What is this mask for, Cred Forums?

What is this mask for, Cred Forums?

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To keep flies off their eyes

Is that really such a big issue?
Are the flies just annoying the horse or do they do any "damage"?

horse-flies bite.

Ah, I thought you meant "regular" flies
Horse flies bite and it hurts quite a lot, that I know

Would you like flies on your eyes all day?

I mean, when I'm outside in the same weather I don't have flies all over my eyes, so I didn't expect it to be a huge issue for a horse, that's all.

The mask is to suppress the horses alpha predator instincts. Without the mask the horse would kill uncontrollably

to protect you from its laser eyes


Its called a fly veil .... would you want flies biting around your fucking eyes with your hands tied behind your back so you cant swat them away .... didnt think so

Obviously you don't know anything about horses. There is this crazy thing called google, why dont you fucking use it instead of killing threads.

truth. that veil is pretty fuckin fly...

That's an executioner's hood, assumedly because he's an executioner

it's a fetish mask, horses are really into kinky sex stuff

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So Horsey doesn't witness anything that will get it the Hillary Syndrome.

are you a horse?

To protect his secret identity while fighting horse-crime.

It's an arab horse

Lol he's just not one of the small percentage of people who own one or give a shit

its a pretty big issue depending on where u live and how many mosquitos/horse flies etc there is that year it also depends on the horse some attract more then others. The biggest problem is having the horse flies bite em so you get actual soars in which normal flies lays eggs. Can get pretty infected and it does not look pretty.

It's to prevent anyone from recognizing the horses identity during a heist.