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Animal love wickr foxhound1989

I think this is straight owO

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gay as fuck

But boobies tho

And dick

H/fur bud

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Yeah nigga Thas gay.

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Good evening everyone :3

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anyone wanna trade furs?
wickr stankbanky

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floof and stuff

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I would be interested but I use only Telegram

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BASED butt eating ;3
I'm afraid to admit how much it excites me...

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It's even better when she shits in your mouth

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eating your girlfriends logs is the pinnacle of ass eating

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Maybe... However, my NSA agent advises me to leave this thread...

Good night all

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whats your telegram

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I'm CCCCOOOOOoooooooooooMMMMMMM'en

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I keep noticing the wickrs n stuff, figured I’d drop mine too.

Wickr wolfbois

Lookin to talk and share

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you kids and your fancy chat clients
back in my day we just posted in the thread like a good furry

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Jack Foxxbatt

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This gave me a chuckle. It’s really just to trade at a quicker pace. I personally enjoy talking more elaborately and figuring out what people’s kinks are :3 makes things more intimate

real furries ERP in public

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I WOULD but living in Idaho, nobody near me is a furry T.T oh the modern stress.

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>I was young and I needed the moolah!

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When you see a product on the photo which is produced by the company that fired you a few years ago...

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This thread is pretty gay

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Hey, you gotta problem or somethin'?

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Oh, I know this name.
Hello to you

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I hear you are a cool person and that you play WoW.
If we ever meet in AV, I will not hold back.

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oh, uh thanks I guess
I haven't played recently, been busy with work and life stuff
still need to grind those last couple levels to get my shaman up to 60

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Yeah I think Dash mentioned something like that. There's a new patch coming very soon so hopefully you're around and at 60 for that!

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wah work work work

later floofs

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Wuhan Clan

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ayeee im glad to see my art on here


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Gods work user

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