How much do you have in your bank account?

How much do you have in your bank account?

I only have $1000, just started my first first real job and just paid rent.

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$1600 in my main, $100 in my secondary. I use two banks.

why two banks? and not just two accounts?

I usually have about $10K in bank accounts and about $1.5 million in my brokerage accounts. We live on the income from our three rental houses, so we don't have to use any of the money in accounts.

Because: sometimes my main account will hold my paycheck without telling me, so I have to other account as a back up. Why the fuck not, I could have 12 bank accounts if I wanted.

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Negative $346

41k.. not sure what to do yet

just seems like extra hassle
but then again I've never had my bank hold my paycheck

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~100€, failing my CS degree because maths, straight As in all other modules, doing good in my programmer job. my life sucks.

I got about 13 bucks after rent cash I don't have a bank account

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Im 20
1000 in savings
1400 in Silver & Gold
4500 in stocks
800 in bank

3400, gonna have to spend 650 by Wednesday...
>credit card
It sucks, because I live at parents house and been mooching. Truly don't like to and want to get a great job to move out.... it will happen, eventually.

500 in personal
3000 in joint with wife

She aint messing with no broke nigger

A little

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Around $30, several years into college and I've just barely been able to avoid debt by living off of basically nothing. Overall though I'm better off than most of my peers because I'm not in debt.

>failing my CS degree because maths
You aren't cut out for CS then.

Right there with ya. Do what you can(slide some money to parents, don't expect to be fed, don't wait to be asked an just do chores and shit)

Im too lazy to work, and my body hurts.

Somewhere around 180k in cash accounts and 1.2m in brokerage/401k. But I keep it real by driving a POS car from early 2000s and pirating anything I can.

Major? I’ve always wondered how people do this. Even working a job, college is expensive af and once you get into upper divs, shit gets real and idk how I would manage doing well and working. Only thing that makes sense is working in the field you studied in.

$15,000 in my account but by the end of this year I will be roughly that much in debt (student loan)

I’m awful with money(so far) and will be probably 40k in debt due to school. Luckily I’m a stem fag and can hopefully recuperate when I graduate this year and get a cushy job

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For the poor-college-fags, if y'all are so poor where's your financial aid? I was a poor kid in college, Uncle Sam helped and I covered the rest with jobs/internships. Ate and drank like shit, had zero luxuries, but graduated without debt.

Not him but it's not that hard to believe. $1.5 million isn't as much money as you think. And if you have people paying that rent every month you don't even have to work if you don't want too. Fuck having to be a landlord though. My parents are landlords and I could never do it. Having to deal with retarded renters and upkeep of the property.

$0 in savings
$12 in checking

>For the poor-college-fags, if y'all are so poor where's your financial aid?
Some people don't qualify because their parents make too much, and their parents don't help them out because they're broke niggers who spent all their money making other people richer

When did you go to school? I get the maximum amount of financial aid since my family is super poor, and I would still graduate with like 20-30k in debt.

About 10 years ago, I got a good deal, but it was still about 8k a year for tuition, 10k for living. But internship, scholarships and work helped. I wasn't the smartest, but definitely thought more about money than my peers.

11k but I cant spend it

Im starting to save 230€ every month just in case.

about $400 and 80 cash on me. been neeting since november and dont know what to do