Its almost the end of his presidency, and it still seems like he's the new guy, just learning the ropes

Its almost the end of his presidency, and it still seems like he's the new guy, just learning the ropes.

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End of his first term.

Nice bait, shill


looks like youre having a hard time coping with reality lmao

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listening entirely to leftist media would leave that impression

ignoring fake news also gives this same impression

Most of the Cabinet members that he fired by tweet say the same thing about him. Those guys were too right-wing for any other administration to accept.

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what do you expect from a person with below average intelligence

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or you can just listen to donald trump speak,guy has the vocabulary of a 3rd grader.a stupid president for a stupid country

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>right wing

>trump supporter

choose 1

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Mmmmmm b8
Gonna need a bigger feeder try corn syrup with bread and dirt

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will fag cucks ever stop crying about trump?

i dont like the guy AT ALL but comparing him to the Nazis is ignorant at best. its shit like this that will cause him to win again, and im pretty sure he is going to win again, esp if the dems nominate someone like bernie or warren

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memeber when conservatives believed that influence peddling, pay to play, was a bad thing? now, Trump does admits doing it, and its fine

Shut up, Shlomo.

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don't forget to tell that to his supporters, faggot

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He just lied about the Democrats not pushing for Bolton to testify. Everyone, everyone remembers how hard the Democrats were pushing for witnesses.

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2 different things, one is a death camp, the other is a detention center for people entering the country illegally.

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wrong on both counts, son
lurk more

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>seeking asylum is illegal

read a book

stfu fag, your opinions don't represent the electorate.

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Witness when? You mean when hey had all the power to call witnesses and didn't? Fuck right off. You don't get a second bite at the apple, faggots.

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>Fuck right off
>You don't get a second bite at the apple
Why. Why are you trying to spin this. How can you try to spin this? What is wrong with you?
Jesus. They call it TDS, but it's always being applied to the wrong people.

Sooo.. Giuliani whispered conspiracy theories into Trump's ear about Ukraine and the server and how bad they tried to fuck Trump up, then got Trump to remove the ambassador so he and his two henchmen could do their dirty business deals. Zero benefit to Trump in the end, in fact negative benefit.
How's Trump going to handle being used by Giuliani?

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we cant trust the senate to remove him from office for almost any reason, this whole thing is giant waste of time.

It's Jan 2025.

I must have been in a coma.

Same thing

They've always been hypocrites.
Look at the number of gay-bashers who turned out to be gay themselves.

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No. He gets two more terms because he's allowed the second term, and since his first term was so fucked over because Democrats couldn't take him winning, he gets a do-over term awarded. Read the constitution, it's in there.

>Not even one half is almost the end.
That public school though. Top kek.

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All that butthurt.

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Look at the time-line. The Democrats had arrangements for Bolton's testimony during the House investigation. The Senate is blocking his testimony because the investigation is over and all evidence from the investigation is to be presented in the Senate trial. The Democrats opted not to hear Bolton's testimony during the investigation. It is not a requirement of the Senate to allow or even call witnesses for the prosecution.

I don't like the pompous ass, and I absolutely like integrity and Constitutional fidelity. The impeachmentfags don't realize that the process has been so perverted, given this new standard we can impeach presidents for farting in the oval office.

Rudy Jewliani??

Says the snowflake who couldn't take Obama winning.

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Wow the left sucks at memes..

You mean the blowjob standard?

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29 more years, faggot.

>blowjob standard
Yeah. Wow. You got me. Throw the fat fuck out.

Here's the deal. Republicans want a businessman as president, but running government like a business is the essence of corruption. Sorry, niggers, but you don't get to do whatever you want with no rules. Your faggot is not a king. Now fuck off to the back country where your vote counts for 100 times what mine does.

Democrats do not control the Senate. Many individuals weren't subpoenaed because of the fact that doing so would slow down the process. Many individuals were told that they needed to be subpoenaed by the White House. The White House is controlled by POTUS. POTUS stonewalled the Democrats and made it difficult to get witnesses to testify. Bolton originally volunteered to testify. The Democrats agreed for him to testify. Then the White House said, "no, not unless there's a subpoena involved." Then it became the case that the Senate needed to subpoena Bolton. And that never happened.
>The Democrats opted not to hear Bolton's testimony during the investigation.
So this is a lie. POTUS isn't being impeached for a being a fart-knocker.

The reality is that there is currently a trial going on- with no evidence. No witnesses. It's not a requirement of the Senate to allow or even call witnesses for the prosecution? Then, why did the White House leave the power in the hands of the Senate?

>I absolutely like integrity and Constitutional fidelity
The absurdity of it all.

New? Just like your made up gender, faggot?

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Clinton was impeached over lying to a federal judge and witness tampering, not for a blow job. No one would have cared if all he did was get a blow job in the White House, but he lied about it to a judge and got other people to lie about it. His wife also ran a hit-squad to ruin the lives and reputations of any woman who came out about his past sexually predatory actions.

2016 TRUMP (Donald)
2020 TRUMP (Donald)
2024 TRUMP (Ivanka)
2028 TRUMP (Ivanka)
2032 TRUMP (Don Jr)
2036 TRUMP (Don Jr)
2040 TRUMP (Baron)
2044 TRUMP (Baron)

...enjoy the most prosperous years of the nation libfags, or move your ass to a socialism wetdream like venezula and eat rats to stay alive.

Funny how every vote counts once.

We get it you jerk off to Donald Trump faggot

Oh, yeah, some high crime. Perjury on a petty matter. Meanwhile, Orangeutan colludes with a foreign power to take out his domestic political opponent, and that's a-okay. Just fuck you. I don't know if you guys are just retards or if you're just really disciplined in denying the obvious consistently.

Yeah, no. It doesn't. See the electoral college. It's one acre one vote in America.

Damn you libtards must feel tough online, pumping your little soyboy chest on Cred Forums.

>Go back to "Le R3ddiT"
>Don't forget to close the door on your way out faggot.

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The Executive branch has a full right to protect itself, right or wrong, but more importantly for right. The courts decide when there is a conflict between the Executive and Legislative. This is not stonewalling. That the Democrats pushed this so hard and fast is their own fault. The Senate has no need to hear anything Bolton has to say, nor required to do so, that was the responsibility of the House. The White House doesn't leave the power of anything in anyone's hands, the process is already prescribed and the Democrats fumbled this horribly. I know so many people don't want to hear this, but if Trump is not removed from office only the Democrats are to blame.

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>Perjury on a petty matter
Perjury is perjury, irrespective of the matter.

And don't forget to close the door on your way out to Cred Forums, Cred Forumsack.

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Yeah, go ahead and lose legitimacy. He's already less popular than Hillary Fucking Clinton.

29 more years!


Keep on CONSOOMing all that CNN, MSNBC, and Huffington Post communist propaganda.

It's almost like they're flaming fucking retards. Who'd have thought?

>take out his domestic political opponent
This presumes Biden was a political rival. It also sets a dangerous standard that anybody running for a political office opposing an incumbent cannot be investigated for corruption.

Yeah, and it's not a high crime or misdemeanor, is it? Only a damned fool would think so.

Sucks to suck, faggot. Go die mad about it.

He's already impeached dipshit.



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What is the price of tea in China?

You aren't going to have a nice night Nov 3rd, you poor baby. You poor poor emotionally dysregulated libtard.

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>Says someone visiting from reddit.

No, he is already impeached by the House, just a matter of if he will be convicted in the Senate and removed from office.

Trump as a Democrat supporter for years and isn't a real religious social conservative, tho.

Isn't it time for Big Man Tyrone to fuck your gf Becky, whom who are in an "open minded" relationship with?

>kys redditfag

And there will always be a little footnote on that page in the history books about how it wasn't a legitimate impeachment, and how the Dems were trying to destroy America in their blind hatred of the greatest POTUS this nation has ever had. Die mad, faggot.

Lying to a judge under oath is a crime. Period.

Ah a concern troll.

If he'd run as Dem, he'd have 100% support from the nation. The leftards just can't handle that their precious Killery lost.

Somebody doesn't understand how his own government works. United States is a constitutional republic, not a democracy.

I would like to agree with you, but the history books are and will be managed by people who detest Trump, so this will likely be omitted. To save space, of course.

Bernie would dumpster him, Warren would probably lose, Biden would get batista bombed.

Yes, but you're also assuming they survive the upcoming wars.

>Jesus. They call it TDS, but it's always being applied to the wrong people.
Trump's defenders are always projecting. Always.

Why would the Senate vote to remove?

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OP is a fag


Trump Acceptance Reduction Disorder is a major issue. If you've been diagnosed with TARD, the best recourse is to kill yourself.

>"InClUdE mE iN Le EbiC sCReEnShOt"
>"wHeReS dA gReEn tExT sTorIes xD?"
>"OrAnGe mAn iS vErY BaD"
>*searches up Cred Forums terms*
>woW vErY cOoL"
>wHeRE thE uPbOaT bUtTooOn!?"
>soylent day 1 guyz!"
>"Nintendo Switch my wife bf got me!"
>mfw redditfaggot

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Lmao seriously? Was this an actual question?

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Not the user to whom you're responding, but I'll say this:
I never fully understood why the House didn't bother to subpoena Bolton. I mean, it's true he said he would wait until a court ruled that he must testify before he would appear, and House leadership knew that would likely take forever, but they could have at least begun the process, in my opinion.

But really, why does this timeline matter? It would serve the greater good if Bolton — a primary witness if there ever was one — were to testify before the Senate, and he has indicated that he would be willing to do so *without* a court order, in contrast to his response to the House in the fall.

So why not just let him testify?

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Kek. The retard is still learning how to spell his own name.

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The Orange Man's problems are almost all a result of him not being even remotely intelligent combined with extreme narcissism. All anyone has to do is appeal to that and they are good for whatever. All presidents have an ego but being dumb as a fucking rock will cause you nothing but trouble. Over and over his shit is self inflicted

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>5 to go
Fuck that, 29 to go. What are they gonna do, cry about it? TRUMP FOR LIFE!

It's almost like they hate kids and love terrorists.

You'd be seething and screeching no matter what Orange Mad Bad does.

Your Trump Derangement Syndrome symptoms are showing. Get help.


3 years of your autistic screeching about Orange Man Bad down, 5 to go.
How frustrating it must be for you, when you visit NYC do you walk on the other side of the street from the Trump tower?

Imagine being a buttblasted liberal cucked so much by things out of your control.

Being an emotionally dysregulated gender dysphoric autistically screeching self-loathing libtard bending the knee (and over) for his mentally ill lqbtqp overlords is no way to go through life.

Remember that feeling you had, the night she lost?
That sick feeling of shame and helplessness, like some indefinable part of you had been raped?
That feeling of despair?
That the world had just flipped, turned upside down?
That evil had triumphed over good?


Well, get ready for a second dose come November 2020. The impeachment is solely contrived articles that will die in the Senate the moment they left Pelosi's desk. No amount of shilling on social media is going to save you faggots.


It's like trump raped your mom, set your fucking house on fire and ripped your nuts from your crotch and is wearing them publicly. That's the level of fucking assblast you people exhibit for him.

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See ya'll next term!

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Nah they are retards

Is it just me or is the amount of bait going through the roof these days?

29 more years, not five. We're not letting these faggots live it down. Not now, not ever.

He is not a career politician, he's primarily a businessman, that's why he appears to be still learning the ropes. I think he will win this year though so get used to more winning.

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>The Executive branch has a full right to protect itself
>but more importantly for right
>This is not stonewalling
The issue of impeachment has clearly become one of hyper-partisanship. One party controls the Senate, and then ultimately controls its actions whenever a vote must be held. One branch of the government gives the other the power to decide the parameters of a process.

The Senate decides to refrain from acting in any capacity that would indicate any sentiment
>for right
by refusing to let all of the cards fall on the table. The issue of impeachment has been made more difficult, because it is no longer true that the process can proceed both quickly
with as much information as possible. No, it is now true that the impeachment inquiry had to be rushed, and was lacking in testimony from individuals who surely had information regarding the particulars of what may or may not have happened.

In the first go-around, it was recommended I look at the time-line, the very one I must've already, actively looked over and provided in order to provide as a reply to the thread. It was said, verbatim, that
>The Democrats had arrangements for Bolton's testimony during the House investigation
>The Senate is blocking his testimony because the investigation is over
>The Democrats opted not to hear Bolton's testimony
and while the veracity of those statements is most certainly dubious, it stands that the time-line of events have been acknowledged, as provided.

"The Senate is blocking his testimony."

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Boomer detected.

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sorry don't speak Nazi can you translate

Sorry, them's just the facts. He lost the popular vote to HRC, ergo he is less popular than Hillary Clinton. That's why they call it the popular vote.


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You are now saying that
>the Democrats pushed this so hard and fast
which, in all honesty, is woefully inconsistent with the idea that the Senate would be blocking his testimony. First off... why? There was an explanation, so surely it's not a challenge to make that explanation, and it's implications, compatible with the idea that the Democrats pushed hard and fast regarding the inquiry. There must be some consistency.

>The Senate has no need to hear anything Bolton has to say
And you go and say things like this again. And what? The Senate may have no need, but neither does a trial for murder, does it? Does it?!/articles/1/essays/17/trial-of-impeachment
All of this politicking... enough is enough. Instructions not to cooperate with the investigation is exactly what it reads as.
>that was the responsiblity of the House
The ability to summon Bolton to testify was hamstrung by the Executive Branch. The definition of stonewalling is to
>delay or block (a request, process, or person) by refusing to answer questions or by giving evasive replies, especially in politics
and that is exactly what transpired for the entirety of this impeachment process.

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>The White House doesn't leave the power of anything in anyone's hands
It has consistently been the argument, from proponents of POTUS, that the Senate should not call for witnesses or subpoena because the POTUS would try to invoke executive privilege- which could hold up the impeachment process for even a year. The White House told Bolton not to say anything or cooperate. Bolton has the ability to circumvent that, because he is otherwise willing to testify- and the condition of the subpoena provides that, which was solely up to the Senate. And the Senate did not act.

>I know so many people don't want to hear this
Because it is hot garbage, full disclosure. This is not one party's fault. Enough about parties. For Christ's sake, drop the political maneuvering and quit trying to sell me a convincing lie. I have had to sit through this farce for over 4 years, I will not suffer the added indignity of my intelligence being insulted as you try to sell me snake oil.

>Cred Forumstard posts political caricatures.
>"Boomer detected."

Edgy zoomer detected.


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Most right wing people don’t support trump. They just deal with it because the lefts options were worse.

Fun fact about Warren. She was a Republican until age 47 and didn't inherit that party affiliation from her parents.

Hrs not president anymore. Why do you keep bringing him up?

Trump did this to himself, yet again, by appointing a petty, vindictive, kiss-up-kick-down necon asshole like Bolton in the first place. I hope he chokes on his dick.

It's obvious. No time to explain simple shit to retards.

He just can't believe how insane and desperate the deep state is.
>They are even surprising me and I'm a cynical SOB.
But wait...
He partied with these folks in the past. Can you imagine that once you get into a power position and you learn they were way more depraved than they told you. Now you're disgusted and they want you removed to hide their secrets.

But his presidency won't end until 2028

There's no such thing as the "deep state." Change my mind.

Not an argument

Most of the men in your state have been deep up your ass.

Duh. That's why I said no time to explain to retards, but here I am explaining the obvious to a retard again, so maybe I'm the retard.

Most of the men in your state say, "Squeal like a pig," when they're deep in a man's ass.