Haven't slept in 4 days. What do Cred Forums?

Haven't slept in 4 days. What do Cred Forums?

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next thread please.

Wait for death.


first tell us what the fuck you are

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WHAT ARE YOU!?!??!?!

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Jerk of until you fall asleep

what even happened to egg man?

Sleep 4 nights...

eat properly, not eating puts you in a wake state and sleep deprivation is a sure fire way to break your brain permanently, especially if you're genetically predisposed to it

You were great in seed of chucky

Tits and time stamp

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Get some sleep you fucking goblin. Stop killing threads

jerk off and sleep

Sleep. Go lay down, close your eyes, and sleep

Go away

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What you need to do FIRST is practice more on your shopping skills, pleb

Tell us what the fuck you are? Obviously a girl. pretty little lady. Try some hard alcohol, that should help you get to sleep.

Go sleep you'll feel better

Show us your tits

Or your dick.

Or ...both?

Came here to say this, do it

You must be new here.

Post belly button

First thing you should do is set Conan O'Brien's soul free op.

You mean we? na bro

You though...You must be new here.

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I still don't see any titties/dick

Show tits for good sleep luck

summer sure came early

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more drugs

Imagine screenshotting like a complete autist.

imagine browsing 4chin in plane http

i was about to say the eyes look shopped, good work

what kind of sensitive data are you even blacking out? like damn guess i cant hack this guy after he hid the time and date even though it appears 5 other times on the screen

>reverse image search exists

Can you see spirits now?

People walking around in period dress?
Most of them Native Americans who are mighty pissed off ?

How does it work tho?
The server copy the internet to its own drive and it runs a scanning algorithm to search for similarities.

You look cute user either you're a girl or a guy. You cute af.
Go to the closest drugstore and ask them for some relaxation meds because you cant sleep..theyre natural and can help

that's a girl, right?

>not showing funny browser tabs
user i am disappoint

>all these retards not recognizing eggman's face
I'm done

I was talking about the other photo