Trump will be removed

Trump will be removed.

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Stump will be removed.

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No he won’t, because Republicans are corrupt af. He’s guilty, but that doesn’t matter when the majority of people won’t convict bc of personal allegiances.

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do it

It is spelled: "re-elected".

Doubt it

Well considering the Democrats are corrupt and impeached him because of personal allegiances it all works out.


This must be real. Just look at the picture he used!

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>>trusting any of that
Keep licking those boots

The Democrats impeached him because he committed a crime. I don’t like the Democrats in general, but it’s not a both sides are equal situation in this case.


What crime?

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Bump will be removed
>sage goes in all fields

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I'm not responding to the "Shill" poster. Trump didn't commit any crimes.

Abuse of power; obstruction of Congress

Stupid shill

Which are vague terms, not actual crimes. He was impeached by political will, that's it. There was literally talk of impeachment the day he was inaugurated.




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Using the office of the president to encourage foriegn tampering in an election is not vague. It’s an actual crime. Likewise, withholding congressional subpoenas is an actual crime. And honestly, his use of the office to make a personal profits should be added to the list too.

I don’t care if you like him, or where anyone stands politically. I’m not a democrat. It’s just that no one is above the law.


fuNNy piKTur

you're not important if you're posting on Cred Forums, and it's been nearly universally agreed upon that the Democrats have no actual case against Trump; which is why Pelosi held onto her Articles of Impeachment for so long despite Trump supposedly being an "imminent threat to national security" for 3 fucking years.

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lmao expecto petronum

Can you point to the law that Trump broke in the book of US Codes?

It had nothing to do with the election. And obstructing Congress isn't a crime. As Democrats will point out when it's convenient, it's not a criminal trial.

i wanna c the pee tape

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2 U.S. Code § 192
18 U.S. Code § 595
18 U.S. Code § 610
18 U.S. Code § 872


Stupid shill


He did commit a crime when he fucked with the aid, retard

Nope, that's part of his job.


They investigated it and concluded it was a crime, retard. Pay attention.

>>they said it so it's true
So naive

What a retard


The second guy? Yeah. Those codes barely apply, if at all. That's why they went with vague "crimes" that sound bad.

Sure Kid.

Hold your breath.

We'll wait.

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Now list all the laws Obama broke. Or Bush. They're all corrupt. They're just going after Trump because he doesn't play nice.


>>see, they said so right here!
Lick them boots.


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It was a watch dog agency who's job it is to say so, retard



>Now list all the laws Obama broke. Or Bush. They're all corrupt. They're just going after Trump because he doesn't play nice.
Even if you were correct about Obama and Bush, the idea that "they did it too!" should suffice to excuse his behavior is precisely why this behavior is so dangerous.

Trump is normalizing criminality, and in ten years people will be excusing emoluments violations by President X with, "well, that's no worse than Trump!"



If you even watched the hearings you'd know the dems fell flat on their faces because they couldn't prove shit

That's completely the opposite of what's happened

>If you even watched the hearings you'd know the dems fell flat on their faces because they couldn't prove shit
I'm trying to understand how someone can be as clueless as you clearly are and yet still manage to operate a computer.

I'd prefer a different president with some tact and charisma but I won't mind when he get's the presidency again just because I welcome the societal/political upset it's going to bring. Most people freaked the fuck out about it because of identity reasons and social justice. To say so many people truly care about this country or politics is just blatantly untrue, it comes down to personal morals and identity politics.



The only thing that will be removed is the bad dragon dildo from your ass, OP.

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You are the biggest soi boi imaginable


And you are a shill

Commie Scum.


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No you


Because he is paid to post misinformation.

Yes he will.
In Jan 2025.

Skynet. Legion. Huawei?!?

no way, the first faggot president cannot be removed. Can you imagine the lib triggering

the trump towers?
user, u insane, in the face of supernature u went cwazy liek a modafugga


>he committed a crime

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He did commit many crimes, but it doesn't have to be a crime to be removed.

I used to support trump, but his anti-gun laws is making me regret it.

he will be removed after his second term is done since no president can go for a third

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But... All he did was state a fact

What’s your prediction,
Impeachment or suicide?

fact shill


So many things could happen at this point. Even if they don't remove him, where are we after that? Not America.

Hahahahahaha look at Democrats. Any shit eating Democrat says Republicans are corrupt. You dumb fucks are so fucking lost its unreal

You're projecting

anyone else typeing shill to posters that are factually correct just to cause further discord and strife within this thread?

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No he won’t faggot.

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Trump supporters only speak fake news


I look towards the left for the lies I need

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You are projecting

He’s been a hell of a thing to watch from the other side of the world!

You are projecting

>moving goal posts

see this you faggot shill

It's amazing watching America spin so out of control in a few short years, this administration is both insane and bumbling. It's like a poorly made horror movie.

Why is it that every Trump threads brings out the hyper-snowflakes from each side? You guys make SJW's look like stable, level-headed individuals

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Agreed, but I feel like we’re all Token Black Guy, ant Trump is Stupid Hot Chick that somehow not only survives, but stars in the sequel.



It’s either cheerleading or death marches anymore, and if I had to pick between the lesser of two evils, I would rather not choose at all.

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No you

That's where I'm at. I'm not a choosing a side between two groups of retarded snowflakes


fuk off nigger ops anonomoose


How many hours would it take to make this compilation??
You’d have to watch each clip, cut a bit out, edit it in to vid.... there’s easily a week in making this. 3?

Nobody cares, he had one job and he did it. Richfags got their tax cut. White trash will ride just as hard for any Republican.

Millions of people care and want that fucking retard GONE!


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Still crying over Hillary's loss, are we?

>> Still crying over Hillary's loss, are we?
You need a new slogan. As long as you feel clever saying this over and over, I guess it works for you.

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But she won

>But she won
LMAO. Did she? I only ask because someone is president.

You need to face facts. He is president, she isn't. Get over it.

Ok russia

He's not a real president

>Ok russia
Hi Hillary, how are you?

More real than Hillary


Ok russia

I can clarify this for you
She won by 3 million votes
That means she got 3 million more votes than Trump

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Stating facts makes me a shill? Found the libitard..

Is it? I only ask because Trump was the one that was sworn into office.

Fake news

If only you knew how stupid you sound user.

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republicans are traitors

Its ok if you ask, he is a fake President that doesn't know what he is doing which is probably why he has been impeached and is currently on trial.
Any other questions?

You're projecting

Tick tock nigger

>republicans are traitors
How do you figure?

The app?

Was that the sharpie directed storm? The storm in Puerto Rico where we let American citizens suffer for his personal gratification? Or are we talking about the porn Star he had to pay to fuck his mushroom dick?


I wonder why the Trump foundation was mentioned, but not the Clinton foundation.
Seems odd since they're so parallel.

>he is a fake President that doesn't know what he is doing
The economy is doing better than it was under Obama and there are more jobs.

As for the whole impeached thing. The dems has been butt-hurt since the last presidental election. Everyone has seen that. Trump isn't getting kicked out of office and the way the dems have been acting these past few years, they pretty much assured his re-election.

>fucking imbecile.
Cool story user, could have been worse you could have called me jidf.

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So, in other words, you have nothing. Except what your sheep-like mind spews out because that is what you are told to think by the dems.

Fake news, shill


The economy has been doing well for 10 years. When the President breaks the law you can't say the other side is 'butthurt'
It doesn't work that way

You are projecting again

>Fake news, shill
So, you have nothing either.

You're projecting

I can say the other side is butt-hurt, because they have been whining about Trump being elected ever since he won the election.

>So, you have nothing either.
So, you have nothing either.

He's been committing treason the entire time, retard

You got nothing. It's going to be fucking hilarious when Trump is elected into office again.

Dude, what proof do you have if the dems don't have any?

Whining on one side doesn't give a free pass for a President to break the law

trump has absolutely no defense. He's getting removed.

They have proof retard

Proof he broke the law?

Go post some vague video about nothing on youtube that last atleast fifteen minutes, ranting about how the world is waking up or something.

>He's getting removed.
How? With what proof? Besides, the republicans control the senate.

Yes, there is.

Do they? Because they have yet to present it.

Stupid shill

>Yes, there is.
Where is it?



>Gr8 db8 m8
Do you get paid by the post or if the thread hits bump limit?

You got nothing, except for calling people "shills".

Take your head out of Trumps ass first

Brain-less morons.

You got nothing.

Shills don't deserve debate

You're projecting

Just leave this here.

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You are projecting

No you

Impoundment Control Act, for one.
Emoluments Clause of the Constitution, for another.

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You all got nothing. Otherwise you would be posting evidence.

You are being retarded intentionally

A tweet is your proof?

You are being a libitard intentionally

You’re a fucking idiot user and should drink a clorex cocktail.

>A tweet is your proof?
i'm citing the specific law — the Impoundment Control Act of 1974 — and the first post in a twitter thread by a lawyer who explains it.

I provided enough information for you to get started, but it's clear you're not really interested in learning the truth of the matter.

Be a better person

You're projecting, shill

The dems have nothing. Trump will never be kicked out of office.

Not an argument.

Be the kind of person that looks at the facts, instead of going along with the crowd of your fellow liberals. I know how you libs fear each other if you say the wrong thing that goes against the group.

I don’t think you know what any those words mean user and you are obviously just trying to get your (you) quote up for the end of the month wage.
Sage grows in all fields.

>Not an argument.
Not trying to make one. Trump will be re-elected.

Stay mad princess

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Not mad. Happy. This whole impeachment thing is a last ditch effort to make Trump look bad before the upcoming presidential election. Dems do not stand a chance. The dems have done nothing but, whine about him being president and has done nothing for the country. Trump has done more. People have noticed that.

What crime? Even Zelensky the president of Ukraine said there was no quid pro quo and the aid was still delivered before the deadline


president Zelensky of Ukraine said there was no quid pro quo. That’s the call in question for abuse of power. So if there was no abuse how can there be obstruction? And even if the obstruction thing stuck, he’s the president at equal levels of government as congress. He has executive privilege to block subpoenas. After that it goes to Supreme Court because no one branch is above any other

You're projecting

He's getting removed

Fake news

Your girl your sister your neighbor your grandma your daughter your hot teacher your hot female best friend that doesn’t have feelings for you all like black nazi dick

-sincerely the black nazi Donald Trump works for

trump doesnt get removed

You keep using that word. Look it up to know how to use it properly.

>You're projecting
You're idiot.

>He's getting removed
No, no he isn't.

Blind brain-dead libitard.

Yes though

You're projecting

Fucking idiots. You have nothing, so you keep saying the same shit and hoping for a different result.

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You can't draw for shit, Hillary.

>Trump will be removed
Yea, after his second term is up. That’s the limit, dumbass.

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You're projecting again

Dumb shill

>You're projecting again
You are continuing to prove that you have nothing.

More projection

>More projection
More nothing.

What the fuck happened to this site? Bunch of fucking leftist cucks that need to commit suicide to help cleanse the gene pool.

You're projecting because trump has absolutely no defense

Cringe. This site has always been liberal, Retard.

You keep providing nothing because like the dems, there is nothing to kick Trump out of office. He will get re-elected.

STFU, newfag.

He's getting removed, goblin

But you're the newfag

Based on what? The dems have nothing.


trump has no defense

No you

He doesn't need one. The dems have nothing.

You're a russian shill

Get off Cred Forums, Hillary.

You're a russian shill

Trump will be re-elected.

quit larping faggot

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russian shill

Tell that to Putin. He has been elected president 6 times.

Too bad those 3 million votes didn't mean shit.

But you can when the other side can't prove anything.

How do you defend yourself against the absence of evidence?

Not him, but both sides of you retards are programmed NPC's

No... he didn't... he said he felt no pressure from the white house, which he didn't as all of the communications were through back channels, as the evidence has shown. Also, take into consideration the fact that Ukraine was in dire need of those funds, what would you expect him to say when the funds had already been withheld? What do you think this would make zelensky think of further requests he may need in the future to combat advancing Russian forces to a president he would have had to incriminate by giving the answer to that question in the other direction? Ukrainian diplomats were asking where the promised funds were for around 60 days after the deadline, as documented evidence showed, meaning the funds were not released on time. There is so much proof to the actions here that it is ridiculous, and if trump is innocent of these actions alleged against him, why would he order people that he claims would exonerate him, not to testify? Why would he not hand over the documents that have been withheld if they would exonerate him? As both of those actions would prove his statement of a hoax or witchhunt true? That would flatten any chance of Democratic power for a very long time due to a loss of trust... the actions that we have seen this administration take are not the actions of an innocent person. How people can still defend this man is beyond me.


You're just a russian shill

Yes, I am. Heil Putin.

You should hurry and get that to congress!
Finally, the evidence they need !

You're intentionally retarded

What is " how hard did that cock ream my asshole last night?" For $500, Alex.

It's steady work.
You should see the agenda for when we get him reelected this year!

Says the guy who posted memes as evidence of a crime.