Wwyd thread

Wwyd thread

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left side green dress I would take her into the woods and tie her to a tree then fuck her, cum inside. leave her go home and sleep. then get up the next day and go and fuck her again.


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chick in the middle

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I'd bring the boys into the toilet and surround them, taking their phones and filming while we fuck them all and sucking their tits, before sending it all over snapchat.

wwyd these sisters?

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Aimed at that one

I'd paper bag them. And fuck the one with the hairiest pussy and tell them they are ugly.


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Friends ex

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I'd get her drunk off wine at dinner, make her pay then fuck her in the alley on the way home, leaving her a cum dripping mess

Wwyd this petite cutie?

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She's so cute. I'd kiss her cheeks and neck and take her top off to suck her nippes too. And then I'd want her to suck me until I cum on that adorable face and her tits


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rape the fuck out of those melons but covering her ugly face

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Sell her to a dairy. She could probably replace at least a couple of Holsteins.
I'd probably propose marriage. I'm a retarded sucker for utterly average girls.

Rip her shirt and bra off exposing her tits and then tit fuck till she can feel how hot my cock is before cumming on her face while she still tries to tit fuck me

cum on her face in some changing rooms and make her leave the store covered in it.


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Current co-worker.
Been at the place for a good 10+ years now

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Wait for her to get chopped up in a cartel video. She looks just like one of those girls.
Drop a nut in the one second from the top and hope she became gravid with my child.
Turn 360 degrees and walk away. She'd be a 5/10 at best without the weird growth in her nasolabial fold and the weird dyejob. With them, she's a 3/10, tops. If you can't overlook the manjaw and A-cups, we can go lower.

I'd give her the prone bone like her stepfather used to.

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A-cups hahaha

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Best friend's girlfriend

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I'd get the leopard top drunk and fuck her infront of her friends, who are all encouraging her making her cum harder


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kill / rape / fuck / marry

get the tall one drunk and then get her pregnant

rip her bikini off and fuck her on the balcony, hoping he walks past and sees me railing her
wwyd this chink

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Push her to the ground and rip off her pands and top. Love to watch her struggle. With her panties and bra still on I'd push my dick as deep as possible inside her pussy until I came with tears in her eyes

I'd take her into the tunnel behind us, telling her bf we're just exploring. But she'd suck my cock until I cum all over her face, clearing up before we return and he never suspects a thing the idiot.

Wwyd my sisters from earlier?

From left to right: would facefuck 2 and creampie 3 at least twice a day
Far right would definitely fuck she looks tight af
Anal until she drip my cum

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I'd send the one on the left out for ice cream and throatfuck the one on the right, occasionally withdrawing my penis to smack it against her forehead in an attempt to leave a mushroom-shaped print.

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thoat fuck hard. wwyd? moar?

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Have them both on their knees while they lick my cock with it also being between their tits. Force them both to keep licking and sucking until I came

Face fuck the brunette until she choked on my cum

How would you throat fuck? Go in detail.
And I'd have the one in the middle wearing the black hold her legs up as high as they go while I cum deep inside

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To her?

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I guess I'd lock him up in chastity and fuck his butt.

hold her by the hair and rock her head and back till I'm done, are you sure? continue

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grey dress. put her in a gloryhole and have her choke on her family members cocks.


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why her?

I mean I guess, but there's also a perfectly good vagina

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Wwyd to my gf

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looks hottest to me

That is one hairy ass. Sure its a girl and not a "girl"?

Fuck yes. Surely you can't just be satisfied with a blowjob.

And I'm sure. Such a thin cutie. I'd breathe my hot breath onto her face and look into her eyes as I filled her up

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