What does this mean?

What does this mean?

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Last night I sucked a log of shit out of Andy Sixx's asshole

Last night i fucked your sister

he James Hammed your sister


Secretly pounded

Brosnan Hamburger

>Last night I 007 whoppered your sister
makes sense to me

Last night I Walther PPK Burger'd your sister

Chuck's Feed and Seed

You really wanna know...?

Thats the 6th james bond and 9th item on the mcdonalds menu so its "Last Night I 69'ed your sister"

silently pounded

bond burgled you fucking newfags


Nah dude, youve been fed "fake news"


Fuck dude. I have been staring at this for years and never go t it until now.

kek well done

This user has been asking the same joke for 4 years now. Well done. You solely have kept your meme alive, but was it worth it? You could have accomplished so much more in that amount of time. You could have finished a bachelor's degree. Perhaps even made some friends and participate in your favorite activities together and make memories. Meet a girl in your same area of study and hit it off, maybe even get married as well within that time limit. However, you chose to sit in the same putrid, dim-lit room for 4 years. Staring blankly with a forced grin on your face mouthing the words, "Andy Sixx's log". You just giggled to yourself the whole time as life passed you by. Any chance at meeting that wife now is gone, you will never meet any friends in real life besides when the mice decide to come and visit you from upstairs after you left the cookies out that your mother gave you. Even now as you're reading this while you're sunk in your beanbag chair huddled in front of your laptop, staring at a turd. Are you satisfied user?

That's all well and good but imagine for a moment that you really were faced with the task of choking down Andy Sixx's huge creamy log of shit? Would you be scared? Excited? Intrigued?
Personally, if faced with guzzling a stinking turd right out of Andy Sixx's asshole, I would be on a rollercoaster of emotions. It's not a sexual thing, though for some I imagine it could be. No, my stake in the consumption of a massive export from Andy Sixx's brown-town would be purely functional. Where I live there are not many people whom could produce such a smooth turdpedo (and even fewer of those capable people could be deemed as influential as Andy Sixx) so if the opportunity arose to stuff a steaming clogger of Andy Sixx's shit into my mouth, I would capitalize post-haste.
Think of it this way: slurping the stinky gold out of Andy Sixx's food and drink recycler doesn't happen every day. In fact, it's something that happens once in a lifetime. If you were offered to take a trip to the moon just once, would you take it? If you had courage you would.
In summation there is no shame to puckering up to Andy Sixx's chocolate starfish and chucking sweet chunks of slimy ass poo-poo down your virginal throat. Less than shame; perhaps honor.

Buenodick Cuminbitch

All I can see is the sunken eyes of a creature that hasn't left the comfort of his dark basement in years. Crying for the precious turd that he'll never receive. Begging. Longing. You poor frail man. I shall keep you in my solemn prayers. Your life could be saved, you just have to ask for salvation.

It means op is a newfag staying up late on a school night

Wrong. It means your Dunning-Kruger effect is showing


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i bond burgered you sister

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>Less credibility than Wikipedia
It is bait to get people to expose their fake expertise

put me in the screenshot


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delet ths

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