I'm treating a wart with acid. Should I keep pouring acid over it or take it out with a need or something?

I'm treating a wart with acid. Should I keep pouring acid over it or take it out with a need or something?

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Old trick my granddad taught me. Put Apple Cider Vinegar on a ball of cotton and tape it to the wart. Worked for me. Good luck OP.

Medfag here. Debridement. More acid. Continue until bone is visible.

Also. Do it multiple times, for about 12 hours at a time.

you need to use hydrofluoric acid OP

Keep it up for a couple of more days,
then just take a knife to it.

Takes time, like weeks. It'll fall off on it's own

Gotta get the root. Listen to this guy

Use a small butane torch and scalpel.

Your granddad was an idiot. Fuck him and his depression era snake oil gypsy homeopathic bullshit quackery. The only way to get rid of it is to rub your dick all over it for a week. Dicksweat kills warts.

Does work OP

Yeah fuck nitrogen right, let's just use acid!
people never cease to amaze me fucking lol

it was prescribed by my dermatologist
idk why

Go to a doctor, get it frozen of by a doctor with nitrogen

big pharma shill

Did he try nitrogen and did the wart keep coming back? If yes it's a viable solution using salicylic acid. If he didn't you should probably go to a different dermatologist next time.

Use some of the wart removers you can get at the store, for something that size use the acids; the at home freeze stuff isn't going to work on something that big.

If you can see a dermintologist get them to do a Candida antigen injection. They are denatured fungal spores that worked wonders on a wart about that size I had on my thumb. Then go back for regular freezing sessions at the doctor. That one is likely to big to treat on your own.

She have me a prescription for salicylic acid, and another to burn it with nitrogen. Told me to get it burned with nitrogen if the acid didn't work or if the wart comes back,

do! Ready to peel off

Nigger, are you just pouring acid on finger?! Damn smart, fam. Finger warts can't stand the great taste of sulfuric acid

salicylic acid is fine but it's very unusual to resort to that without trying nitrogen at first. Well that's what they teach here in belgium atleast.

My uncle always taught me to put my finger up my butt if I have a wart on it

and don't cut it out by the way, let it heal and it will fall off eventually.

why on earth did you let it get so big OP.

If you can afford acid that can burn it off, you can afford liquid nitrogen which will kill it in a much safer way.

Apply it to a cotton-pad, then the pad to the wart. Do this once, then again a week later.

Ignore 'the root' nonsense. Warts are caused by the Human-Pepperoni Virus or something, which can be anywhere in the wart. Once the wart is gone is the time to apply a weak acid to kill any remainder of the virus.

Soak a Cotten swan with apple cider vinegar and and wrap it around your wart with medical tape or a couple bandaids. Due to the physiology of the wart it will soak up the vinegar which causes the wart cells to die. After the application for a night or half a day the superficial cells will start to die and turn black. It will fall off, if there is still a wart repeat the process until the wart is fully gone. Make sure you get the whole thing otherwise it will come back.

According to good ol' Huck you only need a dead cat and a graveyard you can use
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human-pepperoni virus fuckin kek'd

I let it grow for 12 years.

Vinegar is an organic acid.
Slow working but same shit OP is doing.

The acid doesn't actually kill the wart, but it kills the skin around it. Should help you remove the whole thing.

Make sure you thoroughly clean the area though, since wounds are perfect places for new warts, and it will try to spread

this makes mustard gas