You've just been given $150,000 by a mysterious benefactor. How are you investing it?

You've just been given $150,000 by a mysterious benefactor. How are you investing it?

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the euro

>pay off school loans
>buy a piece of land in a remote place
>set up automatic payments tied to a roth IRA with a quick 10 year turnover
>stay off the internet for the rest of my life.

going to need more than 150k

Fidget Spinners

Just did something similar. Was looking for rental property but it's slow going these days. So I'm putting it into just a simple index fund for now.

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overtaking intel's complacent position over the past few years in consumer and workstation processors

AMD is beautiful but just hit all time high. Watching to see if it can sustain. We are in 2020, demand is higher for such technology. (not OP)

Pay debt.
Purchase small cruising houseboat.
Purchase a berth at a suitably cozy marina for winter moorings.
Live an idle life.

Pic related.

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150k won't get you that bub.

i think it has farther to go but maybe not.

Disney would be a solid choice, continuing to build out their streaming service and they offer a dividend.

Sig Sauer is something to keep an eye on, I think their prototype for the NGSW with the army looks like the leading choice vs aai and general dynamics, and they already won the pistol contract earlier.

My debt isn't big and the smaller model houseboat is cheap(ish).
I may have to skip the idle life, get a soft job.

Pay off all my debt. Open a few credit cards with high introductory miles and spend credit to get the miles. Open a high yield savings for emergencies and probably invest the rest for dividends in the long run. Then travel a little with my wife.

talk to a bank and see how i can take regular withdrawals for a 40 year period

Put it in the market. Banks will do nothing for you.

Buying all of the drugs

Half to my mortgage, invest 50k in 'safe' long term stock for dividends, 15k in savings account and 10k for a few moths of travel.

Smart. No reason to jump on something you don't want just for the sake of owning. Have you considered investing in larger residential/light commercial properties with partners?

I'd keep it under my mattress and periodically buy diamond chains and grills

try to get a girl interested with my new-found wealth, fail, retreat back into my apartment and masturbate alone for another 27 years

Pharma companies that make vaccines. Corona Virus will need lost of them
Weapons manufacturers - stupid nignog Trump will cause a war

I'm on a lot of mailing lists, so I've been presented with a lot of JV and fund options. But capital is really cheap right now, so these types of returns have dropped a lot since even a couple of years ago. And some things I've seen, wow, I'd be embarrassed to even present them as an option to investors if I were doing a raise.

But I'm trying to get away from other people's deals. You're at their mercy in a sense and when you get capital back in a less favorable market like I have, there's nowhere palatable to put your cash. So, now I'm all about buying and holding "forever", locking in my returns and just having the cash come in nice and regular.

Well good for you man. I wasted my 20s and I'm about to turn 32 with almost nothing to my name. Just dawned on me one day that if I continue down that path I'll be penniless and living pay check to paycheck for the rest of my life. And real estate is definitely the avenue I want to take. Trying to build up my portfolio while paying debt sucks absolute dick and it's slow going, but eventually I'll be at a place where I can provide something meaningful for my wife and I. We're you into finance before your opportunity arose?

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>3 hole balaclava
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The rest goes to charity for children


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No, I was pretty simplistic financially when I was in my 20s as well but on the upside, I avoided bad debt and focused on growing my career, which turned out well. So, when the big RE crash hit, I was able to make a lot of progress in my 30s because of that plus a few other tailwinds.

Now, in my 40s, I'm looking at an early retirement as long as I can buy some good cashflowing assets soon.

You'll be ok, just stick with it and don't be afraid to take appropriate risks.