Canada Nudes Thread

Canada Nudes Thread

Ive got some Hamilton Mountain Girls: K.K, M.M, L.G, and K.K

Will post if anyone can give

Kelsey R

Alyssa N

Emily C

Emily G

Or any other Hamilton Mountain Girls

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post or gtfo faggot


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post, faggio

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post em you fag stop looking for awards

Let's try this again..

Bumping Cambridge

Where's the 867 nudes.

Bumping for London

Kik me at cuyow for 613 Kingston girls

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gg yKE3sj

Kik David_Cress trading Hamilton nudes for Hamilton nudes

You have Emmy b?


Looking for Sara W from Barrie/Orillia area. Post here or kik me at 6random6

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Who you got?

K.K, L.G, K.H, M.M

where in 250?

i have jessica from burlington. now in hamilton

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Anybody got Ottawa?

Any 705 Alliston??

looking for Owen Sound, can trade

trade gays shouldnt start threads

Just post


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I had a 519 thread going earlier and nobody wanted to play. calling all Cambridge anons

Emma D London?

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Where in 250?


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more dartmouth hoes

chill kwyj

We are aware


do you know Nila from Kelowna

hey i have burlington too, that's fun!

you know her?


im down to show her off if you want. KIK?

who has lily ehm?

just post something here erik

sup ns bros sackville here

little tease to start.

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no one after that tumblr incident

nah, share something new of you sil not stuff that's been posted

I have so much of her

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More? Where from? That's a great body.


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This. Fucking white knights

Anyone have Hamilton Mountain girls? Will trade as well

I do not

what tumblr incident?

Someone blabbed to her on tumblr that people on here were looking for her nudes. But she's just a fucking tease. Nothing more.

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of course someone would lol fucking idiots. will never get her pink labia now

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Yep. Such a fucking shame.

Your a good man

Know her?

204 bros?

Yuppers. C.G.

Kik gninja1997

Barrie area anyone?


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Looking for CD, 416

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any whitby skanks?

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You may find some here

Anyone got some oakville chicks?

Know a Marika?


Have any more?

Kik gninja1997

yo im in the valley, who is that?

this one ?

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lelanie s?

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Any nudes from her? 514 to

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London ON vola

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post canada's biggest beef curtains!

No one here wants to see your selfie

London, goes by bruisedbanana online

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Any Niagara region discords ?

Anyone have Brandi G from st Catharines ?

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No but keep going!

Damn she's hot, who is it?

Any Naomi P nudes ? girl got some big titties and an ass to boot!

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Legit lol

Would love some Emma D from London


also looking for 204

Anyone know this one?

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Canada Disc gg/HK2Nee

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Have any London? Post up

What was her name?

204's kik throwinitaway69 for trades


sault s marie? kik edart0199


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Sarnia Kik sarnanon



Yep, that's her name.

kik for london as well. edart0199

I don't have kik, but out of curiosity who have you got?


L.R., L.T., LR, H.R, bunch of fanshawe. hbu

Those initials could mean anything man.

Alright, who has 905 niagara

Anyone have C.O.? From Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton. Also more 905/289


Bumping for 867

I do ! Lots actually, wanna email me for list ? Themarshall1AThotmailDOTca

or you could just post some on here

506 Moncton

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I got a need for some tbay 807 tramps! Who is dealing?

709 SJ's?

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Who's from Hanmer Ontario?

i do, guessing you have her tumblr stuff?

709 here, got kik?

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Post Vaughan girls

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Any more?

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I wish there was more

Shame. I'm sure more exist somewhere. Maybe one day.

905 Niagara/Welland anyone?

Bruh post em. No one ever posts any. I wpuld post a couple if you do.

Just gotta keep up hope

anybody have any unseen claire abbott???

or pay

Trades are usually a scam, even if they're not don't contribute to their hoarding mentality.


Post more Hamilton girls



Depends what you've seen

I know this. I just like saying it. What if one isnt a hoarder.

Bump for 519


Any more 250?

whats your dc? Ive got a few

burly bump

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london/st.thomas anyone?

got any more kelowna?

K N?

any e w?

Yup that's Taylor

who you after?
i have a bunch of london

Any 780 Grande Prairie?

gonna need little more

emily w blonde

Got any U of Guelph girls?


Any more kelowna?
Here is one

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Post random

Kik kaarnage
Looking for 902
Preferably the valley

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No one wants your retirement aged hags.

she got an old sis?




damn different girl then

any more 250 kelowna?


not on here

you in the one cord? what's your # there?

pay for what, faggot?

Meagan Martins?

which one?

705 kelsey n. let's go boys :)

wickr jbferrarri

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Julia Parulski (this is a 4 year old pic)

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Damn, keep it coming!

i am on paradise and Mohawk. I went to westmount.

anyone haliburton

Kik me jimmydd123 or on discord same name

try here:

More Hamilton

Hanmer, not Hammer you dumb fuck

Anymore 506 or just that one moncton slut?

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Damnit, my disco acct got nuked

Somebody please post the canada ones

is there an Ontario Vola?

The Canada ones are shit

I'll still take an invite. Need to reconnect with some bros

Markham asians?


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kik flanniganbop to trade 403 calgary

hot. is that michelle?

where in the 705?

i have it whats your kik

Pick your poison.

Not even close. Did you read the initials?


yep, all those canada servers are shit

no asians at all! how sad :(

start posting asians. start the revolution




I need a name!!

I post asians all the time and nobody joins in

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More nova Scotia please

post them all

More 519

fucking leeches

That's fucking life

life sucks man

And then we die.

and then we die from a helicopter crash RIP


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I can't afford such a luxurious death.

definitely a murder

Get in here with your 519 girls.

this cola is on fire for Quebec tonight f0atxzhc

Who dis

new phone

emma d london

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I'll hack your girl

kik canadianhax