Trap/femboy feet thread

Trap/femboy feet thread

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why tf is there cum on his feet

post more of him, idk if its feet or not just more

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SmolDragon on PornHub

thank you friend, your doing gods work


Happy fapping, user.

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Dunno wheter i am a femboy or not i hope i am but heres my feet

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Disgusting degenerate

noice, your a cutie in any case

Cute feet. Got a Kik?

No sorry im literally only posting to know if i have feminime looks or not

Little hard to tell with just an ass pic. Gotta see upper body as well.

What are some good places to find traps?


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cute oc

hotty, where from

Heres upper body

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Us, midwest
I don't really specialize in feet pics but if anyone wants to toss some money my way for a whole set I can do my best

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Share some more of that cute body?



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Kik please i want to trib you

>covering his manface
lmao faggot


Hows that ass?

Gotta do what ya gotta do

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Hot as fuck.

Thanks :)

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more pls falling in love with that ass

Epic :D

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Fuccccccccc and you're telling me you weren't sure if you were hot?

Also do you think im a femboy?

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> Cute
> Femme
> Makes me dick ache
Big check

Femboy certified.

Cool :DD

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Keep going whore

Also that dick is super cute and I kinda wanna lick your butt?

Here you go

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Please post more of your feet


I hope you guys fap to them :D

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Thank you so much user, you're the cutest femboy ive seen in ages ! Is there really nowhere to contact you? :(

I honestly just want to drizzle cum over that butt so no worries there


I have a trans qt girlfriend it would feel like cheating to private chat with others so no though after seeing this many positive feedback im gonna keep posting in femboy threads when i get horny enough

That's cute as heck, your GF lucked out, but so did we if we get to see sometimes >:3

Awww ok, thanks anyway user, il definitely save these pictures and cum to them :) please take more feet for the future!

Oh and btw i wonder if people can guess nationality or at least region by such pics
What would you say where am i from?

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Ok ok :D save them all every thread i ever posted liked my feet a lot i dunno why but cool :D
Im not gonna take more pics today but later def

Is there a country full of hot boys?

pretty, suckable toes, but show more of those round thighs

I heard a lot that hungarian girls are the prettiest but dunno about boys :D

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brb moving to hungary

>no leyf feet


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cute petite body, I'd slide your pretty little panties down and bend you over

taftaj cutest trap of all time

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more ass

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You get one little billy. Have fun boys and girls. See ya soon.

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would love a pic like this but with your boner sticking into frame

Still here user? I recognize your soles I think

You keep teasing with the top of those feet when you know your soles are sexy af

are you from a previous thread?

That would be pretty cute but I don't post the best parts ^^ those are saved for the best humans

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I am. Said I respected the fact you didn't want to talk privately, but I'm also really fond of your soles.

I don't have too many of the bottoms

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gay cunt

thats cute user but im in love with my gf so i cannot talk privately you know but it makes me happy you like them so much

I'm a good human ;o;

Ok I'm shit but your legs are super cute.

I'm happy your in love. I'm just checking in on the thread hoping you post new pics of these. After all, you said you would become the fap material.

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im gonna soon go sleep so not today but im gonna post later anyways until that just save from this thread

So many guys have a hard time of taking no for an answer smdh so entitled

I blame all that running! They tuned up real nice

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Literally one it my most resaved pics of all time.

Don't have to tell me twice. Might have to make a folder for you if I keep seeing your posts.

cool :DD

Since you're here, wonder if you'd take a pic request for the next time you post :3

Forgot pic. Would love to see you like this

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but im not fully shaved :s therefore it would look lame

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Aww im honored, I was laying in my room one morning and thought my butt looked cute in those pants so I threw my feet up to join it

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quite cute user

And it paid off. You manage to get your soles to come out perfectly in any pics you post.

what makes a good sole? I honestly can't tell

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Not the same user but a good sole for me is one that looks real nice, smooth and soft, the kind of sole you want to rub with your thumb and kiss

Shape is really important, which you have. If they look soft, it's a bonus, which yours do.

interesting... I have often been told that I have nice skin, and I run around barefoot a lot which helps keep them in shape and gets rid of all the dead skin

I always wished id had a foot fish tbh, it seems simple and nice

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Not sure if you were asked earlier, do you have a kik? Those soles are amazing!

Getting paid soon... can’t fucking wait. Buying some neon pink nail polish, silver slut anklet, couple of toe rings and getting myself a PA piercing so I can permanently snap my key in a chastity lock and fill with super glue.


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I do, but I don't like to give it out because people ask for lewds without offering money :)

Gonna need a kik

Well where do you find your paying customers then? ;P

Really, this reply speaks volumes about the world we live in today. Everyone wants to be a prostitute for money and whore themselves out without actually being a prostitute for money and whoring themselves out.

And then people wonder why incels are a thing lol

Yes please! Kik ^^

Are my feet sexy?

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Soles are the important part bucko

tops look nice. how about the bottoms?

Don't give it out on here sorry

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OK. Here are my soles

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What if I posted mine? Would you message me?

That is very very sexy. Wish I could do a similar thing

Yeah definitely sexy as fuck, id love to kiss and lick those :)


Hit up "Kassiewary" on Steam to see more of his dirty, smelly size 13 soles! Pic related

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I usually just tease enough on here until someone can't take it anymore and caves B)

If you don't like it, don't buy it, pretty simple! I don't need the money, but I'm happy to trade my goods and services for legal tender. I know what I've got and what I'm worth, and in late stage capitalism, everything is a commodity. Either you're selling your body, time, and energy for a salary, or you're selling your body, time, and energy for a nude commission ;D

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Just do it, better to take the plunge than ignore feelings

Yeah sure whatever, any simp that pays for "Content" is a retard. Plain and simple.

So you really destroying your chastity lock? That's hot. I really wanna have a stump for a clit

chilean represent... again

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Only when I get a pa piercing, that way I’m properly locked in. Metal cage and all, only way out is a locksmith.

Hnnng I would love to give your silky, stocking toes a nice big sniff! I bet they smell amazing! ;D

Firstly what is a pa piercing, secondly how small do you wanna go and lastly can I see a pic of you?


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Im like 5% bi, but I have dreamed about fucking this furry faggot.

where to find a guy like this?

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looks stoned af

Mmm there is no "probably", I'm sure they smell like pure heaven! You definitely need to rub your cute, sweaty socked feet allll over my eager nose until I die...

Prince Albert, it’s like a loop hook sort of thing. Clips to the inside of a cage meaning there’s no way out. Tbh, having a 2.5 inch cage would keep me happy for a couple of years and you can have a little something

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God, even though I'm mostly in guys (as a trap myself) I sure would eat you out

i just havent taken many pics of my feet
i mostly just post ass tbh,
but i should take more feet pics perhaps in march when i come back from vacation

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Not really interested in trap feet.
I'm pretty sure the reason traps are interesting is the fantasy of hairless penis, bunghole, and legs in sexy lingerie.

haha thanks :) i need to work on my legs though, thick but I want them skinnier

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then have some ass
some chilean ass

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Please do! Your feet are stunning!
And you, you've got pretty damn sexy feet and toes too. ;D

Full body? Cos its making me horny and wanna ride my toys

thanks (:
i has some full bodies but the storage on the other phone died :/

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As you wish, user

i... think i ran out
the other feet pic i got is a bit sub par
a bit blurry and has some dirt from walking around
another one i got is just similar to the first one i posted

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Fuck off weirdo

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Wanna see you in tights/heels

nice dick
nice butt

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Kill yourself

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