What would you do with 2 million dollars?

What would you do with 2 million dollars?

Note: buying lottery tickets will resulting in losing your money.

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really, no one? no one can think of an answer?

I'd buy 2 million $2 bills and double my money

Use it to back micro-loans for third world businesses. The population quadrupled in my lifetime, and micro-loans provide opportunity where no such thing usually exists.

By investing 2 million in OTHERS, I can take what I need and give the rest to everyone directly/indirectly.

I have NEVER seen Micro-Loans fail when it's deployed ANYWHERE.

So, yeah. that's what I'd do.

That's good, but why would you want to invest in niggers when white people are homeless

Give you half because you think I have such luck.

If you are homeless in the West, it's your fault. It really is.

Seriously, why would I invest in failure?

I would just pay off all my bills and fix up my house.
with no car payment and no mortgage I would be living large.

the rest I would try to invest is some kind of safe bond.

I’d find three other guys with the same amount of money and build a bionic man

Are you referring to niggers or homeless white people?

getting hard to post. captcha is being a huge fuckin bitch.

>buying lottery tickets will resulting in losing your money
Durrr that's how lottery tickets work

Failure has nothing to do with "white". I don't invest in failure. If you are homeless, I won't invest in you, no matter the skin colour.

buy 2 breweries and turn the world into alcoholics

An ambitions nigger is a better investment than a homeless white dude. If you think otherwise, you are too stupid to be handling money.

Shut the fuck up faggot

I would invest about 350,000 in my M1 account. It already pays 11% in dividends a year now.
Giving me an annual salary of passive income of $38,500 (and that's if it stays static). Which the Tax alone on that would be charged at the lower capital gains rate, instead of the income rate.

Is the 2 million after taxes or before taxes?
Depending, I might have a tax attorney set up a 501c as a nonprofit, and put my name as the president of the board and CEO.
At 2 million, it might not be worth it though.

Try posting something original faggot

This is original. I came up with it. Is there a problem?

Yeah but I just thought the point was to help people.
Blacks are not people.

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OKAY retard, if you want to give all your 2 million dollars to "based black people" as you said, that's up to you. But don't come crying here when they fuck your kids in the ass and take your wife. Nigger lover.

No, the POINT is return on investment.

Hey, remember that "too stupid to be handling money" thing I was mentioning earlier?

Well, that.

2 million after taxes, because I'm Canadian and we never pay tax on lottery winnings.

11% in dividends sounds too good to be true. What are the risks involved?
But it is nice to talk with someone who actually knows a thing or two about money. Unlike the drooling retards ITT who want to give all their money to blacks for some reason.

I didn't say I'd give my money to anyone.
I'm just calling you out on your retardation stormfag.

>Nigger lover
You goddamn right I love me some dark bunnies faggot. My guess is you're lacking in the ability to attract women with so much venom spewing from your rancid thoughts.

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I set up a "Compounding Interest" style investment pie. The dividends themselves are between 4 and 8% but they pay out monthly and are constantly balanced by reinvesting, top that with the stocks themselves gaining market shares and you have an overall higher return than 11%. I'm just averaging it over the long run.

And just to show I'm not bullshitting. Here's a pie I made.

2 million dollars? I would invest in this...

Oh right, you like pale slim underage little girls with a penis look.
Sorry faggot, traps are for gaybois.

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I'd buy as mqny automatic weapons as possible. Then sit on them and in a couple years when they're worth even more money. Sell them for boku money. Keep a couple for myself.

The Virgin Mutual Fund Investor
The Chad Dividend Investor

Probably only manage to spend 40k before I inevitably suffocate on my vomit.

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V- Lets money sit, hopes the market is nice to him in return for all his money. Lets others take "account management" and ratio fees whether the fund does well or not. All money tied to one place and is rarely very liquid.

C- Does his own funds, switches them out on the fly. Can punish or promote under performing values and vehicles. Lives off his dividends. Pays about a quarter in ratio fees.

i would buy land in the middle of the salt flats of Utah and put up a gigantic building and make retarded shit like pumpkin catapults. figure 200 k for the land and another 200 for the building. 1.4 to stick in a bank somewhere and live on interest.

1.6 im a retard and thats why im only ever going to get to dream about that many monies

Nice that you pay no tax.
In America "2 million" would actually be 3.6 million. In that case I would set up a 501c.

As for the 2 million.
- 350k for Dividend Account
- 250k (150k) for Nice house (for self) Take out a loan for 100k of it.
- 200k x 2 for a multifamily duplex x 2 in 2 different towns / cities. This will give you 4-5 rental properties.
- 100k in holding account for repairs and management of properties.
At this point you've spent (allocated) 1 million dollars. Now that you have a financial future set, you should spend about 10% of that on yourself in entertainment and depreciating items. Cars, women, food, gifts - ect.
Your monthly income when all things considered will be about $7,000 dollars.

I would re-invest 15% of that back into your dividend account each month.
And then decide on what you want to do with the rest of your life, use that remaining 900k to start a business or fund an education toward that end.
Always have an Emergency fund of around 250k handy. Some bonds and T-Bills of around 250k.

That still leaves 400k to invest in some sort of low risk savings or high risk investments, while you pursue your goals.

save it for retirement you cant really do much with 2m unless you know one hell of an investor. i wouldnt even invest till after november of this year here in the us because if a democrat is elected the housing market and econemy will tank. at that point id go to an inexpensive city and try to buy 5-6 investment properties and fix them up enough to rent to section 8 niggers.

Yeah, I wouldn't recommend listening to people that have a sentence structure akin to a 3rd grader.
They often don't know how the
works as much as they think they do.

You can do a lot with 2 million. And it's much easier to get to 4 million from 2 million, then it is to get from 1 to 1 million.

Pay off all my bills, dont have many. Then invest about 500k into a warehouse and a small machine shop. Live off the remainders intrest and build guns until the day i die.

drugs and whores

>In America "2 million" would actually be 3.6 million
Wrong. How could you be trusted with money after making such an elementary mistake?

It's getting impossible to post. captcha is angry at me

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I would find the cheapest home to live in or rent. Like where talking 500 dollars a month on bills/rent max .

Buy a really expensive computer and gaming chair and spend the rest of my life living off bread, cookies and milk while playing all my favourite games.

Cause fuck this world. I dont want to be a part of it.


>In America "2 million" would actually be 3.6 million
Sorry, where did you get that number?

talk of unions and wages among employees is a fireable offence, I probably am getting people fired just stating that fact, welcome to America retard.

Im not in America and you dont know a damn thing about what you are talking about.

buy superfluous amounts of drugs

go eat your own hat faggot, you don't know shit about America, keep flexin your freedoms on the world and lording them over everyone and see what that shit gets you, shut the fuck up idiot.

I don't know where you came up with this imaginary extra 1.6 million, but even if you had that why would you spend so little on a house AND get a loan or mortgage for your crappy cheap house?? You're already buying a cheap piece of crap, why not pay it off in full which you could easily do?

Idk why you are so upset over what i'd do with 2 million dollars. Maybe you should get your tampon changed little girl.

>500 dollars a month on bills/rent max .
Mexico. You won't really find that in the US or Canada.

ok kid go win your 2 million dollars and get your $500 a month bill and rent and live off your cookies and milk then like you said, just saying even in your dreams you ain't fucking shit and you know it bitch.

Hi, I'm the OP, could you stop posting please.

Seeya in the next one.

Okay, but why?

I know what you wouldn't do OP, spend more than a burger king meal you cheap faggit

I'll tell you one thing I would not do, I would not trust you fucktards with investment advice. This asshole can't even figure out how much money he has in the first place.

Doesn't say much for Cred Forums's reputation as being problem solvers.

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buy a small place out in the country and live like a hermit

oh wait... nm

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hire someone who knows his stuff to invest most of that shit for me and life that median life hopefully without the constant overarching stress of financial insecurity

Buy a million dollar home and get my necessities like vehicles then fund my hobbies like having a big reptile enclosure.Then i'd put the rest into my bank and find some other ways to make some cash because any normal human spend's $10000 in their lifetime easily, so that shit won't last.