Haven't had these on Cred Forums in a while, Jasiri thread!

haven't had these on Cred Forums in a while, Jasiri thread!

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Original jasiris poster here. AMA but keep it nice for I am suicidal

why are you suicidal

Lion guard ended

dunno how much fan made content there is for jasiri show but you could try making some. fan content is how i survived the many haiatus of pone show

henlo fren, what made you start posting these?
also come vibe with me, lets chat

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oscilloscopes are cool, used to have a working one in my house, dunno where it is now though


I've got 8 scopes, if I count my one Logic Analyzer as a scope

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can you tell me more about how this works? i saw you posting in a previous thread too, looks super interesting

>Original jasiris poster here
you can't even write it right,
sure, but i got around 2 and a half hours before i go
>but keep it nice for I am suicidal
kek, atleast you know my catchphrase
i'm not, although i do start amas with that line just for the jokes and giggles, i also like to portray myself as mentally unstable and mentally ill, as people already look at me as such
that's what i'm doing, although i just got into drawing so i am barely a beginner, slowly but surely

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Henlo there
Wmf here, did i miss some threads or was that just a long break from them

Missed yall, having some internet issues rn but i will be fine i hope

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my fursuit still got a remarkable stench

I was using the scope in XY-mode. I had it connected to the left (X) and to the right (Y) channel of my PC soundcard. By playing a special .wav both signals work as XY coordinates to draw the picture.

to create the .wav I used a specialized program wich transforms vector graphics (.svg) into wav.

so I had to redraw some jasiri templates as vector graphic and transform it.

there is no magic involved in this :)

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>having some internet issues

polska can not into sieć.

we missed you too wmf! can't tell if you missed something, I also was missing these threads for some time

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How is it doing there friend
I had a nice day, tho i got a bit sick lately

so thats how it works, thanks user! i love this kinda thing, im a software engineer and heavy into sciences so ye

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not scope poster, but basically oscilloscopes shoot electron at that front plate. the plate is made out of a certain material so that when electrons come into contact with it light is given off. the direction of the beam can be changed by inducing a magnetic field on the electrons, the force applied to the electrons to make them bend is called the lorentz force. took a semester of em but still don't know why lorentz force even happens

its alright user, how do magnets even work

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scopes work with electrostatic deflection, with magnetic deflection the bandwith would be much too low. do your homework

you are welcome

I'm ok, just had no sleep that night

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each atom has intrinsic magnetism, when you allign all the atoms in a material, you magnetize it, certain materials are better at holding their magnetization than others (ie, iron). the ability for a material to become magnetized is called paramagnetism

im an astro major, not an em major

Hello frens

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i mean thats cool and all but why are magnets attracted to eachother

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>Henlo there
>Wmf here, did i miss some threads or was that just a long break from them
naw they happened, but i heavily misjudged my freetime during the weekend, so they we're sparse, how are you man
>Missed yall, having some internet issues rn but i will be fine i hope
rip, that's the only thing i can't stand
>my fursuit still got a remarkable stench
baking soda and vinegar, no bleach or it will ruin it, accidentally destroyed a ferret fursuit with detachable crotch, that was 900$ down the drain

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Why didnt you sleep, did you have to do something very important?

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Hey, how was your day?

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allright, you are forgiven. I'm a canis major

hello you!

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>scopes work with electrostatic deflection, with magnetic deflection the bandwith would be much too low. do your homework
this guy knows whats up about electrostatic deflection, preach it
hey coonboi
i always thought it was the magnet pixies, kind of like the guys inside of traffic lights that change it's colors

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pretty frustrating really, work was alright, wasted 2 and a half hours taking my phone to get repaired only to be given a "sorry, the battery you ordered was faulty, come back tomorrow and you'll get the phone"

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Howsu Rita?
Howsu Jasiri?

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>baking soda and vinegar, no bleach or it will ruin it, accidentally destroyed a ferret fursuit with detachable crotch, that was 900$ down the drain

thanks for the tip man and I'm sorry to hear that about your ferret suit :(

nah, I was saturday out with my friends and came back on sunday at 4:00 and I slept till 15:00. because I have to go to work at 5:30 there was no sleep for me

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Post updated filter list.

I'm still seeing your faggot threads

Stay a while! We don't bite!

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>Howsu Jasiri?
this sums it up pretty good
besides that, not much, friend, what about you

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Rip, maybe tomorrow will be better
Whatchu doing

I guess that happens, at least did you enjoy
your time with friends?

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i am not the one that does it, and the last list i saved is pretty outdated as far as i'm aware, the guy comes around occasionally and posts it, here's the one i got
pastebin com/VX3Xkcvf
remember you can always just filter the new images out yourself, it will be a lot faster than waiting for the list, also keep in mind that i'll probably search for new content soon, so you will need to do more filtering

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>Howsu Rita?

I'm ok, just a bit fucked up because I had no sleep tonight ->
how are you?

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>Whatchu doing
got back fairly recently, did some laundry, probably gonna stick to this thread and watch some youtube videos on the side

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magnetic field lines point out from one end of a magnet and into the other end, these lines show the strength and direction of the magnetic field at any point around it, so when you put the outward pointing end of a magnet near the inward pointing end of another one they will be pulled towards each other and become a larger magnet if you were to put the outward pointing end next to another outward pointing end the magnetic field lines would press upon each other and repel the magnets from each other. keep in mind that i am talking out of my ass trying to remember things from last semester

Why don't you just fuck off furfag

>enjoy your time with friends?

absolutely, had a great time and also chatted nice with others

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that pun deserves crucifixion

Degenerate Fucks.

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Sounds nice, i will most likely play games as always and do nothing

Thats good to hear, time enjoyed isnt time wasted is it

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cute pony, user

basically. It's more about the densening of magnetic field lines. two identical poles tend to dense their fieldlines if they get nearby. this action creates an antiaction in force, known as the lorenz force.

just imagine it as springs being compressed

I'm dissapointed you didn't apreciate my sirius joke

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you did a good job remembering user, proud of you

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it was a bad joke

because i like triggering cucks like you.
>that pun deserves crucifixion
haha i just noticed it, good job rita
we can smell your jealousy all the way from here, friend

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I like my words

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clearly you didn't have enough iq to understand it, you see, the joke may fly over a normie's head, it takes true intellect to appreciate this joke

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both of them were bad jokes, and you should feel bad

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Peoplz, any tips on how to socialize irl?

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suppress autismo

just get yourself out there and experience it, its one of the best ways to learn

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you're tantamount to a rectal itch. a minor nuisance that people wish would just go away

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How do I beat alcohol cravings?
Am I already an alcoholic?
>inb4 an hiro

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Im trying to hang out sometimes with people i know w bit but they are usually busy, which is why i have more friends on the internet than irl

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just play an mmo, more of a money sink than alcohol to the point that you won't have enough money to drink anymore

>you're tantamount to a rectal itch. a minor nuisance that people wish would just go away
you're saying that i'm annoying?, great, hope you like my threads, friend
yeah, its much easier to hang with online friends, same scenario here, its pretty hard to suggest things since i don't know the culture in your country, but you should try to get yourself out there and meet new people, but just talking with online friends also helps your socializing

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thanks hyenafriend :)

in small steps. by forcing it you will only earn rejection. go out with a friend who also knows a friend. get him to know and expand. after some time you will get enought confidence/skill to talk to random people. just don't take random people as friends but more as a training field.

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>being proud of being a rectal itch
Cred Forums ladies and gents

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I'll just have a drink to that, rip in piss DDO/Wildstar.

I mean most of my online friends are from other countries so i dont hang out at all, im just trying to hang out with these i know irl which dont have time, maybe in the future i will have more luck

I just dont know where to find people i could talk to, dont really want to pick random strangers to train my charisma skill or something, not only because im very anxious and socially awkard but the chance that we will have similar interests isnt high

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you can also try to join a club or go to some music festival

just say "hi ..., cool athmosphere here" or something, if they are interested the will continue the conversation. if not, try someone else

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nah, i'm proud of the fact that i'm annoying you, since that is the main thing i'm trying to get, if you want to solve this issue, either go to the mods and complain that they don't do shit, or get Cred Forums x and i will personally give you the md5 list

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Why wouldnt one be proud of being a rectal itch

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enlighten me, i don't recognize that one

Dragon's Dogma Online
Never got released outside of riceland, was still pretty fun despite being in moonrunes.

I know what you mean. i can tell you this: it's mostly not about similar interests but similar experiences

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I guess, yet itd still be weird to just walk to an stranger minding their own buisness and try to start an conversation

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yeah and while we're at it what's wrong with diahrrea

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well, you do this at an common occasion, like you are in the same bar, club, festival, concert. but not just totally out of nowhere in the middle of a town or so. that would really be awkward. but the first is not

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Not really many places to meet people in my town so rip

>Not really many places to meet people in my town so rip

well that's bad.

but at least I provided you with some tips. don't know if they work for you, but they work for me

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I'm going to shower and then to sleep.

I wish you friends a good night :)

take care!

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good night foxfriend, see you

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Why dont u kys?

Thanks anyways, also i dont really know how to join convos in this thread so i just announce myself and ask others how they have been, what topics you think i could bring up

>keep it nice for I am suicidal
You crack me up every time! -J

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furry shit is Cred Forums's specialty, check the rules, newfaggot, i believe you're looking for

We love you too user, dont be afraid to join us

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because everyone on Cred Forums will miss me
just share anything you have done lately and we will join in if we can, friend, any show you watched, game you played, bad or good thing that happened, you'll get more chances to talk freely once we get more friends in these
>You crack me up every time! -J
haha thanks but that time it wasn't me, it was me every other time though, how are you, spanishfren

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>how are you, spanishfren
Fine, and you? I wrote to you in a previous thread you made earlier but maybe you didn't see it. -J

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ah yeah i saw that one, i left 10 minute earlier, i also didn't phrase myself correctly, i wanted to say that i would be gone for a few hours and come back, but i assume you took it as me leaving earlier than usual for the day

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Okay, i will get going for now so cya on another thread, also when should the next one be?

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see you, man, next one will be tomorrow, i'd say around 4 hours ago tomorrow, maybe later by a bit

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Awwww man, lately I am always late to this threads.

Hola everyone else I haven't saluted! -J

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>because everyone on Cred Forums will miss me
no one that's not also a cancerous avatarfag would miss you

omg guys i found a new trendy meme!!! let's gooo!! you have to follow along!!!

aw man

come on guys we can do this together!!

yeah but you're fashionably late, so its cool
whatever gets you to cope
go back to redit

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ahh daaaan man that shit slaps gogogogoo!!! epic