Gimme a rate dweebs

Gimme a rate dweebs

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i dont wanna

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You look ight 7.5/10

Show your dick

shave the beard, keep growing hair, start wearing makeup and post cock.
You've got real potential kid.


An hero/10

(OP) Show your tits first geek

10/10 would terminate

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you look like the guy from the road to el dorado

you really dont look that bad. get rid of the goatee, either commit to the hair and get it off your face or get a haircut, then get the fuck off this site and slay some p00n

Theres a whole board for this since ppl dont know that now i guess ill gomwithnitnhitnup my discourd if ur board and wanna role playc

The goatee can stay or go, but I like the hair around how it is, shaggy. I've tried it long and I've tried it short. Thoughts?

Faggot here, you're a solid 10/10. Change nothing, you're a beaut.

Sigh, why do I always attract gay dudes. Thanks for the compliments dude, but my search for pussy continues

You look familiar.

I always do.

Go to bed Zach.

You fucking faggot.

Massive faggot

You look decent man,idk about the beard but you look good

bruh you look like shaggy lmao