I'm bored, rate me

I'm bored, rate me

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Show dick

Idk, pretty good. If you'd smile you'd probably a 9,5/10


would bend over and lick the asshole of / 10

7/10 would date for 2 years
only for you to cheat on me

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show the goods with time stamp 1st.

I liked how it went last time...



Seems about right. You look boring as fuck


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Gone with the wind poster brings you to a 3/10. Really lost points there.



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8/7 Gone with the wind surprisingly good film

Nvm. I got a thing for 0 curves vacant looking people. I'd pump and dump once. 6/10

Tits or gtfo

go away stop posting the same thread and same pictures. idiot.

opinions may differ

well I gess its something

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I dont have any tits yet

no u

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Please show cock


It sounds like what you really want to me.

you: 8
me: 5
us: 69

Your hair and lips are your best attributes. Also have good skin complexion. No defects and you arent fat. Definitely fuckable, but so are most girls. Dudes will still desire you.

Minus points because your body is not womanly enough. No curves and you are built like a wooden plank.

bro you forgot point evaluation for the hidden penis

wow im glad i was here to remind you

also, please keep the glasses on, they add much value to your expressionless boring face

cis: 5/10
trans: 7/10
trans+large_penor: 8.5/10

Another degenerate who pretends to be a woman / 10

8.5/10 you seem like fun

You know the rules. Timestamp or fuck-off, you loser catfishing male cuck

6.5/10, cute hair, would bang

maybe a little

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would make out with. You like your small pp played with?

You look depressed, like you tell deadpan jokes and you have an appreciation for the new Marvel movies. So pretty attractive in my eyes

Kek the nature of the question

>I have a smol pp
Then your results are 7/10, you are above average.

what do you think? -.-

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Figured. hit me on SC if you ever want. See if random sex can fill that hole you have.

SC: RolandGoes

sorry I'm stupid, I think we'd have a cute time

fucking tranny, go to /soc/

Lingerie I bought for my ex

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I want to grab your sides tightly while we make out

Absolutely gorgeous! Would treat you like a queen

fuck, getting called out and randomly flirted with gets me hard

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perfect so we can rub our cocks together

You have the perfect body shape and complexion for modeling. Have you ever tried getting some professional photos done? I know a makeup artist/photographer who specializes photographing people with light complexions and red hair. You should hit him up if you're in cali. sfmobilestudio

I was wrong about my 7/10 evaluation, you are 8/10.
I would cum before getting my socks off.

This, with that face and those glasses = ropes and ropes of thick white viscous cum slung across that gorgeous body, some splatters by the corner of your mouth and you lick it up

Wow! Youre perfect! You should include your face in pictures, the whole package is amazing

Not gay but I'd do ya

> See more New Imageboards list



Ive been too shy to do modeling

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Just found out you're a dude, nevermind


is there a size limit for using your ass?

What state you from? I want to slide my hands from your ribcage to your hips and bend you over something

Show boi pussy

whats with the patches on your skin in some of these?

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this bussy please.

Hard 5/10. Anyone who rates higher is a pathetic chump who thinks he's going to make you his e-gf.

hormone therapy will get me some

start smol, go big

the state of europe


estrogen skin patch therapy

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Tranny bro/ 1x chromosome

Once you get your confidence up, with looks like that youll make people cum just by walking passed them

Want a reach around/buttsex

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Fuck I Just nutted and now I'm working up another fat load

when my ex and I made out it usually me creaming my thong haha

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>the state of europe
Well come to LA and I'll buy you a nice seafood dinner and fill you up with some freedom juice.
(Warning: Freedom juice cause anal leakage)

any of your soles? I'm a footfag and I need to quench my thirst.

Show booty please pretty pretty please

posted myself before without nudes because I got sad I got dumped and nutted too...

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Sweet sweet nectar. I bet yours tastes like honey

7/10 Your body, smol pp and fuckable face are cute, Post feet?

Stream on chaturbate and let us nut with you

I'd guess your credit score is around 650

Can I creampie you baby?
I’d love to slowly slide my cock inside of you, while deeply kissing you and release my seed in your ass

checked and stroking hard, those nipples are perfect I need them in my mouth

I just wanna taste you, clean that tight little boipucci with my tongue and tease your clitty by lightly licking it
Make you squirm around in pleasure

I just came but im stil hard

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Especially in pantyhose/stockings babe!
Goddamn you’re sexy

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Please god more of that! You look amazing in stockings babe : D

i will do a chaturbate soon

Im so turned on


yes fuck


oh yes fuck

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Can I 69 with you? Tongue that tight little asshole and we both cum in each other’s mouth?! That would be heaven

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it would be a blast

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fuuuuuck the pics get better and better I can't stop leaking pre cum

Spread that boipucci open for me baby, I’m gonna slide my thick cock in

I’m already leaking for you babe, can you post more of you wearing stockings? So fucking hot

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FUCK babe!! More like this please : D

dm me on discord, stoogus
love it

you're a m2f trans?, wow! you transitioned nicely, you fooled me, you're very pretty


1) this is so f-ing sexy.
2) I would make you cum first. So you could focus on how my cock feels while I'm using your ass like a fleshlight.

This is r/taftaj on reddit but the person cut her head off the photo.

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OP is a faggot pretending to be another faggot

What’s yours kik babe? I wanna cum for you

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Dat man jaw, yikes
HRT won't fix it bro

She is a strong empowering woman
Can you just leave her alone? She just wants to cum like we all do

I’m not the girl in the pic. Op is a catfish.

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So what’s your kik babe? I wanna make a cum tribute video for you

As long as you wear stockings for me : D


Why traps always gotta be attention seeking sluts.

Have some self respect...

you look like my mom when she was younger

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You seem like a rad person/10

Stay safe out there :))

JFC you're hot.

7/10. Would defs date.

Any more pics of your mom?

but where is bosoms?

what an ugly little penis!

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current or more old pics? i have both

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you're a huge faggot but apparently so am I so 8/10

you're cute. I'd date you!


Your "penis" looks like the fuckin demon child from Beserk.

you look like you smoke cigarettes for aesthetic reasons

Gone With The Wind is a good movie you uncultured fuck.


would take home to the folks/10

who cares. fuck off.