Since Degeneracy is destroying the great world we live in, it's time to reset things. But first, we need to survive...

Since Degeneracy is destroying the great world we live in, it's time to reset things. But first, we need to survive. Rules are simple:

Evens -- Enter the Vault
Odds -- Entrance Denied
Dubs -- Open/Close Doors
Trips -- Nukes Explode.

Roll 76 to choose the Vault's Experiment.

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The year 2038 problem.

76... Seriously you pick the worst game in the entire franchise for the experiment roll.
Fuck you and your overseer

Experiment to turn all boys under 5'5 into traps.

Normalization of pedophilia.

Trips please

experiment should be killing everyone in the vault. Good riddance to a worthless species.

You ending your life in a endless variety of ways, yet you still feel the pain from each death

Lemme in! I brought cake!

Let me in
experiment should be everybody in the vault has to eat a steamy log out from andy sixx

>76 get

Every vault occupant is assigned 3 cats

let me in maybe i can help with the...

faulty water purifier

Yah boobay let me in I am hot

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It's me, your Uber driver. Let me in.

Gary vault

76 get
The vault is about Extreme normalisation of pornography to "encurage reproduction". Tv screens on every Wall in every bedrooms Got porn of all kinds going, and one of the more prestegious jobs is to make more yourself




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We're doing a vault experiments, huh? I hope shit gets good.
Also, I hope this happens.

Off to Paradise Falls I go

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If 76 the vult is devided by gender females will be by females males by males only have sex ever 7 years at mating. Night

let me in for the love of Gob!

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got room for mwa?

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open the fucking vault you bastards!!!


open up you monsters!!!

boom baby

OP and his descendants have to play 76 25/7 while everyone else leads a normal existence outside of tuning into OP's crack-addled livestream

U are gay


please just blow us all up

>i got in

why live

if 76 the vault is a nuke itself that explodes the moment the total population inside reaches 50 to encourage the overseer to control the population carefully before letting everyone out


Experiment: The only books are physics books. The only movies are documentaries on physics. The classroom curriculum is physics & math. The vault is equipped with a full suite of equipment including a five step supercollider in the sub levels. Vault door controlled by a supercomputer and will not open after the detonation until someone runs a simulation capable of reconciling quantum physics and general relativity.

Its good to be welcome in boys


Closed... Damn. Rerolling this.

>Closed... Damn. Rerolling this.
On the plus side I got it back open. On the downside I still didn't get in. Rerolling PhysicsVault.


Oh come on. Rerolling, let me in, I brought the key to the cyclotron!



roll, hope I won't end up getting stuck in Paradise falls

rollin rollin rollin

How about we blow this shithole up?

Nukes inbound

Since I'm in now, rolling to close doors / set up PhysicsVault.

let me in please

o fuuuck

Everyone is dead. The nuke went off and the doors were open. Good going fucktard.

im happy with this outcome