Waifu bread

Waifu bread

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Sachiko claimed
Mornin' love. How are you so far today?

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What did you dream about last night?

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You dreamed about a bird? That's cool I guess. I had a dream I was a sailor or a pirate or something. I remember looking for a harpoon. Maybe I was whaling? idk
How was your morning so far?

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Just abit hungover...didn't wake up until the afternoon. How are you doing?
Nothing :(

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I dreamt that I wasn't TK'd so often
and I dreamt of electric sheeps

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Das a cute, morning was pretty chill. Woke up pretty late for classes so I pretty much bailed.
Ty cute :)

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C.C. best girl

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ive started dreaming in Cred Forums
should i just kill myself or stop using this site

nice tits

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hello hello, I love you all

what I wanted to say.
great minds my fren :3

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Sounds like you had fun last night then. I'm alright, I woke up really early (earlier than i'm used to, at least) today so i'm a little tired already. I remember some kid telling me that if you sleep but don't dream it means you died a little that night. Had me shook for like the next year. (I was like 7 or something mind you)
Electric Sheep sounds like a good name for an band. You can't get TK'd if you shoot your teammates first. Think outside the box n' all that.
Careful! Don't go failing on us. Sounds like a pretty dank morning though.
Well you wouldn't be dreaming about much at all I reckon if you go Cobain-ing yourself.

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im litereally dreaming about meeting avafags at this point
but if i dont use Cred Forums i dont really have anything to do
also i fucked my psyche even more with all these brain images

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Don't worry, I won't fail. I still gotta go to public speaking tonight. Yeah, I had a wack ass dream cause I went to sleep baked.

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Lots of people do. Nice dubs
GM Supreme. How are you today?
Sounds like you need to get out more my friend. I feel you though, the other night I dreamed about Escape From Tarkov. Should probably take my own advice then huh?
Good luck with that. I hate talking in front of crowds, personally. What did you dream about?

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i dont know what your situation is user, but for the love of god dont become me. i get out, but im always inside my head.. dont live this life it sucks

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>meeting avafags

General Motors to you too!!!

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Same tho, crippling social anxiety really be hittin lol. I can't remember the full details tho I do remember some dude wanting to kill me lol

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Be a bit strange if it was someone else in your head, but i'm pickin up what you're laying down. We're probably more alike than you might think.
Hope you're having fun then. I never really hopped on the VR train but the new half life seems like it's gonna be fun.
>I do remember some dude wanting to kill me lol
What did you say to him? I remember being a freshman in speech class and the teacher (who was Japanese) said they wanted us to talk about something 'controversial'. So I gave a 10 minute long presentation justifying the atomic bombing of Japan. I got an A.

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hello supreme! are you well?
have a wonderful day

gei. who plays that even.

ya fren.... it's taken over my life.... i often find myself taking the headset off and it's suddenly am °-°

as well as ill ever be in this cruel world.
i havent taken a holiday since xmas.

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The dream ended as he was charging at me, big oof

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Hmmmmmmmm Big fluffy Jun milkshake hmmmmmmm

I see, I am sorry to hear this.

i know, thats how one of us gets killed

it is a bit strange. inner dialog never stops. if you need to vent or chat im always fine sharing my discord

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not your fault,
this is all on my fucking person.

no not that extreme, it's just a bad idea privacy wise u know

nice pics btw who is that ^x^

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i gotcha privacy wise, growing up on baph taught me that. fun fact, i educate the community about online safety.. kek. and here i am.

her name is chi! shes from chobits, if you like romance stuff you should definitely give it a watch, or read if you want a deeper plot. if youre into software and robotics like me, its also a really awesome idea.

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ye... like what if you meet up with them and they just snap a pic of you and run away lol
that's the sole reason why I don't meet up with people from here
...eh I mean some i wouldn't meet but some are also probably fine- but u never know!

oh... checked it out, not my kinda thing but people enjoy different things and that's gud.
ya romance is gud but only when paired with like tragedy/horror/adventure/action and stuff like that

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so what if they do? a face isn't a dox. sure it might cause social anxiety but that doesn't mean anything in the long run

you might like hot gimmick, kill me kiss me, or chibi vampire (kinda just naming the off beat romance stuff i have on my shelf now)

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Nah I don't think so, face reveal can be pretty bad if you're a more public kinda person and suddenly people realize "wtf he frequents w3iFu breds on/b/ !??!?!"
don't show face no no. am fine with body tho, i like my suits, posing in them is fun but I won't ever show face, just some frens on disc but never in a bred- never ever lol

oh thank you so much for the recommendations!
I'm so sorry to tell you this mate, but none of them interest me and he last one I watched years ago.

ah... best girl enriching our lives with their mere presence ^w^
how's it going fren?
eat anything nice recently or just the usual stuff

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what the hell.
why no share.

meanwhile im sitting here with like some ready made soup =_=
and some feta cubes... eh.. maybe some caviar later I've grown more accustomed to the taste actually.

say you my fren, am I correct in saying it is afternoon where you are at this very moment ?

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very nice ^w^

have a glove

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kek. gottem

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I'm peachy, just hanging out playing tarkov. Nothin' going on today so i'm just gonna chill as usual. Yourself?
I'm glad you're having fun then. Try not to get too sucked in though eh?
Those dreams are fun eh? I usually don't get attacked by other people in my dreams, just cryptids and monsters and the like.
I'm good. I'll pass you mine if you want to add me though.

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au contraire~

you looked in the circle
now punch yo self ^x^

My fren, it's impossible. If I wasn't supposed to go to work, I would've never left vr. help.

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mkmk thats all fun and games..
but The Game

I'm always open to add whoever

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you seem fun to converse with :3
I hope you are having a relaxing evening, it's like 7pm for you now

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hah. that shows how much i've been nolifing Cred Forums, do you think im from europe?

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a uk fren :)

huh... i like that pic too ^w^

so how's you rest of the day lookin like fren?
im just doing the usual things, eh... maybe some vr stuffs too later. It's crazy how exhausted you get from just punching air for a couple hours lol
did too much of that yesterday, almost knocked the thing off few times i went too fast


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for the love of god get me out of this country
(i just never sleep)

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Yui Hirasawa claimed.

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oh wow and I was so sure too... move to uk right now, do it for me, so I can be correct again :)

same here.... most days I do like anywhere from 0 - 3am
like... sometimes you just be talking with frens forever and you don't realize it's gotten so late and then you also remember you were supposed to do like this thing that has to be done by tomorrow and that kinda sucks sometimes °-°

and I'm claiming you~
but you know that already =w=

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That just means you're having fun I suppose.
It's Cream#7970

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Are you winning, son?

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a lot. yes.
it's also fun watching videos together, like i have a fren that the go thing and we watch stuff in bigscreen it's a fun experience! like throw tomatoes at screen lel

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I actually wouldn't mind moving to the UK, or somewhere in Europe at least. But alas, not a possibility for me.

Its been getting later for me by the day, 0am.. 1am..3am.. 5am.. 8am.. i really just dont sleep. is what it is.

beatsaber by chance?

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Wow. You guys are back. You were the guys from yesterday yeah?

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eh that's okay... always piss weather anyways, krautland is better... tho right now it's still kinda cold, which i don't like >.<

oh noooo °-° you can't do that for long tho... pleaso only do like at max two days, don't overdo it fren...

nah that's got not much songs, i been doing this other online thing you can access from browser where you punch the stuff with boxing gloves and the harder you punch the more points you get
i forgot the name it's something something "fall" or something like that

maybe add me on disc? since you always stay up, we could talk about whatever when you're bored staying up or something :3
I like writing and i often write large text on seemingly trivial matters. but that's because I write everything out that's going through my head without filter like sometimes i just get this flow and i write and write and write
I hope you're fine with that :)

playing fifa or something like that?
not gonna slep? i should soon.. honestly..
but whatever.

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i thread for posting cutes.. or rudes~

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nice i bred :3

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Rikka Takanashi is pretty cool.

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that's what my dungeon is for OwO

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Muh nibba

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Hey, yeah add me on discord for sure.. sounds like we kind of talk the same way. Always nice having more people in the late late hours Shouko#6696

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heh.. maybe ye ^^ idk I just developed in that from stuff i ingested on the world biggg network

sooooo late hours for you is like maybe lunch - evening for me so ya, that's usually the time frame I'm here since I get off work 4pm-ish
I'm on whenever on the weekends, like i barely do anything cuz i need to relax from the week =_=
damn when this week is over imma sleep for a whole day
soooo looking forward to that

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gud to know that best girls #2 still posts :3

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Checked. Nah I'm too hangover just going drink some monster zero and hope I feel better

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don't worry, you're #7 ^x^
but on your way to becoming a #6 so keep at it!

hah! it's the same for me most times, energy really helps :)
tho frens are correct, too much is not gud cuz sugar.. i have to admit.

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floor it and smash into a guard rail

off to work
Implying I care about Supremes ranking

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catch the good 'ol I-make-you-care round

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What do you rate kei?

Attached: 55f5ef91bc448161e23c76ecb78d7a18.jpg (474x632, 46K)

In all seriousness, you would have to give me at least one and half a day for that.
I was just joking earlier, but I can get serious over meaningless shit real quick.

disc when?

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I'll tell him you gave him a 0/10
Okay actually off to work now

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Aranea Highwind is a bae. I can't get enough of her. I'm mad they cancelled her episode.

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Senko >> all

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Didnt burn in my sleep

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No I did not :<

I see, until whenever...

how's it down there
you were never in danger really, right

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I got an alert last night for a fire near me, plus 3 arsonists started other fires closer to me

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Question of the Thread:

Would you rather have a cute face and a shit personality, or a cute personality and a shit face?

Attached: 516.png (1183x857, 1.08M)

like on the phone???
crazy OwO

what the heck?!
how fucked in the head does one have to be.... damn
You're gonna be fine fren

Attached: k6k.png (850x1272, 1.52M)

The former.

Attached: 047f30d0f02720e665e71eef118edbbd.png (586x752, 306K)

I have both
Yeah I drink to much monster tbh

Attached: Mai-Shiranui-Feet.jpg (640x490, 39K)

i don't understand that t. thing

I have none

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I would rather have a shit face and a shitty personality. After a while I would get used to it, become insane, and turn into an anime villain.

Why did I agree to those late shows

At least there was pizza

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and me too much of this other energy thing i can't recall the name of
tho in the end it's all the same shit i assume

i recorded some vr shit and the audio is fucked so it was all for nothing :(


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It's the same as "Signed,"
I'm saying I have a cute face and a shit personality.

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Stop bringing me up, filth

I had pizza last night as well. Was a decent night.

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What makes you think your face is cute?

Attached: 83.png (735x864, 831K)

Long ride + bothersome team

We had some from a seemingly close pizza joint from the place. Greasy as all hell, and a lot of it. Probably 10 boxes.
Second place had Papa John's

Attached: 131Remalicious.jpg (745x806, 116K)

We had one of the best local places. There was only one pizza I could have due to the bag diet being picky. Satay chicken goes way too well on pizza.

Attached: __rory_mercury_gate_jieitai_ka_no_chi_nite_kaku_tatakaeri_drawn_by_momio__6f63e0089f337372c68773aa06 (927x1301, 185K)

I hope you have a nice sleep at least to recover from that :)

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Well i've had so many people say it, it can't not be true.

Attached: 1508152114874.jpg (400x400, 27K)

I already have the shit personality, so just hit me up with the cute face and at least I could get shit done

Attached: Chi (7).jfif.jpg (1162x1162, 148K)

I would sometimes get a pizza that would or could kill me.
Last time I had it I felt my heart stop.


Attached: 073Remalicious.jpg (780x1103, 134K)

hello there :3!

Attached: LinaInverse3.jpg (1300x1748, 1.03M)

Now we all want to see your face!

What makes you think your personality is shit? You seem pretty nice so far

Hi louise

Attached: 497.png (618x857, 979K)

The years of social engineering experience I have combined with the KnOwLeDgE of meta-cognition makes me a very introspective person. Just because I'm nice doesn't mean I have a nice personality.

Attached: Chi (6).jfif.jpg (360x408, 15K)

not louise, it's lina :3! silly! -headpat-

i hope you're all doing okay

Attached: LinaInverse13.jpg (1271x967, 290K)

Then why bother being nice? :o

ow.. your hands are heavy..

Attached: 24.png (650x865, 721K)

I can do that with a medication. Though its not quite stop. I do like anchovy on pizza, so I guess I can make one that bad.

Attached: MEMESFORRORY2.png (686x526, 134K)

i was being gentle, so sorry D:! -handshake-?

Attached: LinaInverse2.jpg (800x1203, 1.31M)

New york style barbecue pineapple bacon pizza

Tasty, but fuck

Attached: 201Remalicious.png (600x880, 447K)

"Because the path to happiness is finding happiness in others"

Attached: Chi (8).jfif.jpg (3500x2600, 326K)

Not for me. I dont like things that squelch on my pizza. Anchovy, all the meat, bbq base.

Attached: M3NXu42.jpg (706x998, 179K)

pineapple on pizza is pure win, i hope those who disagree choke on their slice just a little bit D:

Attached: LinaInverse4.jpg (1365x768, 570K)

Ow! My fingers!

Attached: 170.png (1223x855, 1.49M)

Attached: 356.png (1218x862, 788K)


Attached: chii-chobits-6180-1920x1080.jpg (1920x1080, 564K)

Wannan play GW2? Feelin like playing it, probably for a day or two though LUL

Attached: 1577808214590s.jpg (236x236, 4K)

Duke lied to me then. He said happiness is found in the misery of others...

Attached: 502.png (867x862, 1.03M)

Happiness is loneliness if you have no one to share it with.

Attached: 1334018261831.jpg (1024x768, 237K)

Having others in your life adds to a list of worries

Attached: 79.png (1206x865, 955K)

"Look at each situation; if you can change it for the common good, do so; otherwise ignore it"

Attached: Freya.(Chobits).full.32957.jpg (1192x894, 638K)

Attached: Isayama.Yomi.full.168082.jpg (888x601, 175K)

that would be better in chinese

Attached: 487.png (655x759, 608K)

Cute waifu you have there~

Attached: 305.png (970x818, 615K)

No, it would be better in Greek.

Attached: 6c7e92bc7f22dae25bf657666d3a09de.jpg (600x956, 96K)

mhm :)
you too

Attached: 5d5f7a5a13ade486aa89f6b3b14d41e5.jpg (667x479, 138K)

remember to talk to duek daily~ duek has been officially claimed ^^

ew greek

i can't watch that now... i'm not alone anymore...

awh cute, me on the left

Attached: 752.png (774x856, 880K)


If it weren't for the greeks you wouldn't live in the society you do.

Attached: Chobits-Chii-chobits-5560217-1024-768.jpg (1024x768, 186K)

me on the right

Attached: f8ca57a5f1f4f194562135691f7b4aa9.jpg (500x707, 68K)

Where is he?

That makes me hate greeks even more lol

me on the left

Attached: 522.png (970x860, 975K)

me on top

Attached: d7a0e1ce02a8dcf08b89649726fbbaa8.jpg (550x527, 110K)

thanks you dear~
she is here somewhere and in discors~

ya'll gettin' kinky

65% of cancer has no causation

Attached: chii_from_chobits_fanart_by_acinaddanica_d8f6ezw-fullview.jpg (1024x1083, 210K)

eeee >//////////////////<

w-what are you planning

Attached: 459.png (846x863, 632K)

turd face


I'll group link you with me and still say it's kinky

Attached: 1334018369001.jpg (2000x1406, 1018K)

you knoww
what i was talking about earlier

Attached: 038a89ce7c9090513e17a1202a20ac49.jpg (1000x838, 413K)


Attached: Komi 44.jpg (264x951, 106K)

that hurt my feelings...


Attached: 514.png (1314x862, 1.21M)


Attached: __isayama_yomi_ga_rei_and_ga_rei_zero_drawn_by_nakabayashi_reimei__f3892bb3821ce18037fc5975b8a74aea. (1062x1505, 479K)



Attached: DkNYMaWWsAAJXWU.jfif.jpg (4096x3597, 751K)

cute razor sharp nails

sounds uncomfortable lol
oh should i leave to work early so I can catch the start of the game?

Attached: 19.png (583x792, 580K)

Fuck I gotta go to work. But before I got any good recommendations for anime?

I don't like being group-linked... that's all

Attached: 437.png (894x686, 873K)

>still watches anime
anime is for kids my dude

Attached: 573.png (786x856, 1.18M)

How are you?
How's it going?

Attached: Komi 71.jpg (323x264, 28K)

Speedwagon is the ultimate waifu.
Sorry, all mine.

Attached: AB973C3F-FC95-4C80-AA06-4EB98B71F01C.jpg (460x258, 26K)

i hope it wont be uncomfortable ;-;
hmmmm up to you :o
it starts at 7 though..

Attached: n8khl3aRrR1qbvovho1_500.gif (500x282, 1.67M)

im jittery, iunno why..

best waifu

i would have to leave now.... ugh... I'll leave soon tho...
my coworker is still using the computer anyway

Attached: 380.png (789x854, 625K)

Hirasawa Yui
hey, she's cute. what's her name?

Attached: 1575986403493.jpg (800x800, 89K)

very cute .gif

Attached: 106.png (675x867, 775K)

Why'd I look at her butt tho

Ich bin nicht sehr gut

Attached: Chi (2).jfif.jpg (640x955, 144K)

please tell he to hurry when you're there..

Attached: d2e6438c1b652c7b45ce4b44571612b6.png (2591x2538, 1.44M)

you just have to wear her down~

What is being jittery like?
What does that mean

Attached: Komi 16.jpg (352x251, 46K)

i have to go ;-;
bbl v.v

Attached: ga-rei_zero_isayama_yomi_tsuchimiya_kagura_girls_brunettes_hug_window_moon_32200.jpg (1920x1200, 907K)

Es bedeutet, dass ich nicht so toll bin

Attached: Chi (6).jpg (1500x860, 1.08M)

Yuno Gasai is my waifu 4 laifu
>I like em yandere ;)

Attached: yunogasai.jpg (338x234, 58K)


Attached: wvgG6TFP.png (310x598, 158K)

I claim Kurumi.

Attached: Kurumi Tokisaki.jpg (974x624, 126K)

Oh I see. What's wrong?

Attached: Komi 57.jpg (389x206, 19K)

Rikka Takanashi, because she's cute as fuck and lowkey reminds me of gf. So uh claimed

Attached: images.jpeg-1.jpg (191x264, 15K)

Since my husband left the thread I will leave for now too

Her sister is better

Don't spam-link me...

she has a nice booty :)

I love you so much

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thank you

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You're really cute

i'm fine, just ate some hot chicken sandwich
how's you

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he's really a psychopath~

I'm tend to be attracted to psychopaths so that's alright

Nothing. Her thing is "chuunibyou". Which is basically uhhh a cringey phase from middle school. But like she carried it till adulthood. She believed her eye had powers