl with the biggest tits

Heavily autotuned? Nope. Listen to her natural singing voice the autotuned adds a effect and that's it. Almost all pop singers use autotuned at concerts because it's near impossible to sing the same as the proper release and perform at the same time, not to mention they perform an insane amount of shows per year.

What people? Producers? They don't contribute anything to films and music other than have a say in how shit goes and fund the product. She co-writes, sings, and performs the music. She's like 90% of the work.

but how much of all that is her art? she neither does the melodies, the notes, the ambience and has a ghost writer for her text, tho those are not particularly complex anyway

she is imho really great pop music and the science behind it really perfected all it, she's probably also a really gifted performer

well tl;dr
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It's not her natural voice in her songs, are you fucking retarded? Pop songs are meant to be listened by millions of people daily, imagine they'd use someone's natural voice.
All I want is a music culture where people enjoy pop/(and other electronical genres) music like this without worshipping stupid artists. Like imagine they made her songs but we wouldn't know who she is because it doesn't matter, just like we don't know most voice actors.

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Imagine believing that. You know nothing about the industry lmao

Needs more grammy.

I didn't listen to shitty pop when I was a kid, and I certainly don't now. A Grammy doesn't mean shit. She got the same awards as Christopher Cross, whose 1980 album beat Pink Floyd's "The Wall" for best album. Tell me if that one worked out for them.

I fucking love it. I can’t wait for nignogs and the buzzfeed articles to cry racism that that whale lizzo didn’t sweep.

don't you guys just get bored of this

i love her tho

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I do like a couple of her songs but I'm not a fan of her 4deep9u style and fanbase.

She’s definitely an industry plant who sold her soul to gain fame, its obvious to anyone conscious.