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Bump for chink story

I killed a man in Reno just to watch him die

Roofied a few whores back in college but they were fine. Few of them I think even enjoyed it lol

I stabbed a man in Mesquite for a Klondike bar

I rub my finger behind my ear and smell it

also smell whatever ends up on dental floss

I wish I could be a 13 year old boy again, but this time I'd be online looking or older men to fuck me.

Cheated on my girlfriend of 4 years last night with an escort.

I switched someone's mayo with miracle whip. I'm nefarious as fuck!

I did something like this once but actually caught a guy spiking a girls drink. He did all the work but I got the reward.

>have a gf
>fuck a hooker
Why pay for what you can have for free

Used to run an Asian Massage Parlor and i was a good manager but couldnt keep my hands off the ladies and would make them do anything and everything i could thing of as far as sex goes. Was married when i started but got divorced after my wife found out i was banging the therapists. Currently looking for a new location cause the people i know have ladies pretty much lined up and they need a place to go.

cause hookers are awesome user thats why!

When I was little, my mom would sit me in her lap, and beat my sick raw while watching lesbian porn for hours on end.

Because my gf got fat and I couldn't fight the urge to fuck a smaller girl. It ended up being a pretty awkward experience anyhow. Not sure if I'll do it again.

When I was little, my mom would sit me in her lap and beat my dick raw while watching lesbian porn for hours on end.

I had to help bathe my 11yo niece several times and it was honestly pretty fun

my grandfather was and always will be the person who loved me the most and all my life eh I have been aware of it, he always took care of me, helped me and gave me life advice, the day he died I felt absolutely nothing, i hate myself

in college, I started fucking a girl on the cheer team and she had no idea but I would sometimes send out snapchats to my friends of her blowing me or while I was fucking her doggystyle and sometimes id mess around and tell my friends we were done and theyd walk in while I had the slut completely naked either blowing me or mid sex it was a great time

Go see a doctor, my guy. You probably have actual brain issues that can be treated.


that's actually very very common. don't be hard on yourself..
i felt very little when my grandfather died too, i guess i really felt stuff only years after. it's fine.

post pics/vids

wish I had that stuff still man, such a dumb idiot I was to never have it backed up anywhere

I try to fuck my girl while she sleeps. She’s caught me a few times.
Tell her it’s my kink a she should pretend to stay asleep if she wakes up.
Calls me a perv, still do it though because she’s right. I love pussy
Eventually she either pretends to be asleep.

Now she’s totally into it.

Sometime i need to fantisize about eating ass before i can get out of bed

The last time my girlfriend's friend visited with her boyfriend, she accidentally left a small sex toy in her bag and then 'accidentally' left it at our house.
This lead to us teasing them about it until we were able to get them into "too much information" mode and got them to admit to a bunch of fetishes including a willingness to have a foursome with us.
My girlfriend was honestly into it, but I resisted somewhat until she talked me into it.
So the next time they visited, we poured them drinks and basically jumped them, and the ensuing weekend was just a ton of debauchery and sex. Everyone fucked, everyone got fucked. Now they're my girl and my submissives, and next time they visit they're bringing costumes.

Except the real kicker is they didn't accidentally leave the sex toy at all. I saw it in her bag while bringing them towels, and took it out when they weren't in the room.
I didn't expect all that, I just thought it would be funny.

I want to watch my asian cousin get pounded and destroyed by a big thick cock

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Sometimes I bump threads


I want someone to fuck her fat ass in front of me

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Degenerate faggot

Chinky Dink user here. Dumping posts from last thread then posting new ones.

>be me
>22 year old literal weeb army brat with asian mom and muh america dad
>fraternal twin sister who is as much of an introvert as me if not more so
>try to keep details of life vague enough autist savants on Cred Forums can't find me and ruin life
>Mom trying to arrange marriage to an Asian girl because she low key hates Americans
>At this point seriously thinking about going along with
>pic related

I post in an incest thread yesterday about how last summer I came home from class early and caught my sister masturbating on my futon with a pair of boxers I had cum in early that morning before going to class. Watched her a little while before phone ringing gave away I was there. Sister got upset and asked why I was just standing there watching and how much did I see. End up talking for a while and eventually masturbate together for the first time since we were teens sharing one room with bunk beds. Everything is great until Mom comes home and catches sister sleeping in my bed naked with dried cum on her, and me sitting at computer desk naked playing music and browsing internet.

In order to get out of it tell my mom we are both virgins and needed to learn what to do for when we each get married. This does not help and Mom vows to handle this in due time. Spend next few days waiting for axe to drop.

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I've showered with my 9yo niece quite a few times

Why don't you do it yourself? Also, more.

>look at me guys!!
Was it just the bragging you got off on or did you ever manage to enjoy having sex?

ever let your fingers slip ?

A few days of silence from my Mom and after being warned to stay apart from each other me and my sister hadn't done more than exchange stares in the hall or glances at the dinner table. I was fapping record numbers to the memory though. Then about a week later I heard my Mom enter my sisters room speaking in this really cheery voice followed by my sister raising her voice in protest. My Moms voice stayed the same though, and a little bit later she left the room. Then I heard my sister get up. She came to my and opened it enough to throw a balled up piece of paper in then closed it and returned to her room. On the paper was a chatroom link mostly used by asians, so I went to it and she started typing up what had happened.

>Mom was all happy because she had found a family interested in having their son marry my sister.
>despite my sister being considered extremely attractive by asian standards due to her mix of american genes, old school families look down on that (even though american prostitutes are hugely popular).
>Essentially believing girls like my sister were whores.
>Add to that we have nothing to offer financially since my mother left my father, and nothing in way of business connections.
>Basically this dude was bound to be a loser. According to Mom he's 36 and shy but has very traditional values meaning he's a virgin.
>Ask her when this is happening but Mom didn't tell her, only saying that she had a lot to teach her between now and then.
>This whole situation has me pissed off. After all, who the fuck did this guy think he was, ovviously my sister was mine and mine alone.
>Plot murder of him and Mother dearest
>No but seriously had me and sister both upset, tell her I love her through the chat, she says it back
Try to play vidya but can't focus, lie down on futon because if I breathe in I can smell my sis' scent. Feel like crying but momma aint raise no bitch
>but my eyes do water a bit
>door swings open as I'm wiping eyes, it's my mother

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When I was on holiday with my ex-wife I got a bit sick of her (hence the ex), so I downloaded Grindr, met a man 40 years older than me, went back to his place where he rimmed me, fucked me, and cam in my mouth. She was a moany cow and just wanted to watch tv, so I went out telling her I was out fo a walk by the coast.

I used to go into my sisters bedroom when she was sleeping and feel her up. After a while I noticed her getting wet when I did it and one night she wasn't wearing panties when I went to do it again.
Finger fucked her almost every night and she started sleeping naked.
Never did more than stick my fingers in her cooch and play with her nips tho..(whilst jacking off)

ohh, you are still going - great!!

Thank god you’re continuing

You know she wasn't asleep right

I start to get up because I don't even want to look at my Mom right now partially because of her catching us the other day and because of what my sister just told me, but she sits next to me on the futon, not realizing I haven't washed sheets and she's sitting right next to where I'd found my sister riding her hand while clenching my cum-stained briefs to her face. But since my brain decided to remind me, I started getting an erection right then and there, so I sat up on my side, propped up with an elbow.

>Mom asks why I was crying
>Stfu mom Cred Forums will hear and call me a faggot chink or something
>Tell her I wasn't crying and ask what she wants
>Oh boy she has good news, wonder what it is!
>She spoke to the family of the girl she's been trying to arrange me a marriage with. They won't agree until I've got my engineering degree or a high paying job, so I figured I could drag this out forever if need be
>But Mom has been busy, and they agree as long as I'm showing strong grades we can go forward with things because they want us pumping out kids early.
>I'm so punch drunk at this point a soft breeze could push me over
>They want me to start talking to her and us to go on dates, they want to come to America for the summer anyways.
I don't say anything and just lay back down. Boner still present and sticking out but I'm beyond caring. But my mother notices and thinks it's from the news, laughing to herself.
"See, I knew you would be excited. That didn't take long did it?" And then she flicks my erection through my shorts making it sway back and forth before returning to standing position, all while she laughs. But having someone else touch it makes me let out a soft moan and move to try and hide it.

"Oh no, you didn't cuuum just from that did you?" She asked, dragging out the word cum strangely. "You too sensitive, how long did you last with (Sister?)"

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no more larps

Before I continue, she said "You're too sensitive" not You. I did not mean to give anyone the impression she was bad at speaking English because actually she speaks it flawlessly, and only does an accent to be funny.

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>Kind of irritated she's mocking me thinking I came already I roll back towards her
>My dick standing in defiance of her, it feels really weird to see her looking at my bulge
>But apparently not weird enough because it gets even harder, I can feel it twitching with my heartbeat, really hope she can't see that or notice it getting bigger
>She uses the tip of her index finger to slowly flick it once more, making it sway back and forth again and making me exhale a soft whimper of a moan.
>"How long did you last when (Sister) touched you?" She asks again, "Tell the truth, I know when you're lying."
>Which isn't an exaggeration, it's like a class ability for asian moms who spec into never giving their kids any fucking privacy
>Bury my face in a pillow and tell her only a few minutes. She asks how many, 10, 15, 30?
>Between 5 and 10, but she sees through this and says "Mmm, so around five. That won't do user. She's going to expect you to be a man, how can you please her like you are now?"
>"isn't she a virgin?" I try and point out.
>"But you are supposed to be a man. 5 minutes won't make a virgin happy." She lets out this long dramatic sigh. "There's nothing else for it. I will show you."
>Wonder what the fuck she just said and what she means by that.
>"Take your shorts and underwear off user."
I just looked at her in utter disbelief. Was my sister listening through the wall, was this a joke they were playing together? Had I died somewhere a ways back and this was a dying dream?

I arched my back and lifted my butt to comply almost automatically like I was a kid again, but froze half way as my mind played scenarios of what was about to happen, only for her to hook her thumbs in my waistband and pull them down to my knees in one swift motion.

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I always do this. My girl sleeps in so whenever im horny ill just rip her pants off

I believe in hollow earth and inverse earth at the same time (please don't ask me about this) and have probably been alienating my girlfriend by talking incessantly about it and the importance of Hermeticism.

Sometimes I ask questions in threads and dont wait around for replys

Dude yes the last thread died and i left off on the next part!

Little story of mine is similar to yalls since it involves roofies
>be me last year in college looking for a good girl but always attracted to dumb sluts
>crushing in this girl whom comes around randomly
>talk to her, seems snotty
>text her, talk for a a month
>tell her i want her and want to date ger
>rejected me harshly
>after a week of being sad and shit i decide to go out drinkin
>with group of friends at bar
>see her come in and join us with chad
>guy is a total douche
>all drinking and having fun
>see chad drop something in her drink
>she chuggs it
>see her go to bathroom
>follow her
>pull her aside from line tell her i have something i want to tell you
>snaps at me saying if its that im in love woth her that she doesnt give a fuck that im a loser shes way out of my league and i should stop chasing her
>other girls see me hear her
>im raging inside
>want to fucking punch this girl
>just leave without saying a word
>hang out with friends keeping an eye on her and chad
>yep those were roofie
>chad says shes too drunk needs to go home had a grin on his fave
>see him drag her into a cab and go off

hear from friends couple weeks later that chad had roomates and she thinks she was raped by not just Chad she has trust issue now and some type of trauma/psychological issues
Couldnt help but grin
Fuck you jasmine you deserved getting raped

My dad runs a funeral home, small thing. Serves our town and a few villages around it. So it's basically a family business. I started helping out when I was around 12, first with setting up chairs and guest books, moving up over the years to some of the bookkeeping and admin. When I was 16 I was finally allowed to interact with the bodies, first applying makeup, but later washing and dressing. It's not as odd as it sounds. Someone has to do it, and you just get used to it.

Anyway, when I was 17, in my last year before college, a girl in my class died during a football match. Just dropped dead. Everyone assumed sudden adult death syndrome, but it turns out she had an undiagnosed congenital heart murmur. She was local so she ended up in our funeral home. My dad didn't want me involved, said it would be too upsetting at my age working on someone I knew as a friend. I told him I'd have to get used to that sort of thing at some point, so why not now? I had other reasons.

My gf thinks I’ve only slept with 2 people (her and my ex) when I’ve actually fucked 6 people total (them included)

>gf is an escort
>i don't like it but tolerate it for her because the plan is to get out of it
>see her one day before she meets client
>she's dressed hot as fuck
>fuck her before she leaves
>she texts me while she's with him and tells me she's thinking of me when they fuck
>hard as diamonds
>tells me after that she edged herself while fucking him so she can cum with me after
>diamonds again
>we fuck
>she cums hard
>this becomes a habit
>doing this again one day but didn't make her cum first
>she texts me to tell me that she was so frustrated that he made her cum and she came hard
>I'm jealous and I'm diamonds
>she sends selfie showing me what she's wearing and tells me she has to go because he has another hour with her
>I'm diamonds and jealous looking at her pic and can't stop thinking about her getting fucked and cumming
>she finishes and tells me how she finished him for making her cum
>we fuck after
>i call her a slut, spit on her, and tell her she doesn't deserve to cum again
>it's borderline abuse
>she begs me and praises my dick and the way I fuck her
>it's borderline worship
>both cum 10/10 cums
>what the fuck
>we need counseling

>Had I died somewhere a ways back and this was a dying dream?
I don't think you thought this really, did you?
I mean, thinking you're dead and this is dream whilst dying, to put it mildly, would be a bit of an over reaction, to say the least.

>shorts and boxers come off, dick springs forward unrestrained by the fabric that has bound its fury for so long.
>If Mom had been merely looking at it before she was staring now, then nodded like she approved. I tried to sit up, feeling exposed and awkward, but with the palm of her hand on my forehead she guided me to lay back how I was.
>"Show me what you did with your sister."
>Frozen, I don't dare move a muscle, "Uh, we were facing each other and touching."
>The look that came across her face was hard to read. Surprise, frustration, exasperation?
>"Then show me how you do it when you're alone."
Able to breathe a sigh of relief she wasn't about to ask me to go through everything we had done the other day, jacking my cock didn't seem so bad in comparison. So I took my cock in both hands, holding the base with one to steady it from throbbing and using the other to relax my foreskin, treating it gently so that I could easily pull it down. When my head was free I couldn't help but wince at the cool air against it, so I quickly gripped my cock in hand and started stroking it at a really slow pace. If I was being honest with myself, having a woman, even my mother, right next to me watching was a turn on, and I was scared to go all out with it. I didn't know where to look either, I would glance at my Mom as she stared at it, but each time I did she would shift her attention to stare right at me, making me look away embarrassed.

"You're not going to put any lotion on that?" She asked after a minute. I didn't want to tell her that when I did use lotion it was usually a few pumps taken from her bathroom, so I just said no, that I didn't have any because I "never thought of it" which just made her shake her head.

"You and (Sister) would be helpless without your mother." She said, then leaned forward making my heart nearly stop. Then she opened her mouth and spit on the tip of my dick, then left her head there inches from it and let some drool leak onto it.

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So basically the same thing and it doesn't matter

I just shoved a grapefruit up my ass.

I take liberties with some things. Mostly when it comes to what people said, I summarize so entire posts aren't just what I said and what she said. And like the bit you quoted, it's just injecting some humor into it.

Just how I am user. Don't h8 me.

My girlfriend used to let me record videos and used to send nudes, but stopped since the leaks. Feelsbadman.

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Id imagine hes just saying that for dramatic story purposes

I don't actually touch her, I'll admit she is cute as fuck though


More power to you Cred Forumsro sounds like you are living a lot of peoples fantasies

Not mine though i could never be ok with share my gf or wife

The leaks?


This girl was gorgeous. Sporty, but not muscular. Long brown hair, brown slightly almond shaped eyes, freckles over the bridge of her nose. Medium tits, but her legs and ass were the best. She was mainly a runner. We had a uniform at school, and the girls could wear skirts or grey trousers. It didn’t matter which she picked. Either her smooth tanned legs were on show, or her pert little ass was being shown off in the trousers that all the girls wore that weren’t the official uniform ones, but close enough while being more flattering. In the summer, she’d get in trouble for unbuttoning her school shirt too low and ‘distracting the boys’, but she was actually pretty innocent. I had a huge crush on her. She probably knew it. We weren’t super close, but we hung out often enough. Drank together a couple of times. The thought of her lying in the prep room made me practically hyperventilate, which I guess gave off the appropriate outward impression, but it wasn’t because I was in shock or grieving. I was excited.

>Her saliva on me caused my entire body to erupt in goosebumps and a shiver to run through my spine.
>Rub my hand in it and get my cock slick, then start stroking again.
>The only sound in the room is the wet sound of me stroking my cock and my heavy breathing
>My Mom is sitting closer to it than she was before, she's leaned towards me more and my cock is positioned beneath her head.
>While she's looking down at it I'm jacking off to her cleavage, and thats when she lowers her head a little add more drool then spits the remainder onto it.
>Drives me crazy thinking that I'm getting off with her spit, can imagine her sucking me off. I let out a moan of "Oh yes. Thank you." And stroke even faster.
>She looks at me surprised by this, abruptly asks what I'm thinking of while masturbating, throwing me completely off guard but I keep going and just quickly tell her "Girls"
>"Are you thinking of (Sister)?" She asks, voice laced with anger, but I tell her no while looking right at her, only looking away when her eyes meet mine.
>"Are you thinking about your mother? Is that why you won't leave the house and find a girlfriend?"
>Tell her no, stop jerking off to deny it further when she tells me not to stop.
Now I was trying to last as long as I could to prove her wrong, and this had all taken place over a course of just a few minutes, but the entire situation had me so aroused, plus the fact I had her saliva on my dick had me already on edge, and I knew I was about to blow to the ceiling when I went over. I tried to warn her but only managed to say 'oh fuck' before my orgasm engulfed me and I released streams of cum. I opened my eyes scared I sprayed my own mother, but she had a hand cupped over my cock, stopping it from spraying everywhere, but coating her hand thoroughly. I was speechless, my body was weak, and my cock was still leaking thin ropes of cum while I lay there catching my breath.

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I'm just teasing. Carry on.

The type id love to jerk off to

Is it still there?

Keep 'm coming chinkboy


One of her guy friends found her videos on reddit, and it went downhill from there

She was so enthusiastic too.


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Tell her you may have been hacked get a new phone n icloud start up again friendo blew a load to her on more than one occasion
Ty for you contributing soldier

My first knee-jerk reaction was to tell her no and ask if she had lost all self control given our Mom was in the house. Then, maybe because I was sick over everything that had happened, or maybe I was just trying to find a way to distract myself from myself, maybe a combination of both mixed with still being punch-drunk from everything, I told her yes, but to leave the light off and be quiet. It wasn't a minute later my bedroom door eased open just enough for my sisters slim figure to slip through, then closed behind her. She had on her biggest pajama shirt, it was like a size 5xl and could have been a parachute if the sleeves were sewn up. I couldn't see what type of bottoms she had on because of the shirt nearly reaching her knees, but her legs and feet were bare as she tip toed over toward me. As my cock began to stir, I remembered I was still naked, and so didn't turn the chair around, expecting her to sit on the futon. Instead she stood right beside my chair, tapping her fingernails on the armrest likely because her nerves had her as jittery as I was earlier.

"You left the futon the same as when we were in it." She said, covering her mouth with one hand the way she did when she didn't want anyone to see her laughing or to hide a shy smile. God, she's adorable.

"I know. When I lay on it I can still smell you." And as soon as it left my mouth I wanted to yank it back and kill that thought like a rabid dog. Instead I planted my face in my hand with a sigh. "I'm sorry that was so creepy."

"Shut up stupid." She said, play-slapping my arm. "Turn around so I can sit down."

"I'm not wearing anything. Hand me my boxers."

"I know stupid, now turn here." She demanded, so I spun the chair toward her and watched as she used both hands to flatten the shirt against the small round mounds of her bottom and sat in my lap, leaning her back against me, my cock pressed against her ass and the small of her back.

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Glad to see she still drains nuts out there. She still fucks and all, but never lets me record.

Attached: `0.jpg (750x1334, 127K)

Fucking white knight faggots ruin all the fun

Exactly. Would've been amazing to record more wins as camera quality increased too.

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I'm fucked up in the head. I'm not attracted to young boys, never think about them sexually, but being around them makes me rock hard and horny as fuck.
I'll expose myself to them and/or jack it in front of them. Been like this since my early teens. I do stuff in front of my younger nephews, cousins, my friend's little bros. If I'm using a restroom and it's just me and a young boy in there I'll go up to the urinal next to his, I'll show him my dick and jack in front of him.

I think a lot of people do this, I wake my wife up with my cock in her mouth, see how long it takes her to wake up properly. Best I've done is cum down her mouth without her stirring much at all, she was pretty drunk that night though.

Hookers aren't cheating

I used to wake up with my cock in my gfs mouth.
She liked sucking my morning wood

as a goof in college, i would pee in shampoo bottles at random house parties. now i do it everywhere, whenever the opportunity arises.

"Mm. That's better. Are you comfortable?" She asked, wiggling her bottom and driving me wild, my cock pressing harder against the thin fabric of her shirt to her soft backside beneath. And it was as she wiggles that I realized how alike we were.

"You're not wearing anything under that are you?" I whispered into her ear, causing her to have the laughing fits and to have to cover her mouth to keep from making noise.

"You're one to talk, waiting here naked for me?" She continued to tease, playfully. "Were you going to seduce me? You're a big stud now?" She could hardly contain her laughter mocking me.

"You know I'm not like that. I was still naked from earlier. When I woke up I checked the chat first thing."

"What are you talking about from earlier?"

The moon could have impacted the earth in that moment and I wouldn't have known, realizing what I had just said and that she had no idea what took place with Mom that afternoon. I had been so distracted by her and even just seeing her had lifted my mood so much higher. So as she sat there in my lap I told her everything that had happened from the moment Mom had entered the room until she left. I kept apologizing, but my sister was silent except to ask the rare question. Then, when I was done and waiting for her to say something, she asked "So she never touched it?" And when I told her no, she said "Good" then stood up, reaching down and taking her shirt by the tail and pulling it off over her head, then braced herself with both armrests and sat back on my lap, this time with my cock between her hips and against her mound, while her pussy was wet on top of my mound.

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I thought so too but there is a weird hotness to it idk


I came from being hugged by a girl

when I stay over at the house of any girl friend I think is hot, I cum in their shampoo

This whole time i havnt understood most of the seating arrangements

Did she say anything ?
>user, did you just cum?

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I've showered with my gf's nephew a couple times. He is kinda shy which I think is cute

I jack off to a picture of my 67 yrs old mom's ass in panties.

He thinks you're a creep.
Hey, you are a creep!
Smart kid

Gladly, what is your general location?

parents' basement

Rest where

Using the tips of her fingers she began massaging the tip of my dick, her hands so soft and small compared to how insanely rock hard my cock was. As my cock began to relax to her touch, she used the tips of her fingers to pull back my foreskin and reveal my evidently sensitive cock head. Then, she lowered her head a bit and spit down on my cock. Well, not on, she missed the first time. "Your aim sucks." I teased, only for her to land the next bit of drool right on my tip, causing me to sharply inhale and my hips to buck automatically, surprising her and making her grab the armrests.

"Hey (user), your cock is really sensitive." She teased back, looking back at me over her bare shoulder, looking so unintentionally sexy that I leaned forward and kissed her shoulder, whispering to her, our faces so close to each other. "It's not so sensitive when you touch it. I must like you or something."

"Only like?" She asked, still looking back at me but using her hand behind her to circle my dickhead with her now wet index finger, making me close my eyes and let out a deep moan of pleasure. I was so weak to her touch.

"I love you. You know I love you, don't you?" I panted when I was able to breath again. Then, I kissed the back of her neck, a weak spot I discovered when we were younger. I planted three or four more all along the back of her neck until she couldn't take it anymore, wiggling around on top of me, my stiff cock rubbing against her pubic mound. She was hairless down there, and while there had been some bristles when we masturbated days ago, now she was freshly shaven and smooth, and I took a sinful pleasure knowing she had done it for me.

"(user), you know I love you too, don't you?" She asked as she began using the fingers on both hands to caress and play with my cock, her way of helping me with sensitivity problems. "When Mom asked you if you were thinking about me when you were masturbating, were you?"

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I have seven dicks.

I'm interested in hearing your thought process here. I have no regrets that I did it, but I considered it cheating.

God damnit user I'm not an author I'm a chinaman.

Buddies fiancé has unknowingly had my cum in her mouth/on her pussy multiple times.

I fucked this young Mexican girl and got her pregnant and instead of raising the baby I called immigration and got her deported.

What a coincidence!

Dad agreed to allow me do her makeup. Made sense since I saw her most days. Mortuary makeup is about making them look like they usually do, not all “done up”. She had been otherwise prepped by then. This was the last job the night before. She was on the table in a dress I recognised that she’d wear to house parties. Useful now, as it buttoned up the whole length at the front. Light, summery, dark blue, cute but appropriate for the occasion. I was left alone with her and told to lock up when I was done. Since it was a sudden death, she didn’t look too bad, just pale. I decided to do her makeup before doing what I wanted. Once I had her looking like she usually did, I moved on to my real reason for being there. I unbuttoned her dress slowly from the top and splayed it out to both sides. She was wearing very plain matching white bra and panties. Just a small white ribbon bow on each. Obviously the “safe” underwear her parents had handed in. I’d seen her at the beach before, but never in underwear. Her soft, slight curves, especially her hips gave me instant rigor mortis (fyi, her actual rigor mortis had dissipated by now)

i was a bench warmer for my high school baseball team, but for some reason got put in center field for the day. there was a scout who was there to watch our star pitcher and he ended up having a terrible game. i, on the other hand, made two miraculous diving catches. it was total luck but the scout ended up giving me, of all people, a scholarship. now i'm going to school for free and back to warming the bench, while reaping the benefits of (technically) being a college athlete.

I've been with my girl for five years and haven't even looked at another girl.
But I did cheat with a trap at an anime convention.

Grew up in the projects of harlem. My close child hood friends grew up to be thugs drugdealers gang bangers. I was always around them so i indulged in the lifestyle. Saw plenty of fucked up shit but the one thing turned me around was after one night a young blood trying to join our circle ended up raping his own mother trying to prove to us that he was heartless. We didnt know until the end of the gang rape. Will never forget that night.

Ayyy thats the dream free ride thru college woth little work
Take full advantage opportunities like that dont come around often

I'm stuck in a shitty miserable relationship that is draining the soul from my body. My GF is a financial, emotional, and physical black hole. We live in the ghetto because of her bad life decisions. I drive a shitty old car and have nothing that brings me joy at her place. Every day all I think about is how impossible it's going to be for me when I get out of this situation.
The only thing good about it is the relationship I have with her daughter and it's part of the reason I stick around.

Win win


Had pretty grey-area, partially non-consensual sex with a chick who had been teasing me. Would call me up intoxicated and moaning while her Ex
fucked her, then apologize and blow me. That was the ritual. One night we were hanging out and things got heavy. Got her pants off, my mouth inches
from her, and she says, "Me and [ex] were, umm.. together this morning. Is that okay." I was seeing red at this point, we'd only ever gotten to 3rd base
,but I told her it was fine and dived in. Bit later she was close from me giving her head, so I moved up, kissed her, and pushed into her. Her hands were
on my chest, she was mumbling "wait, wait, wait" against my lips, and tried to wet fish but her body kept reacting to me. We road out her orgasm and
I pulled out to finish on her belly and thighs. I instantly felt guilty and she just stared at the wall. Weekend At Bernie'd her into the shower to scrub her
down and after a few hours drove her home.

She ghosted me for a year before texting me out of the blue. We met Denny's and had a pretty terrible fight about her feeling like I forced her and me
feeling like she sent weird signals. Ended up sleeping together that night and tried a relationship for a few months. She had to be on top, in control,
and I was only allowed to cum inside her or she'd freak out. She had a lot of bad dreams and would hyperventilate randomly when we were showering
or laying together. Out of guilt I broke it off. Few years later and her Linkedin says she graduated Uni with a degree in Criminal Justice and works at
some sort of sex abuse-focused law firm. I still miss her.

im about to nut, hurry up!!

She gun come for you at some point my boy.

lol they know i'm trash at this point but they can't take away my scholarship unless i have some sort of disciplinary and/or academic infraction. i'll graduate debt free while attending mixers with the girls soccer team.

Some people consider porn cheating, my crazy ex sure did...
Or thinking about someone else during sex cheating, I actually think that this is more like cheating than a hooker
Walking is cheating...
I think that fucking a hooker is like having a wank, so not cheating
I actually 'cheat', I have one or two women on the side at any one time. And yes I'm the reason that western civilization is failing blah blah blah...
My wife doesn't really care that much as long as I'm a good husband and dad otherwise.
She doesn't want to know about it really

I undid her bra and took it off (thankfully strapless) and spent probably five whole minutes staring at her tits before doing anything else. I’d wanted to see them for years. Her nipples were pretty much exactly like I’d guessed (small, pinkish, perky on her medium tits) except she had one big freckle on her right areola. And alongside nipples, obviously as a schoolboy voyeur perv I’d fantasized about what she had going on in those panties. I’d even jokingly tried to get her to tell before, but she was always coy. Well not anymore. I pulled her panties down, frankly expecting a full bush only to find a neatly trimmed brown landing strip. I took so many photos before getting hands on. Then I spent my time palming her breasts, tweaking her nipples. I ran my fingers through that landing strip and rolled her over on her side so I could see and fondle her ass. I wanted to see her pussy lips from behind too. Then I started licking her. Her nips, her face and lips, her ass, her mound.

GF pissed me off for the last time last month and I've been obsessively working out since then. I'd never cheat on anyone physically, but I've been flirting
with an attractive 30 year old mother of one. When my body is at the right degree of definition, my plan is to fuck the GF one last time, break up by lunch
and be deep in milf by dinner. No my behavior isn't justified, and yes you can argue that emotional cheating is still cheating. I've tried to make this
relationship work despite not being totally attracted to the GF for a few years. Lately she's been on some bullshit, and I figure if I'm sticking my dick in
drama, it might as well be hot drama.

This is why you cremate boys and girls, Funeral homes are full of creeps

Sounds like you were more interested in the happiness of your boyfriends than of your girlfriend.

i had sex with my adopted cousin at my sister's wedding lol

Was this the high point of your life or something? You post it all the time.

I dont work out excessively but but at least 3 days a week for the past 3 months and althought ive made good improvements in strength i havnt noticed much of a difference in what i look like
Sorry bud

oh great a necrophiliac....

Post pics as well bud

The guy who got to bath his 11yrold neice posts in everythread too

Her tits and ass were so soft. I got on the table and used her to titwank and ass wank. Came so close to cumming that way. Knew I couldn’t go inside her (people get “packed” in the prepping process, so I spat on her lips and used her for the closest thing to a blowjob I could. Her wet lips were enough to take head without going fully into her mouth and I fucked those lips sideways until I came all over them. Took some more pics of her with my head in her lips and them my cum on her face before finally redressing her. Had to redo her makeup afterwards.

What city?

And the same people cry about it every thread.

How exactly??

sounds like a good mom

>has pics

You know what to do

I really like the girlfriend of my best friend. And I have plans to fuck her. So far she has accepted to get drunk with me. I want to do it without hurting my friend but I still have to find a way. Being honest with him could be a way, we are like brothers.

I give massages to my fwb daughter.
She's just starting her period, and it helps relax her. Started off as a comforting sympathetic back rub, but has progressed to her asking for massages every time I stop by.
Since her mom and I don't hook-up until after she's in bed this has kinda become a routine. I'm starting to wonder if she's getting a bit too much out of it though. If I press my thumbs into her harder she starts to moan like her mother after bedtime.
The routine is that I come over, and watch her while mommy "freshens up" in the shower.. I've started to get mild erections from her sounds.
Starting to wonder if something is wrong with me. Don't intend to stop because I've started busting the biggest loads of my life with her mom after this became a thing.
Lately I've begun pushing the massage boundary a little.
How do I stop myself?

Probably underaged dead cheerleader. Yeah let's post that

"Of course." I told her, then took a deep breath in as she wrapped her fingers around my cock, then began pumping it up and down carefully, like she was scared to break it. "You've been the only thing on my mind for days. I missed you every day." I said, laying back in my chair with my eyes closed, head tilted back and letting that warm wave of pleasure travel from my cock all through my body, blood rushing to both heads, giving my whole body tingles.

"You weren't thinking of Mom any? Even when she was right there in front of you?" She asked, further pushing the question. This was dangerously thin ice to tread over, she had me literally by the balls, or at least the cock, should this go bad.

"I looked at her but when I closed my eyes you were the person I thought of." I told her, still feeling a pit of guilt in my stomach, remembering the moment when our Mom had her face right over my cock, drool trailing out and onto my cock. But I knew I didn't feel for her what I felt for my sister, I just had to prove it to her.

My hands started at her shoulders, giving them a few soft massage squeezes then letting my hands drift lower, leaning forward and cupping her perky breasts in my hands, squeezing and kneading them. My sister couldn't help but arch her back, her breasts pushed out further and her hed cocked back all while she bit back moans as I kept on playing with her breasts. Then I felt her rocking her hips back and forth, her wet pussy slick and grinding on my pubic mound (the area just above your cock), squeezing her hips tighter as she bounced on top of me.

"I want us to make love (user). I want us to be together." She started panting, holding the armrests to better bounce in my lap. I moved my hands to her waist, holding her on either side and helping her bounce more and more, covering me in the wet proof of her love.
"Put it inside me."

Attached: 8446874.jpg (842x1200, 100K)

Anyone got updated version?

Attached: 1579636402781.png (2951x7523, 1.65M)

It's a classic.

That's absurd. What's the point of doing it?

You stop. Or you contemplate prison, so that you'll stop.

Had a threesome with my 9 year old sister and her best friend. I was 13 at the time. To this day my biggest fap memory

Tell us about it


I second this

Had a threesome with my 1 year old sister and her best friend. I was 2 at the time. To this day my biggest fap memory.

Tell us about It


I second this.

Died, came back from the dead and had a threesome with my 587 year old necromancer and his love zombie. To this day my biggest fap memory

Don’t have much time gotta sleep. Send kik and I might give more detail. I had been playing with my sister for abour 2 years by then. Started with “show me yours and I’ll do the same” and progressed to touching. Almost always at bath time when folks were out. I would think up the most ridiculous excuses to be able to touch her pussy. I found a book in my parents drawer with sex position pencil drawings and text descriptions. This was before internet. Continue?

My secret is that I am a Femanon. I do not have weird fetishes apart from the “normal” ones. Have had a healthy childhood. Have had both parents in my life whom provided for and took care of me. Have had healthy non toxic relationships throughout my life.

>the “normal” ones.
which are?

I wear tights pants to show off my small penis. I love the reactions from women.


Fuck please go on

Yeah my gf isn't crazy to the point of thinking porn is cheating. Not sure how she'd feel about me thinking of someone else during sex, so I'll never tell her that I do it. I know for sure that any sexual contact with another woman is cheating in her mind though. I've tried to talk her into letting me sleep around. I love her but I want to get my physical needs met elsewhere. Huge no-go for her. It's a shame really, especially considering what I've resorted to.

I convinced her that we should try some of the positions. Up to then we had really only done touching and playing doctor. I even once convinced her that by rubbing her pussy and the pressing my finger against the bathroom mirror was the best way to demonstrate to her how fingerprints look. Left a pretty good finger mark if I was able to get her real wet.

Anyway, so many things happened and difficult to condense. Ended up doing the moves in book and slowly got to some penetration. Once I started cumming I would jerk off and cum on her stomach.

One day she revealed that when she had had a sleepover at her friends house they had done similar stuff with her older brother. She kinda seemed into it and didn’t seem bothered. I suggested that she ask her friend if she would mind me showing her some tricks next time she’s over.

I have a weird habit, anytime I'm near an attractive female I make sure first she's taken, if she's single I leave her alone, if she's taken I make it my life's goal to "steal" her. Life for me is a continuous effort to prove my self as the best out there. I haven't failed yet, not once.

Once I fuck a girl a few times I leave them.

And yet here you are.
Something's not quite right about this. I wonder what it could be.

Jesus christ

needing males to get off means gay, doesn't it?

this is an immortal technique song

So this is exactly what happened. Friend stayed over eventually. My sister asked her and she agreed. My parents were out and we had a nanny supervise but she always stayed downstairs when we went to bed.

I couldn’t believe my luck. The anticipation was unbearable. I asked them to both come to my room as 5 minutes after lights out. I asked that they only wear their night dresses and remove panties if they were really interested. I was worried that they may chicken out but they arrived on cue

Define normal. For science.

I'm back, typing up next post. Hopefully that will be the last interruption for the day.

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I plan on having sex with my 13 year old step daughter. Her giant tits and great booty are all I can think about.

Honestly don't care, keep posting your story as long as you want, but I'm curious. Why are you doing It?

Role play, anal when I’m feeling in the mood, wearing lingerie, small toys.

Yes, first week in this website. Friend showed me. A lot of porn here, but some chats are fun funny to be in.

She was, but now I'm thinking she might have been a bit bi or wanted a dick to fuck with.

Ever do anything else?

>GF has a cum fetish
>take off from sex for a few days at a time
>she edges me with her hands, mouth, pussy, ass and toys for hours
>then I absolutely splatter her while she does ahegao faces
Why's this a secret?
>I have a massive shemale fetish
>I wear VR goggles and watch trans pov until right before I cum
>usually Aubrey Kate or Daisy Taylor
>she changes what she does to the match the video at my command
>this has ruined my mind
>only way I can cum is like this now
>we're planning on getting a trans escort for my birthday
>GF is going to vibe herself while I fuck a tranny's brains out

Are you open to try a moresome or gangbang someday?

USC slut?

I was there with billy jacobs and i raped his mother too

No, that just seems like way too much. Don’t ever want the label of a slut or whore.
What? I’m not a slut.

Any beast or mom stories?

You are a femanon. Of course you are a slut here ;)
How hot are you? 6,7,8/10? Describe yourself.

What do you think of the 'frat girl' who cheated on her boyfriend with 14 fratbros? Legit or not?

I have jerked off to pictures I took of my mom's soles. It was amazing.

post the pics

Idk? 7? 8? Hispanic, Brunette, curly/wavy hair, black eyes. 5’3” ~125 pounds. Umm Idk what else to say lol.

“Frat girl” idk who she is, but cheating on her bf with 14 frat guys? Sounds pretty whoreish and fucked up.

chink incest user wont deliver

I liked his pics :)

I envy her. But I'm too afraid to do it.

Just go to a fraternity party and get a bit tipsy. Probably you will love it too. Who knows.

It helps me process everything that's happened. My sister writes it down in a journal, I share it to fappers on Cred Forums so we both have our outlets.

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8? Post pics please.

This thread is proof that attention whore redditors have taken over Cred Forums

'She' didn't do it either, but the first episode was good fantasy tale which lots of people enjoyed.

Unironically, since the frat girl post her stories, real or not, more femanons are open to talk. Interesting.

Do you know it as a fact? How?

>more femanons
or just more from the same?

Friendly reminder Cred Forums is just one person hahaha

You want to believe it because it gets you off, that's fine.

And you don't want to believe it because you are a pedo larp or gay, that's fine.

I’m a freshman in college, been to a few frat parties. Gotten more than tipsy. Don’t see myself ever being that whoreish/dumb.

Idk, I was warned of this place. Was told to never post my face.

Post pics without face


Or maybe I just get out and about in the real world and don't spend all my time in my mom's basement gaming and jerking off to porn

And body/tits pics.

Attached: no.jpg (1490x1618, 894K)

>implying that's a bad thing
Why do you post here, normie? No joke, serious question.

Thot in the making. Be careful with roofies, girl.

And why do you post here?

Dont do it

I want to get raped to death.

Man, i hope that goes well for you. Also is it that easy to just find a tranny?

Always am!

Attached: F27EBD12-B7A7-423F-8A0C-FB793E2AEFFF.jpg (711x890, 153K)

Because I spend all my time in my mom's basement gaming and jerking off to porn. And you?

Still lurkin bro ive been reading this story since like last night i believe. I hope you get the rest out also You di write pretty well for a chinaman.

You are hot.
Smart girl. Fratbros already tried to get you drugged?

Nice boots.

Nudes or bikini pics?

I sometimes enjoy a little light entertainment

Hot body! Be careful with your drinks, no doubt fraternity brothers will love to use you as human condom at backroom gang bang parties.

Why normies are so boring. They never say nothing interesting.

>implying you do

degrading tickle torture

My girlfriend has asked me. Few different times if I am gay or bi. I have always told her no but the truth is that I absolutely love sucking cock and I absolutely love being fucked in the ass. I cheat on her constantly with my friend. I wish I could just tell her so she could just watch me suck dick and see how great I am at it but it will never happen.

Found out a female friend stole my boxers and used them to masturbate with

My gf and i are swingers.

Recently it happend for the first time, she suck a friend and send me picture of it.
It was a fantasy we both had.

But i didn't enjoy it. Was fun for 2sec only.
I don't regret cause i love to try new experience, but i kinda feel bad somehow and i don't know how to tell her cause she rly like to do it and send me pic of it.

And your college is...

i bet she kind of knows, she asks for a reason

just tell her, she should understand you didn't like it

how did you find out

In hindsight, seems like about half of bath time was giving me a super soapy tug job.

And sometimes when she was wanking me, I'd get to suck her tits.

You might have cheated on your gf with my gf

Her roommate told me.

She will, i'm just not sure how to say it.
I mean, i was the one who talk about all of this at the first place.

Y not?

Yeah I mean we play with a lot of toys and she has come to enjoy using buttplugs on me and recently started fucking my ass with a nice sized dildo which is great. But she has openly told me that she is "glad I'm not gay" and "doesnt want me to be" oh well

tell her what you wrote here, i don't think you need more than that

Why did it stop? Why didn't it go further?

Yh prob. I just needed to talk about it somewhere else i guess before i could tell her the truth.

sure, np. hope everything's go well

The coronavirus is way, WAY worse than the Chinese government is letting on.

Brace for impact, lads.

I had sex with a student of mine.
She's legal, I just know if word got out I'd be fired and run out of town.
But if I can make it to the end of the semester without getting killed I'll probably give her my number.

Elaborate. What do you know?

Thank you! Lol was offered drinks at the parties, but me and my girls bring our own.

Thanks, one of my favorites. Try something on me when I have these on, getting the boot to your face!

No nudes, no bikini pics on my phone.

Thanks for the warning! I can take care of myself. Moms taught me well lol.

It stopped because she died, and I don't know why it didn't go further, but she was in control.

She'd tell me to take off my pants and undies, and pay her lap for me to sit in. She kept a thing of lotion on her table, get a few drops on it, and tease and stroke and whack my Willy while talking about the lesbians on TV and how pretty they were.

I like to wear lacey lingerie and ride a dildo sometimes.

Lol not giving that info out.

or maybe that's what you want?

interested if f...

Are you into drugs? Ever tried coke?

I'm male.

Care to show one of your sexy selfie on your phone? Pretty girl like you def has more

USC or UCLA. You talk like a basic LA bitch and I like it lol

But you are curious about the gangbang shit, right?

Nope, I like a bit of romance in my sex life, not filth. Well not too much filth lol!

Only smoke weed, done coke once.


Neither, I’m on the east coast.

Eh, maybe as a fantasy, but something I know I wouldn’t want to become reality.

Attached: 41E8F613-BBDB-49F2-8199-F5927DE76E7F.jpg (664x862, 122K)

Seems like your mom wanted to have a dick dude. Sitting on her lap and her jerking off as if it was her own

My sister and I okay wingman for each other. The other night she invited me over cause her roommate needed some dick. I know she heard me make her roommate moan. I've also found dick for her and heard her get railed

*play, fuck


How big? With five, ten or more men? All your holes fucked at same time? Bukkake and such?

Do you spit or swallow? Deepthroat?

i had a dream where i was about to fuck my cousin, im against incest, help

It was just a dream.

Lol. What state?

I used to get blowjobs from my little sister in exchange for rides to town and spending cash.

didn't everyone?

So many porn addicts itt kek

cousins aren't incest, you're welcome

Only the lucky few of us I think

my sister told me she enjoyed it too so it was a win win

Ah, the irony.

he meant everyone from your sister, not from their own

Recently I allowed my buddy to turn my daughter into his fuckoty.

Ass pics?

I think I would want 3 to 5 guys I trust. Not strangers. Just still a fantasy tho.

Swallow, don’t deepthroat much, I hate gagging, and I despise throwing up.

I like these chats pretty fun :)
Hbu guys what do you guys like? How pervy are you boys?

Did you write a song about this bro?

Id rather chat than just show a bunch of pictures of me.

Looking back, I agree. But I didn't mind the handjobs.

and why not both?

>how pervy
You are at Cred Forums, what you expect? I will love to see you covered in cum, legs wide open, pussy and asshole completely defiled by dozens lol

Three dicks at once?

Don't listen to that user. Do it. It will be the greatest thing you'll ever do. I'm working on grooming my stepdaughter as we speak.

Do you want a cum tribute?

How old is your daughter and does he share the details with you?


Turn around, leave, and never think about this place again. Trust me, do it before it's too late.

Anyone here remember the story from last night of the family of girls that were stranded, picked up and gangbanged/raped in the camper by 5 guys? Was there any other follow-up to that after they were kicked out of the camper?

He shares some stories, but nothing too much. She's 18.

user is right. Be careful what you wish for, freshman girl.

I talked my super hot friend into her fucking her bf in front of me

Yes. Only thing I remember her saying taking place after was that her, her mother and her sister all did some dildo play in a hotel so that her and her sister wouldn't grow up thinking sex was a bad thing.

That's not retarded at all. Seriously.

My now wife is cool with it. I also turned her bi and have fucked a few women with her. I absolutely would never let her or myself do anything with a man just FYI.

same but with grandma and our family didn't get along that well. i cried when i visited her in the hospital a few months earlier, but the day she died i felt something on my chest but not sure what, but didn't cry nor feel particularly sad. part of me blames the fact that i just didn't see her as regularly, other part of me thinks i'm a sociopath

I wouldn't give a flying fuck if my GF had sex with other guys, as long as I have free reign to fuck other girls. Probably going to see the escort again, and hope like fuck that it's not as awkward as the first encounter was lol.

How long has he been fucking her?


wow! Dozens dude, thats nuts! It would hurt lol!


Had to look this up, lol. No comment.

Maybe, it is getting weird lol its getting fun :P

>I think I would want 3 to 5 guys
Only a week here and you're already thinking about a gang bang. Leave before Cred Forums destroys you!

>When I was a kid until I was 16, my dad used to cut my nails, shave me, trim my pubes, pop zits on my face and back until I would bleed and weep, smell my penis and armpits after I showered, and sometimes showered with me. He would beat me if I ever denied him. This went on until I was 16 and my mom and I moved to another state.
>i started crying during whiplash I started crying because Simmons was incredibly reminiscent of my dad. Only in my case he wanted to be an amazing sports star like he was in high school/college and I was a complete spazz who hated sports. He still made me play basketball, football, and baseball, all of which ended in me humiliating myself
>i paid a cute girl 15 dollars to take a picture with me to convince my coworkers I have a girlfriend
>nudity and porn both give me massive anxiety, so I've pretty much only jerked off to cheerleaders since I started beating it
>i write shipping fanfiction to simulate the experience of having a girlfriend
>frozen is one of my favorite movies

Attached: gettyimages-899871014-2048x2048.jpg (1363x2048, 1.26M)

Drugs, baby, drugs.

DVP means Double Vaginal Penetration. You are too innocent for this place. Run, girl, run.

Wow maca/b/roni save some pussy for the rest of us

Some lesbian experience?
Do you love facials/bukkake?

Pretty sure theres a track by Immortal Technique about that exact thing.

Cheat slut or frat girl was shy at first too lol

Only sluts post at Cred Forums. Just saying.
Also, tits or GTFO.

LMAO You have a good taste.

You're not the only one. How do you think she's going to graduate with a 3.8?

this is why furries exist

weird flex

you look like you have an amazing ass