Wwyd thread

Wwyd thread

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push her in ocean lol

Pick one and wwyd

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Tear her top open and pull her hat down over her eyes. Then mouthfuck her so she is gagging and retching. Then I'd tie her up and fuck her as hard as I could. I'd slap her boobs and cum deep inside her throat


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piss on her face

spit on her, then step on her

I'll do it

lets see a pic of her first


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punch her belly


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Wwyd to dana

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Need to pick those tits up and hear them slap back down

too old

twist her tits, shove her head underwater

which one and what would you do?

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Want to fuck those tits while she gags herself on a dildo


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far right.
tear off her dress and spank her till she cries

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tie her up and smack the shit out of her tits until they're bruised and ruined


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far left obviously
I'd do whatever I'd feel like (prob doggy) and then cover that face in cum

what about her?

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slam her hear against the wall, crush her tits

put a bag over her head.
appropriate for satan quads

piss on her face

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put those legs on my shoulders, lie her down and fuck her as I squeeze her tits so hard she screams

what would you do to these two ?

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Circumcise nose.

throw them down the stairs

what about her?

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grab her by the tits and dangle her off the balcony and make her beg

which girl and what sexual stuff would you do to her?

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bend her over that barrier, pull down the shorts and spank until her ass is red. I want her to moan loud so everybody hears and sees her

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slap her face with my hand, and her tits with my dick

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Find out how much that nose squashes when it's pressed up against my stomach with her mouth full of my cock

what about her?

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Just thrown down and proneboned roughly right there

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would you suck on those tits???

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For hours until they're raw and super sensitive to slap about

bend over and spank through the skirt, then yank it up and doggy her standing up, while I squeeze the fuck out of those milkers

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Hard assfuck with that ponytail put to good use being yanked back

good man- tell me more

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Rip off her bathing suit, tie it tight around her neck so she's choking but not quite suffocating, cut her towel into strips and use them to bind her wrists and ankles, then I'd take her to the nearest tree, hang her from a branch by her wrist binds, piss on her while she's hanging there and then slide my dick between her hanging legs and make her piss on my cock in return. Then I'd take her down from the tree and make her suck it off of my cock, once she has it nice and clean I'd spit in her mouth, slap her in the face and force her to her hands and knees so I can finally shove my cock inside her and leave her there tied up, naked, abused and dripping with cum

Wwyd to these two?

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Ex gf

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I fucked her when I was visiting Brazil, crazy to see her here

I would Love to suck that tits

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Are you serious?

Same she’s a cutie, any more ?

All of them... kill

Pet the dog

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3 to 4 months ago, not sure exactly because I spent a little bit over a month there

We broke up 2 months ago..
At least you liked it?

She sucked you until you finish?
Fuck im destroyed

Tell me boys and girls

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Bent over and grab those wide hips to pound from behind

Bro, I’m kidding! I saw the Imperio can and couldn’t miss the oportunity to mess with you, please don’t hate me

Get her riding me while I suck on those massive areolas

She's a dirty slut, she would!

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Holy fuck lol
I don't hate u, appreciate the criativity LOL

Which slut and WWYD

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Girl in boots is clearly a slut for bbc

How could you tell?

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Hahahaha all good then


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Wwyd. She's a super submissive ex. I wish I cucked.

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Or lie under her as she blows me while I nibble on her tits

Want to feel that ass bounce on me while I cup her tits

I'd make you watch while I fucked your girl with her face pressed up against that mirror. She'd cum all over my cock, cum harder than you or anyone else ever made her, harder than she thought possible. I wouldn't make her kiss me with my cock still pumping cum into her tight pussy but she'd do it anyway, and she's make eye contact with you while she did it. post more of her.

wwyd to my girl? replies for replies

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Enjoy them

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Fuck. I'd slam her face down my cock as she looks up to me with those eyes and tears running down her face. Then I'd slap her across the face, turn her around and make her say she's a dirty cumslut. She's never said it to you, but she's always wanted to say it. I'd make her scream and scream and scream as you watched her beg for my cum.

Got kik?

Wwyd to these two?

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Oh yes I would lovely pancake tits to enjoy

you should hear her moan. what do you want kik for?

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Share privately and I hate the fucking captcha lmao

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Pick one and wwyd

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Punch her teeth out with a hammer

Bind both their arms behind their backs and strap a large ring gag on the left one.

I would then facefuck her while the other one is made to watch, cum on her face, rub it all over, and leave her to let it dry.

I would then tie the right one in a doggy style position with her face on the floor, piss on her hair, then fuck her in the ass while her face rubs in the puddle of piss on the floor. When I was ready to cum I would do so on the ground and force her to lick it up.

Then I would shove the biggest vibrating butt plug I could in both their asses and leave them for a few hours to thank about what nasty whores they are.

Eventually I would return and do the same again but switch the girls and what I do to them.


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Bury my face in her ass and pull off her thong with my teeth

middle needs to get facefucked and then prone boned anally before i roll her over and pop a huge load in her fantastic dripping wet pussy.

which one?

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lefty gonna choke on my dick to start.

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can't wait to titty fuck those big boobies on right.

gonna rape number 5.

Handcuff her. Finger fuck her ass and pussy. Then make her gag on my dirty fingers while I jerk off and cum on her face.

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You guys think the looks like she likes choke on a big cock??

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oh yes. or else i'm gonna smack her. then i'm gonna fuck her ass with a big dildo.

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Wwyd to make her lose her V card?

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anything she wanted. so nice.


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Best comment gets her naked ass.

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Face fuck her after every meal until she pukes. She could stand to lose 20-30lbs so some forced bulimia would do her fat ass some good.

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I'd tie her up, gag her with her own wet panties, and pound her tight pussy until i came deep inside of her
turn her in to a fuck-puppet

Hmm. Probably force her to deepthroat my hard cock until i came down the back of her throat

Gotta put her ass to work, literally.
Her only purpose would be a street whore -- barebacking men all day.
Basically she would constantly be leaking cum from her holes.

use her fat tits as a fucktoy and cum on her chest

great candidate for an anal slave

she seem to want more

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Oh she'll get more
Absolutely have to use her dripping pussy juices to lube up her tight asshole
She'll be losing her anal virginity, too

Well you win her ass as a trophy!
Now Wwyd?

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Wwyd to these twins?

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Thats a dude


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Sister wwyd,

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Pick one and wwyd?

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no takers?


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Right, Rough

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Sister's ass at the beach

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Best comment get's to reveal her nude
Points for finding tits type and her muff.

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I really really really want to lick her fart hole. Her face reminds me of an ex who got me a little addicted to eating ass

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Kik me your sluts for a rate/wwyd burner1002

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would love to fill her tight asshole with cum

Remove her top and stuff it in her mouth.
Put cooking oil on her tits and cum on face while she roast.
Probably small round tits with a clean shave


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Here's your prize

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Tell me

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Let her sit on my face


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Make her give me a lapdance

Would love to slide my dick into her then watch her tits bounce as I pummel her pussy into submission.

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yeah, she'd become the neighborhood whore without a doubt, with cum pretty much always dripping out of her holes


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force her into a room with a couple friends where we forcibly run a train on her tearing her dress apart piece by piece filling every hole he has with cum


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start with forcing my cock down left's throat while right sucks on her big tittes, once I'm good and hard I'd get right's tight little body to bounce on cock until I cum deep inside her.

more of right?

Wwyd to these two?

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Wwyd celeb edition

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I'd fart.

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I'd fuck her in the ass till them tiddies leaked and have her shittin in a washtub come morning!!!

fuck her in the ass, doggystyle, in a nudist beach


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