Take the test faggots and post results

take the test faggots and post results


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replace indie with 80s hardcore and it's not that far off

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nice i got that a couple of times

Edge lord i am

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post it cuck

Pretty good

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got this as well

i got niche normie too

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Nothing personel, kid

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I got cyborg again...

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Lame normie. Fair enough.

it’s true

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I’m a brad

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kind of accurate actually. im not normal enough to fit in with normies, but also not weird enough to fit in with outcasts

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>he might not get laid but he can
I don't believe it.

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>Positive scores
Why are you on Cred Forums?

Because I've been addicted to this shit for years and I don't even know why

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guess I'm a normie now *shrug*

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yeah same result and equally accurate. i can fit in with normies but too autistic to enjoy it for long and too normal to put up with spergers

sounds about right

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I got the pame normie one :/ it says I like anime but I don't it's true though I probably could have a normal sex life if I wasn't so consumed scared of social interaction

have you ever thought about the fact that anonymity attracts all kinds of people and not just a certain kind


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Yeah but the there are other boards and sites one can post anonymously on without dealing with the mass of autists that Cred Forums has. Honestly i didn't ask the question in malice but genuine curiosity.

I got normie, but niche normie describes me 100%. I am in fact listening to indie rock on my headphones, unless it's actually green day or mcr cus I'm geeeeey and like them. I also do use a bunch of drugs to escape sadness, especifically weed, tobbacco, lsd and mdma.

I guess that's what I get for not being a virgin, being in a relationship, going to college, having friends and plans for the future.

That is, unless I kill myself soon or fail college.

The description hurts

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I got to start going to the gym

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when in doubt cast out

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