You go to a forest, and see this, what do?

You go to a forest, and see this, what do?

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go to another forest

I would never go the the Indian forest, there are tigers there.

Go west

Shoot, mount head on wall. Sell the rest at the market.

I want her to sit on her own poop

their poo is ball formed. not like that.

Rim asshole clean.

She have diarrhea

wtf is wrong with that horse

Stand in awe at the beauty of what mother nature has created

leave San Francisco for a forest not run by Democrats

shoot it, it is destroying the ecosystem and I came out here to get some deer meat


fuck her while she is shitting

Hot, what about this?

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wonder why I am playing Castle Crashers.

I was thinking the same thing


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I like animals wickr foxhound1989

Put it out of its misery.

Shoot it then leave it there for the forest to purify its corrupted form

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>what do?
Call the police

Shoot, skin and make venison jerky for later
Shits great

Spam magic at the other colored knights. Can't have them getting my juggle exp

Based and Crasherspilled

Wonder wtf is in the water in that fucking forest then kick rocks

gay chicken

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Hooooot. Edit more

tell me about gay ligma and gay chicken and how it all connects to coronavirus