Just used hair removal cream because my ass hair was bothering me, and to see if it worked properly I took this picture...

just used hair removal cream because my ass hair was bothering me, and to see if it worked properly I took this picture. thoughts?

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You look ready to get fucked fag

no i'm just seeing if the cream worked properly :)

Then post better quality pic cause we cant see shit

Let's see if your asshole stretches properly

>You look ready to get fucked fag
>Then post better quality pic cause we cant see shit
This, OP, both of these.

You got a cute butt user, I'd eat it

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Does that stuff even work?

more pics fag

my camera sucks.
and im not a fag

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>not a fag

>I'm not a fag
>Posts pic of hairless asshole w/ slight gape on a Mongolian Throat Singing forum

Lindo trasero

in between 2 straight guysn would u let me fuck u? no homo

You cant fool anyone with this gape sissy boy

>and im not a fag
Boy you best be joking. You must be at least bisexual yeah?

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>and im not a fag

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Hi, I remember when I first did this too, for some of the same completely ridiculous reasons you ostensibly did it! Do you want to talk about your gender struggles?

gape is only there cos im spreading it retards

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No homo but I would eat that ass for hours....

get away from me fag

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What kind of cream was it?

So seriously how many cocks to get it gaped like that?

veet men
i aint a fag :)

wow usually depilator creams come during the bargaining stage, not the denial stage.

I'm here if you need me.

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i do the same feel more clean

Attached: (m=e-yaaGqaa)(mh=jP478NbManu9sI8m)original_571664451.jpg (575x322, 24K)

How painful would it be on your balls....and what brand?

This boipucci is in desperate need of a huge cock sliding in and out of it

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just make sure you don't leave it on too long and it doesn't hurt your balls or asshole at all. The hard part is resisting the urge to cover your legs and chest and armpits in it too, hair-removal can become instantly addictive because your body feels brand new.

not that there's anything wrong with smooth legs and chest it's just harder to hide ;)

hope you enjoy getting reposted in gay threads

Thoughts OP?

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Time to eat

Now use some hormone cream

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not at all painful.
veet men. worked like a dream! my ass was literally covered in hair before this.
dude thats gay

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Kik tryagaintryagain726
I will even buy that shit for you, ass is worth feminizing

Gape user that's not how a spread ass looks.
You have inserted something into your ass recently and it was large enough to stretch out the inside.

I bet your farts make no sound

>dude thats gay

Fuck yeah it is. Your ass is ripe for cock

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well i put my finger up when applying the cream to make sure i get all the hairs. no homo tho.

Glad you like it. Your asshole is well worth eating out, post some more please.

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I get you're joking about the cream part because that would burn like a motherfucker but I believe the fingering your ass part.
Stop being shy and admit you like some ass play.

Less filters, would rim for smoothness efforts

Get help

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nah dude i aint gay, i was just testing how clean my asshole can get without all the hair clogging everything up with the finger test. look see
no filter its just shit lighting and a front facing low megapixel camera

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clean enough to do this huh

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Now we know how the gape happened >:p

I don't know. You sure you don't want your ass to be two fingers worth of clean?

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Next you'll say "I fucked myself with a 10 inch dildo just to see if it was smooth, but I ain't gay"

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Did you trim the hairs down first? Did you also use on legs? How long did you leave it on?

You should test with two fingers
Go on give it a try

post the video coomer.

Best results with three fingers though

as long as you go no homo u r gud

Anons have a point, one finger is an alright test but if you stick more in there and still stay clean, I mean that shows you a lot more than with just one.

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i only did it because i was curious if another finger would fit
i just coated my groin, left it on 3 minutes.

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This is a fantastic thread. Nice dubs.

dubs to match the dubs in his ass. nice

You have to at least two finger joints to really be sure you're clean user.

Dubs beget dubs. See if trips beget trips too OP.

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I hate dicks without balls

pic related

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Yeah it feels bad when they retract.

Put some spit or lube, don't test yourself raw

Maybe we should see if our dicks fit

Great pic, user!

fuck, not quite. i need to cut my nails.
also i almost fucking bust when doing that for some reason, now i admit this is getting pretty gay

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Are you really going to deny yourself that pleasure because some fags on an taiwanese hemp knitting forum might call you a word?

Nah, you're going good.
Maybe use some lotion or soap to really clean in there.



Third finger looking a bit strained all bent up, maybe best to slide it in so it won't cramp up on you

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>also i almost fucking bust when doing that for some reason
Go on and bust and then use the nut as lube, I bet you'll slide in much easier even with nails man.

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Go for this next

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That's gay as fuck, he should stick to something like this

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Surely you can get a third finger in, right OP??

fuuuck my asshole stings like hell. maybe using shower gel as lube on a freshly shaved asshole wasnt a good idea

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>veet men
So that's all you did? I've been thinking on giving it a go since I'm really hairy down there. How and where should I use it?

Oh yeah, soap's no good as lube, use spit instead.

pants off, coat all your hair in a thick layer, leave for 3-6mins, go in shower and rinse all your hair off (comes with a tool to help put it off)
shave any residue you might have missed and boom, clean fresh asshole. i cant believe how easy it was.

You got a Kik? I need to see more.

Nooo user, you should have told us of that, I would have told you it was a bad plan.
It's.. it's very good stuff though, please keep going OP.

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I second this, need to see more.

how about showing off your ass and soles OP? Pic like this?

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does this work only on one's butt, or also balls and dick's base?

Attached: lusciousnet_lusciousnet_getimage-14_642976263.gif (320x240, 1.3M)

just waiting for my asshole to recover and ill post more

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>ill post more

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ask and you shall receive

Attached: file.png (741x967, 1.1M)

Thanks bb I appreciate it. Bump with a pic of your cock in the mean time?

Attached: m5xwv1430161645-rimming-babes-horny-girls-rimming-assholes-live-on-free-adult.gif (480x258, 715K)

Show us how well you got the hair off from around your cock and balls.

Damn user, those sexy soles really compliment your ass. Moar?

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I want to suck your balls and fuck your ass op.

Attached: 1549389277322.webm (956x718, 1.23M)

>almost nuts from a couple fingers
God this boi would be great to break in

Dam wish there was better lighting to show off the smoothness better
Thank you for sharing results none the less

Adorable. And dubs again. And they're sevens again.

Very nice, and hard too huh? You must be enjoying the attention.

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an advantage of shaving is that it also makes your dick look a bit bigger

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god I'd love to bury my dick in that ass

Your ass still stinging? I want to see some more fingers in it.

those soles look gorgeous OP, I'd love to see more of them

not sure what to use as lube

>dick rock hard after fingering your own butt
just accept that you're a power bottom

that bottle of handpump lube you have on your desk, obviously.

thats hand sanitizer, i think that would kill me

Edge and use pre cum for lube

What did you use the first time? Spit?
If you happen to have coconut oil, I heard that's actually very good.

Attached: tumblr_mwospatGay1rglgsso1_400.jpg (381x499, 46K)

oh no user I'm sorry i suggested soap.
Use some cold water to flush it out.
Make a video so I can make sure you're doing it right.

Lots of spit!

stick 2 fingers down your throat to gag yourself and use the slimy saliva as lube


wow, that worked. I can't believe how deep my asshole goes. getting a good picture now.

Neat I'm considering doing the same. I just hate it when you need to wipe individual hairs to make sure nothing is stuck.
Seems quite sanitary indeed.

What kind of hair removal did you use? Like what cream stuff? Did it burn at all? How long did you leave it on?

OP can you do another pic like this but spread your asshole really wide? im in looove with these pictures. so good.

im gonna need your kik or snap you cumdump

foreal, op do you have kik? would love to message you

scroll up
my kik is 'pentition', not messaging atm tho

also in this pic you have to appreciate i have pretty long fingers. they're super deep, i could feel god knows what i was so far inside

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dontcha both read the threads, OP aint gay.

please OP

mm i bet you felt something id love to eat up there.

Good, good.
Make sure it's nice and clean.

Lovely. Does it feel good OP?

Attached: tumblr_n04ks2GyJA1t3q500o1_400.gif (400x300, 969K)

sure fren

Attached: file.png (725x967, 917K)

wow. thank you so much. gonna cum hard as fuck to this

Look at how hard you're craving dick right now, cute

yo op take another pic like this but further away so it's not so blurry

post the result

Attached: file.png (725x967, 947K)

Thanks bro I needed that, nuts feel much lighter now.
No homo

>post the result
I support this, it's only fair to reward OP for all the content he's providing.

>No homo
this whole fucking thread

oh my fucking god dude, i was already rock hard but this shit made my dick PULSE.

i wanna be so deep in that, fuck.

>not a fag
My ass is just naturally gaped.

you deserve to be choked, have your hair pulled and have that hole fucking destroyed and messy.

For not being a fag you sure are a cumslut

The fact that you're doing this means you're at least a little queer. It's best not to deny it because there's no avoiding it. Be honest, do you ever look at gay or trans porn?

lets make this a cum tribute thread for OP

Mmmm I wonder if / how much he'd like that.

agreed, not posting more until i see a trib

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he'd love it and i'd love doing it

Op has said this was for hygienic reasons and I believe him.

I've heard this is one of the better hair removal powders, any opinions?

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weren't u straight?

Demanding cum tributes is totally straight bro.

Which toppings would you use boys.
Whipped Cream?
Gotta get my protein I'm thinking peanut butter for my gains.

Why are you presenting your asshole for a bunch of men on a Chinese cartoon forum then?

Ahhh fuck, looks like it's up to you user! Be a hero, deliver us more OP pics.

>Whipped Cream?
Definitely. Or, y'know, just have it straight.

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i wish i could but im stuck at work, would love to blast a load over his picture.

id love to trib op but my phone camera broked

>not posting more until i see a trib
Are you gonna keep fingering at least, until someone gets you a tribute?


I could shove my erect penis into your butt to do a deep check on said smoothness of your ass.
No homo though.

Attached: 1580040634659.jpg (1024x576, 56K)

i mean if this thread lasts long enough i'm gonna have a massive load to blow, so lets keep this thread up.

I have use Nair, magic, and veet. Nair works the best for me. Veet is the least effective for my body hair type. Magic works well, but is such a pain in the ass to mix and use. You are going to need more than one can for your whole body. It is a lot cheaper.

Attached: 20200104_190422.jpg (1488x2535, 1.31M)

Nice try sin

my time has come

Attached: 4E89BF06-D3F8-4FF4-A300-C5B628F1A70D.jpg (1821x2285, 890K)

OH sorry not OP sinners weighing in


Thanks for taking one for the team bro

What an asshole.

Wonderful, thank you bro.

Attached: shame85-rdbzh-d75384.gif (300x183, 1.92M)

Godspeed user

Attached: file.png (725x967, 1.1M)

J>jerking off with peanut butter
That some new /fit/ meme? I hope your using organic pb.

Attached: 1578436431847.jpg (665x574, 29K)

Do you have a before pic? for comparison.

I'm super hairy-assed and I've considered using hair removal cream on it.

reply to this if you'd like to gangbang op and slap your cock on his ass with 6 other men

>J>jerking off with peanut butter
>Am I retarded
Kinda are, user. He was clearly asking about what would you spread over OP's asshole as you ate it.


Yeah in gonna get some neir stuff to. I'd love to be able to wipe my ass and not have to tug at hairs to get it cleaned.

haha what a fucking faggot

so fucking in.

I'm a bottom and I'm in.

Or you could just fix your shitty diet. I have an extremely hairy ass but I rarely have to wipe more than once and that's mostly just to make sure because I'm still paranoid. Eat more fiber

you dont wanna see it.
you should try it out, works amazingly well.

does anyone have any requests for pics?

>not a fag
>has an asshole that naturally gapes open as if it's made to take cock
Okay op

i just gotta fuck dat boipucci

Organic olive oil is apparently alright.

I do, not for sexiness, but for efficacy.

no homo though even if i'd love to go as far as I can reach with my average dong

>does anyone have any requests for pics?
Like this but with a finger up your bum.

Putting coconut oil in your ass is a lot healthier than putting it in your mouth.

i want to breed his twink ass

standing ass pls

go the extra mile and buy an epilator now.

pic of you squatting

thank you for noticing OP

Attached: 8D7D0EAB-C13D-4481-B8FD-89A819356C15.gif (340x320, 1.1M)

just get full body hair removal laser surgery

ooh i've got one

you on your back, legs spread very wide, asshole spread wide as well and if you're okay with it, the bottom portion of your face with your tongue sticking way out as if you're waiting for a facial.

do it slut.

Just bath in acid and become a sexy skeleton

hnnnnggg im cooooming

OP i'd fucking impale you, total perfection.

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Attached: file.png (725x967, 1.07M)

do aheago

I already get plenty of fiber from whole grains and veggies. Also I eat like zero junk food, maybe a sweet once a month but I avoid corn syrup like the plaque.
Still once in a while my shit isn't in perfect solid pieces that just shoot right out while squatting, usually happens when I eat a lot of nuts like almonds.

holy fuck yes please.

not gonna lie i'd let op shit in my mouth, thats such a pretty butthole.

hello, can you please spread your asshole AS MUCH as you can? i want a deep look inside.
are you really not gay???

Post more faggot
Spread that asshole like a sissy you are

OP hurry the fuck up you little slut, keep our dicks hard we're waiting bitch.

for OP

Attached: IMG_9901.jpg (960x720, 79K)

nair works well. you just do NOT want it IN your asshole. you'll burn the fuck out of very sensitive tissue. if you don't wash it off, it will burn your normal skin in 10 minutes. you usually wash it off after about 5-6 minutes. it dissolves hair.

What brand did you use? I am gonna need to get some. Pic unrelated

Attached: 1580098885002s.jpg (239x250, 15K)

How does one bleach their asshole?

sadly not thick enough for op's "virgin" butthole

jerking off now try stick 3 fingers in as far as you can go and i will post me cumming on it.

jezus dude u ok?

Sure, maybe if we contributed enough time to relax his muscles and had lots of quality lubricants we might even be able to fit two erect penises in his asshole.
Purely for scientific research of course, gotta know just how smooth it really is.

sorry for the wait

Attached: file.png (880x967, 1.09M)

yeah the doctor fucked up when i got circumsized as a kid lol

Oh, well if it's not a meme now then it must be made into one immediately.

is it sure he is not gay???
why is he doing it??

oh we're not waiting, he's taking 2-3 dicks in there whether he's able to or not.

his asshole is for our group to use, not for him to dictate the rules.

That's pretty nice bro.

Damn, that's pretty hot OP. Shame you're so straight, you could please a cock so good. u_u

>Oh, well if it's not a meme now then it must be made into one immediately.
What must?

which hole do I fuck 1st.
hard to pick

good boy, now do everyone elses request little bitch.

you seem pretty gay now OP. not as bad as it seems though, right?

fuuuuuck that's hot. i want this to happen to me so bad.

Beautiful fuck meat! Do you happen to have a bottle or something for you to try stick in there?

please try again spread asshole AS WIDE as you can

seconded, i can't stress this enough OP, please do this.

op you want this?

Attached: IMG_4232.jpg (640x853, 64K)

I'd love to stand in line while other creampie you, then have sloppy seconds OP

Jerking off with peanut butter clearly boots your andoran receptors effectiveness which in turn raises testosterone levels of course.

This really is as wide as my anus goes

This is the last pic for tonight, this has been going for over 2 hours. I guess I'm gayer than I thought. Add me on kik and send ur tributes: pentition

Attached: file.png (725x967, 942K)

Post a high detailed closeup shot

me right now looking at this thread

Attached: IMG_3999.jpg (640x853, 65K)

dang i deleted kik too

>All the homos

Attached: 008915613.png (1280x720, 418K)

Fine just don't go from 1 to 9000 user. Be a shame to break our new toy.

Yesss, but I'm not gay ok?

1 more up close open mouth pic?
so we have an option which hole to tribute

this is the perfect pic to imagine you dumping into my mouth omfg

become a trap, it's a good fit for you

your ass got me hard as a rock

that's the goal, i want to break him. as i said, he is our hole to use whether he likes it or not.

you are, don't lie to yourself, you know you want that all the way to the base. you know you want to kiss along my cock and feel those big veins.

bruh most of your asshole skin is burnt off or raw. what the fuck.

thats the inner asshole you goofball

Now just imagine being in this position as a huge cock presses against your virgin hole. It slowly ventures forward, your asshole putting up a paltry resistance. Soon your boipucci spreads to receive the gift that is cock. It rubs the walls of your hole and fills you like you've never felt before. Soon his hips touch your cheeks... he's balls deep.

Attached: 1405098486180.gif (500x282, 492K)

post more
i'm not gay

Attached: 1571936111999.gif (355x313, 1.79M)

You were great sport OP. If I had kik I'd totally add you. Only discord tho.

Attached: tumblr_n4itwuWldc1trn4lko1_400.gif (400x222, 998K)

Someone who gets it.
Men need to be more opening and allow women to tongue their assholes.

Attached: 1333866214573.gif (574x800, 1012K)

sorry, I'm new to all this gay

>Now just imagine being in this position as a huge cock presses against your virgin hole. It slowly ventures forward, your asshole putting up a paltry resistance. Soon your boipucci spreads to receive the gift that is cock. It rubs the walls of your hole and fills you like you've never felt before. Soon his hips touch your cheeks... he's balls deep.
(not OP but boy, I like your phraseology user)


stray away before it's too late.

Can u do this pls hehe

Attached: pbs_twimg_com_media_EGT730XWoAEI.jpg (640x360, 46K)

I CRINGED at the fact that you used anything but lube as lube.

Don't use soap. Don't use lotion. Don't even use spit. Your asshole is something you don't want to fuck around with, it's easy to hurt yourself.

This goes for every other ass-fag too. INVEST IN PROPER LUBRICANT.

damn boy, thats hot as hell.

Op here

Attached: 1510864459733.jpg (280x421, 31K)

Go deeper instead.

I was thinking about doing the same to my ass

Attached: 301A41D4-8EA5-4BD0-9309-14A89C223064.jpg (1798x2419, 422K)

Not OP but nice gains, I'd 69 with you.
No homo though.

post ur discord name ill add u

Attached: file.png (725x967, 1.07M)

My butthole

Attached: A4974E46-2395-4B65-BB4E-254BE6B74EE2.jpg (512x512, 50K)

yep seconded, KY is always good if you don't wanna venture too far into the quality stuff.

My cock

Attached: 16BABC70-C62C-472B-B460-E9603A2B1A12.jpg (1656x2208, 413K)

holy fuck man. this is too good to just leave us.

you gotta keep going.

im a fan of it all, yum.

dick def the favorite though.


Attached: tumblr_nlzb9fY5dG1taenlpo1_500.gif (440x275, 999K)

i seriously NEED to drain my balls in that ass. fuck me.

post your ass too bro

Thanks user please save fap and repost

I'll post it if OP wants it.


Attached: 1538648197453.png (894x894, 860K)

if he does, i request a very spread wide asshole pic.

Not really into gaping videos but that vid was god tier.

You like my plugged ass?

since OP most likely left, yall bout turning this into a "post your ass, take requests" thread?

He's still here just cock teasing us now.

do you have source for this gif??

Maybe, he did say it was his last pic.

Oh bugger it, I'll roll with it. Don't have one very spread but here's the closest to that.

Attached: PB111873.jpg (2816x2112, 1.01M)

>as if it's made to take cock

Not made by god, but by a degenerate man.

im down, fuck it. here's mine.

Attached: IMG_3993.jpg (2048x1536, 1.8M)

Soye Trivan#0109

my mouth belongs on those perfect balls. damn

your greentext made me hard. am I gay?

My spread butt

Attached: 20200126_013304.jpg (1285x1458, 857K)

waiting for daddy

Attached: IMG_3138.webm (854x480, 1007K)

Attached: vid_1023.webm (854x480, 1009K)

Thanks user ^^
(also I didn't just take that, it's an old one)

Well I was quoting an user, so it wasn't my greentext.
That said, yeah a little bit perhaps, you need to work on improving that user.

Pretty good, would sneak tongue inside.

can please everyone now spread his butt??

Attached: tumblr_mp7sliKLdF1ryino5o1_500.gif (480x272, 955K)

OP here. Please post more, holy shit.

Attached: file.png (725x967, 1.28M)

meant to tag

i have videos of op
imma post them if u send a cum tribute to op
that's what he wants

Attached: 20200127_230257.jpg (720x1280, 242K)

well i guess here it goes
chilean represent

Attached: 6D75484F-1C0B-45B4-8972-46EE3AD3D14F.jpg (1378x1378, 171K)

This is not >>/soc/
Kill yourself faggot

id eat

Hot. Stroke that bad boy, OP, please.

you sure you're not gay op buddy??

Pretty cute user.

well thank you
I got more pics but they may get beyond gay
skirts and all that stuff
some people seem surprise that i could get ahold of some of the stuff i got, being a spic and all
until i explain Chile is basically wannabe USA

Attached: ED01BFB8-51E8-4BF0-9160-4AD14C99178C.jpg (844x1500, 156K)

Don't know if you still wanna add me OP but...

Attached: tumblr_n4h1crghie1trn4lko1_400.gif (400x222, 838K)

I love boy ass in jeans if you got more.

super cute user

also if anyone is near MA add my discord kami#8564

when will the legs match the butt?
max smooth please

Attached: 1572402524896-.jpg (1419x1920, 409K)

i think i got some more

T-thank u user

Attached: 38CADF28-04CE-4F89-9D13-750F7EB4746A.jpg (1135x1136, 270K)

"Not a fag" looooooooooooool
Incredible ass thoooo

This adorable Chilean got a Kik?

>i think i got some more

Op Which brand of hair removal cream did you use ?

not op but i sent you one, im the one who said your balls belond in my mouth.


im outdoors and you’re making me blush user
i guess i could post kik if you’re willing to put up with pics of me in a skirt and shit like that and random talks about my life and how mildly shit it is


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dam bump limit
Nice Thread OP
nuts were spilled to your smooth butt

thanks again

Oh man, now that's more of a fingering-my-ass pic rather than a butt-in-jeans pic, but it's lovely, saved.

feel free to post anywhere whenever

I just might, whenever I'm posting jeans or fingering pics.

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ill just make sure to recognize it whenever i see it and say “ o shit dat me”

not the person you are talking to but the skirt makes it hotter btw.

ill also talk, my discord is above (kami)

I'll take that Kik offer, user.

Thought you were straight xD

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ill make sure i add you later today

it is

Is it safe to do? I’ve heard it can rip my nutsack open

it's a plan

how covered are we talking about? because I got a full on forest down there but I want to do something about it too

literal semen demon

Fixed stupid phone

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