Gals with perfect 10/10 faces

Gals with perfect 10/10 faces.
What's perfect for you?
Feel free to rate/discuss

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Is that the princess?

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no such thing as a perfect face bro. none of these chicks are even hot

your thread is terrible

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Good face tho. Well done.
The one that posted best face 4 me is thread basher lel. Wonderful

Post hot one

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She's pretty fucking cute

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/10 face
with that hyper filter all you can really see is that she's likely asian and that she has a nose mouth and eyes.

I love these face morphs theyre always do pretty

Wrong thread guys

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Molly Ephram

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ITT: anons with low standards and/or vision problems

so many filters

90s Christina Applegate as Kelly Bundy

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actually cute

I can see that

post hot one then

not bad. Classic

ive never seen a subjective 10/10 yet

Molly C Quinn

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>be me
>be a faggot

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woah standards

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that's a dude

My ex

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Whoever this girl is

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Stunning. Who is that?

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Your guess is as good as mine. I got this pic off the internet some time ago cause she has a great track and a perfect face

theres so much variety to pinpoint *the* perfect face. pic isnt my absolute favorite face but does have the best milker + face combo

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Friends wife

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disgusting and overrated.

YIKES at a lot of these... lol

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jennifer connelly

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She's real?!?!

Want to breed with pale face pink lips blue eyes. Red head even better and blonde the best.

shes perfect

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Love her face.

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He said rate, not put your faggot dick over it

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Girl in the middle

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