Oh fuck! you're back to high school, but this time you're a popular cheerleader. What would you do?

oh fuck! you're back to high school, but this time you're a popular cheerleader. What would you do?

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Get fucked by every BBC in a 25 mile radius and promote interracial breeding while pregento in school.

Fuck Chad Chaddington

Define BBC

Threesome with my bff Stacy and some lucky nerd.

British Broadcasting Company

Be a huge slut and fuck every single guy in school

Gonna go find out what it’s like to have a pussy and get dicked down.

Become lesbian, date other hot popular cheerleader. Live happy gay life with her.

Thats gay

I know it's Big Black Cock, but I mean, there's different kinds of black now.

How's the BBC gonna fuck you in a 25 mile radius?

fuck and suck as many lonely and gay nerds as humanly possible fuck it imma just gonna become a street hooker and do as many drugs possible in a 24 hour span of time

become a turbodyke and lap up all the young poon

become big tiddy goth gf

Study hard, get a scholarship to a good medical school, and become a doctor.


Have an ass ton of white babies and raise them to believe Hitler is a god and that you're a big dumb faggot

hows it gay you're a woman now so if anything not fucking dudes would be gay

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It will penetrate the walls of your house and show up on your tv which you better have a loicense for or else!

looks like anons A WHITE MALE can't get white pussy so now he has to watch as all the tyrones fuck his woman for him

Flirt with male faculty until they cross a line that I blackmail them over. Not for much, like maybe $100/month and be very discreet about it. Do that to as many as I can. Get jobs around town, do the same with creepy old bosses. Eventually taking in a few thousand each month from those losers by dangling their careers and marriages over the fire.

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babysit little girls

Only $100? Shit man women can get that much just for some feet pics.

Read up on German and French, I didn't quite get it the first time around. In general, pay more attention to the teachers.
Drop cheerleading, join the swim team or just run during PE.
Look very much at every other girl while in the shower, provided estrogen doesn't make me straight of course.
Get used to pissing sitting down.
Be more patient the people around me, doesn't hurt to be kind.
I may also get to spend a little too much time in front of a mirror...

Pic possibly unrelated.

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Fap and play with tiddies until I die of exhaustion and/or starvation... Whichever comes first

well, you didn't say I was a female cheerleader, so I'm going with that lope hole and see that I'm a popular male cheerleader that gets laid with all that female cheerpussy around me, oh and I tell all the other guys to back up off my ladies while the head cheerleader gives me head

>Find lonely Cred Forumstard
>Hang out as much as possible
>Get other Cred Forumstards interested
>Send them cute pictures but nothing revealing
>Over time, get a fan following
>Start charging small fees for interaction
>Eventually make millions

Take as many nude photos of myself as possible and do lots of sluttly things

Lesbian cheerleader orgies!

i would enjoy multiple orgasms until i died from them

Fuck teachers and extort for cash.

Be the nicest person I can be, destroy the Stacy stereotype and be friends with everting

learn to cook some killer orange chicken and get fucked up the ass for a living

we had a super hot girl at my high school. while she only dated college guys, she had a group of 4 nerds who hung out at her house all the time. apparently they would worship her and she would let them touch her every so often. it was sort of weird, if anyone ever said anything about her when they were around, they would act they were about to kill you. I really feel like it was some sort of cult thing going on.

lead the cheer?

Based Stacy. She probably drained their wallets frequently.

If said girl in pic. Only date blonde blue eyed aryan men And Ridicule and degrade minorities openly.

her parents were quite well off. she wasn't the smarted girl I ever knew but I think she loved having a group of guys that worshipped her, looked out for her. guess she was just making sure she would never go hungry. those guys were so loyal to her, it was something to see


fuck the football team

Fuck all the quiet school shooter types and make the world a safer place.

Stay away from detention with Ms. Andersson.

I never realised how much damage she did to me, I actually bragged about it when I was still a kid. Now I can't even maintain anything like a healthy relationship.

Ok nice

Lots of highly sadistic lesbian bdsm with as many submissives as I can get my hands on.

it's 2020, half the other girls will be at minimum bi, so I will spend the rest of my life having my perfect pussy, tits, and asshole lapped at by other beautiful women. It'll be a dream come true.

If this implies what I think it does implies, you are a faggot. I loved all my "Extra" classess with my middle school teacher. Had actively searched for her to no avail.

She had all the knowledge and experience, if you get what am saying.

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Drop out the cheerleading squad, focus on my studies and take up unique hobbies. Be a frequent gym goer for curves in the right places and join tcg/gaming school clubs. And go lesbian, I’d try and be that perfect girl that is always out of reach for guys while scissoring the sexiest goth/edgy chick in school.

drop cheer, drop out and join the army and pray I die in an accident in basic

be a lesbian and figure out the elusive vagina

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The same loophole that forces you into a perpetual state of friendzone and people thinking you're gay

be a lesbian unlike the faggots and cucks in this thread.

Also loren is 10/10

See if I can't get my father to fuck me.

I would show up to the basketball game not wearing panties. I’d jump around like all the other girls.
For my big finish, I’d squat and shit right there on the court. Take off my top, wipe my ass with it, and walk out of the gym, head high, Go Spartans!

Join the anime and chess clubs. Take a vow of chastity and become the most powerful wizard the world has ever seen. Go to college and gain 200 lbs.