Post what makes u diamonds

Post what makes u diamonds

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Discord._gg/rUmjmK bdsm

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Please say there is more of her

being her makes me diamonds

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This was the only one I could find sadly

This makes everyone diamonds

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oof, I found some bad stuff looking for that one

Not diamonds for me, but I know it will be for a lot of people out there

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She's fucking perfect and has to ruin it with a dumb tattoo

She was never going to fuck you anyway

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drugged / passed out girls

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do you have more? that makes me diamond for sure


Could cut glass with my dick

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she looks so perfect, never seen the 2nd pic before

Jesus shut the fuck up you lardass retarded one would touch your smelly nasty dick anyways

thats the hottest shit ever, no challenge

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wish there was videos

i agree

there are, you just have to look...

look where? every site i go you can tell its all fake shit

these are really good, do you know who the artist making them is ? and the model for that matter?
4chanx linked a deviantart that didnt seem to be the correct source :(

well you can start in the archives, if you follow those 2 pics i posted you should find some more threads. happy hunting

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Some good stuff in here


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Troll... to get full access you have to invite 7 people

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porn ponzi scheme

Cutie lust ashley

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Her names anastasia savina

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People who aren’t afraid to be who they are inside.

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thanks user

Mmmmmm who else is stroking?

fuck off you black nazi shithead

dead tuna

id still rape the shit out of her if i found her like that. im not that picky

skinned knees

no I don't know why

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I wanna cum so hard in all those holes!Post more!

also nosebleeds

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Mmmmmmm this is so sexy. I am stroking it. I would pound that pussy so hard then cum all over her tight little belly mmmmmmm
Who is stroking with me?

Who the fuck u talking to dipshit

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Jerking so hard with you.
Going to cum soon

sad thing is even that beef pussy chick would reject both of you incels lul so mutual 4ch masturbation is the closest you'll ever get even to that abomination

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Imagine being a tatbadshill in current year


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you know when you search for sauce and the first page is all pinterest links, there's no hope.

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someone said those tits were fake. c/d?

Always like when this slut is posted. What a good bitch

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she should get those birthmarks checked out

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mmm water gets me always hard. mmm those bubbles

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Moar pls

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She’s a cutie

that image is absolutely horrifying
not a lot can make me feel much these days but this picture will always give me terrible feelings

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Where the fuck is this persons body? They look as thin as a twig and could snap if walking during a strong gust of wind.

that is called a healthy figure for a girl

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No, no it's not. I hope you're trolling because that's just delusional to think

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fuck off nigger. stic is best

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Hentai and real porn like this

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would love to fuck this one, just to watch my cuck expand her pussy/belly

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not oof

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i know right, its the best - wish i would find one just laying there, too drunk to even care

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I know its an amazing ass

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New fetish what are keywords for this user bdsm

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Praise be to Allah


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Coal makes diamonds. Stay in school

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Her belly button looks disgusting 2/10 would not bang

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Girls smoking sexy

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Show face pls

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geologic pressure makes diamonds. stay in school past third grade.

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Why did I read that as that one song from Frozen?

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Any cute white teens with their faces showing? Can only find Rice and Beans.


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havnt seen that one before, more like that ?

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Just wanked off to the pussy i creampied.

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Nah I mean recently expired

Fuck more man

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Fuck that's cute

Who is it and any more?

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margaret qualley u homosex

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she cute af

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God I wish there were real nudes

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its the look on her face/in her eyes

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Fuck she's got my cock twitching

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The boner feels so guilty

What's the deal here? Some sort of muscular/control issue? Or is she just screwing around?

Push it to the limit


>charisse with cerebral palsy

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Is there a set to this?

Cerebral palsy, she has a YouTube channel.

u added nothing to the conversation

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diamonds turned to mush when I saw the stupid tattoos


need help :(

Should've narrowed it down, and answered the question. Not everybody has time to hold your hand

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Omg need a name! Who is she??

Nice matchup

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thats a split dick not a post-op

The grand canyon looks so small next to those tits

her name is Anorexia Nervosa

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i want to see healed penises

You think you’d get I trouble if you fucked her to death ?!?!

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Aw poor baby :((


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found the dicklet

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Very bordiful woman

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Fucking niglet already stealing shit.

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thankfully now deceased.

Equal rights

Judge is a lucky man

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water is extremely corrosive dude, if anything it will liquefy you

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What? This is weird

zippidy do daaaaa
off hunting i goes

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very fuckable


...because she has fetal alchohol syndrome.
And is retarded.

Some expensive taste there, user


poor kid man, that could have been prevented.

Bet she is devastated

He does great work and costs me very little!

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RIP sweet angel. I would have died so that she'd never have another bad day in her life.

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goddamn life is good

She's over 18

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Last frame looks like a fucking Mii

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more then

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I miss being able to search Best Diamonds on youtube


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And her

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That’s scary as shit yo