Why didn't he drive there?

Why didn't he drive there?

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Rich people don't drive poorfag

nigger thought he was special

Have someone drive you there? He can afford a plane but not a limo driver?

>nigger thought he was special
And now he's fucking dead because he decided to be an idiot for no reason. Imagine dying on your way to a fucking basketball tournament, and on a Sunday of all days.

imagine still caring a week later

I'm not the one crying over fucking Kobe. Imagine being a grown ass man and crying over a basketball player you didn't even fucking know personally.

I bet he saw some KFC dancing around in his head before his last breathe he was probably wishing for a popeyes chicken sandwich.

Hehe so edgy XD

Why are you still making these threads? Let it go, faggot

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You talk like how the media portrays really dumb southerners so you know they're supposed to be the badguy

shut up nigger lover

Wasn't in a plane.

What would you prefer, more nigger porn?

>Wasn't in a plane.
What was he in then, a fucking flying boat?

I cried when Kennedy died. People grieve in their own way.

A helicopter

and? whats your point?


Remember that time he raped that chick?

>I cried when Kennedy died
How the fuck is that the same thing? Kennedy was the fucking President. Also how fucking old are you?

>Helicopters are not planes hur dur
What's it like being this stupid?

No but I remember that time that chick lied about being raped to get money from him

this fucking retard forgot helicopters existed

>Helicopters aren't planes

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Sure. Famous people aren't entitle fucks that think they can do anything.

I'm sure you think Michael Jackson was innocent too.

I'm 62 and I was in school when the teacher announced he was shot. I didn't find out until a little later he passed on. But anyway people look up to sports greats as heroes. I did as a boy with baseball stars.

No and Jordan being a degenerate gambler is why his dad was killed

i said caring, not crying. you obviously care since you keep posting this shit

This is nowhere near the same as Michael Jackson. It's also funny how Kobe was clean as a whistle outside of that one chick. What's she up to these days anyway? Did she finish blowing all that money she didn't earn on drugs and alcohol?

>I'm 62
Why the fuck are you on Cred Forums? Isn't it past your bedtime gramps?

It-its ignorance, it's ignorant!

So I'm not allowed to ask questions? Asking questions is not allowed in your pathetic life?

because LA traffic fucking sucks dick hole you cocksucker

Clearly you have never been in LA traffic

I find some of the post interesting and some I never click on. No I can go to bed whenever.

It's exactly the same. But you know, keep believing in your rapist hero.

>LA traffic
Leave earlier

doesnt work faggot

Just to uh, ya know. Develop a personality and get more creative with the racism. It's more fun that way

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>LA traffic
>On a fucking Sunday morning

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Guess I wouldn't know as being I'm not a cuck from California. Enjoy your homeless and dont step in human shit.

California men are recovering from either sucking dick or watching their wives take nigger dick all Saturday.

just pointing out your obsession is all

Clearly you have never been in LA traffic.

That's really the only explanation for this stupidity

not OP but clearly you have no idea about LA traffic. Ive hit dead stop traffic on the 10W at 3am


No, but you do

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Yeah brah that really bad traffic on a Sunday morning. Poor Kobe, what's next? He might have to make his own fucking sandwich?

Enjoy your tax dollars going to support illegal spics cuck.

"The helicopters KFC radar malfunctioned, causing the autopilot system to fly the aircraft to what it thought was fried chicken..." - NTSB

Oh no, Kobe might have to sit in some traffic! Next he might have to make his own sandwich instead of standing there watching some HS dropout make it in front of him. Poor Kobe!!!!! Must better to risk your life flying to a fucking basketball game nobody gives a shit about.

Cuz dat whut whitey do

Imagine typing this and thinking it was funny

kek im from texas you cock gobbling fag

Damn I'm sorry bro

We pay for our spics and also for all the shithole red states don't forget.
If California left the union your taxes would go up, not down.

>We pay
>Implying your broke ass is paying for anything besides that $1.50 bus fare

An aircraft is any vehicle that flies through the air.
A helicopter is a type of aircraft. It differs from an airplane in that it uses propellers to fly, rather than wings.
The controls are completely different too. If you were actually a pilot you would know these things.

Or is helicopters are planes now a meme?

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where you from

Earth nigga


Please do

Why does it matter? It's pretty fucking obvious what I meant


who cares about 1 nigger, people die every day.

No, not San Francisco

Is that like Earth Prime?

If you don't care why did you reply nigger?

nobody said anything about kobe in traffic. you were talking out of your ass about there not being traffic in LA just because its sunday morning. youre stupid and whats worse is youre obstinate. do us a favor and sterilize yourself.

that “nigger” is a better human being dead than you are alive. grow up.

What's the difference between Kobe Bryant and Jeffery Epstein's helicopters?

Only 2 teenagers went down in Kobe's

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Because its saddening how many people tie their emotions into things that don't effect them at all, especially one measly nigger

More like Paris Texas.
My wife was pissed when I told her I would take her to Paris.

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>nobody said anything about kobe in traffic
Isn't the fucking excuse that he flew there because there was traffic? So was there traffic that morning or not you fucking retard?

Speaking of measly niggers.
You poor white folk are niggers too.

These people are incapable of believing anything liberal is successful.
No matter what you show them, left always equals bad.

Yeah, a monkey that throws around a rubber ball for millions of sports fans is so much better than me. You got me

North Houston

which nigger ball juggler is this and how are whites oppressing him?


Well what have you done with your life? You probably don't even own a fucking car

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oh wow, it can think.. lol fuckin retarded ass dumb piece of faggot shit

Own a car
Not a nig

ok am I better now?


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How about he flew there because he owns a god damn helicopter

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Then he's a fucking idiot and no one should feel bad. He dies flying to a fucking meaningless basketball game. And fucking girl's basketball on top of it. Complete fucking stupidity.

The lowest white man will always be above the greatest black man.

See what I mean

>Haha I love being white bro
>Fucking black people amirite?
>Excuse me for one sec
>"Welcome to McDonalds, can I take your order?"

more likely to die in LA freeway traffic than a helicopter in the fog tbqh

To live and die in LA?

LA traffic is killer.

For real? Have you never driven in LA before? Even if he had a driver it would've taken him half a day to get there.

If he had driven he would be alive. Sunday morning is the safest time to drive.

>Feelings and thought police
Sorry people don't live up to your expectations. We can't all be as astute as you.
You're so cool. Gee whiz. Tell us what else we should care about

IDK. I killed a family of 4 drunk driving on Sunday morning.

No ragrets

I hope you're joking...

too lazy for traffic

Fuck off shill.

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Well he's dead now right? Alright then

i drove around la once... seemed pretty normal. Also went on the freeway and I got cut off once. People that say driving in big cities is hard must be dumb fucks

I drive in NYC on occasion and it's really not that bad. People are just fucking pussies.

You're right, not worth the extra time.

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Yeah because accidents like that ONLY happen in fucking LA

So edgy in here, wow. Great job, faggots.

>Kobe dies on a Sunday morning
>Posts a gif of a crash late at night
You retarded fren?