Trap thread

Trap thread
pic is me:)

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Cute as fuck. Show that hole now

Ass pics please hun

dont fall for it guys he has a vagina

Show some more pics of that soft skin

Gorgeous, do you have kik or anything?

here u go

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Oh wow
Skype or discord please hun

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God a trip to South Korea would be completely worth it just to fill that ass with cum

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da da da ba ba ba

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lol I need to get fucked roughly. Hope u guys take turn fucking me with your fists and cocks

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I got something for that booty and your mouth

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>pic is me:)
prove it

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Who molested you guys to turn you all gay?

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The Jews did a good job of feminizing men to turn you guys into faggots so you wont populate the earth with you weak genes

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Trans and gay are two different things, ingnor-anus

Sexuality is a social construct and we are not mentally ill.

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I'm sorry your thread got ruined by these retards.

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Put something in there

I'm already into some hardcore piss play. Do you think I should do some scat too?.?

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Its a mental illness and should be treated as one. Most likely due to being molested as a child or some sort of childhood trauma.

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No u

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do it faggot

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If that's really you, definitely. I've always wanted to see some scat stuff from you


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Question. What brings a person to fall to this type of insanity

I wasn't molested or have any childhood trauma. You're just a bigot. If you don't like us leave. We aren't getting in your face.

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Faggots have the highest suicide rate, yet youre not mentally ill? Kek

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No its not
Pic is me, for real

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You sound like a nigger

Fuck. No.

I believe it's hot. Lunatrap has done scat also.

Would you slap my cock and face till I cry?...

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is your name amber

Its probably a suppressed memory, or maybe you justified the trauma somehow, see a psychiatrist.

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too frequent masturbation leads to hypersexuality and paraphilia, drugs likely play a role also

As someone who has a fetish for traps and scat, and heartily enjoys Hitler meme pics, I see these threads as an absolute win.

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No you just leave this thread.

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Do scat stuff

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Cred Forums

Thats exactly what mentally ill people say. You are mentally ill.

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Heres some gore hope you like it

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I second this

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Suck my dick. I know you want to.

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Take ur trap shit to another board faggots

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How dare you call this Mentally ill?

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Hitler was right about faggots

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Yet we won.

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Heckin yes! The Rekt thread is struggling to get off the ground so this is perfect.

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Please stop Jes, we like you as a pretty pristine princess

check em

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Why is every trap thread like this? I just want to see pretty people and compliment them and make them feel good..

Adolph never sleeps.

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I want her to fart on my face

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Would do fuck that sweet mouth

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the world is so simple for the one who believes he knows

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based hitlerposter back to save the day

everyone say thank you based hitlerposter

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ok fags, it's hitlermas

last 15 images are yours

you're welcome

remember to thank me

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hawt. Who is dis?

Heil adoolf

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10/10 would rape

Dude I'm trans too but at least I can admit that it is infact a mental illness. Might be a hard pill to swallow but it is true regardless if what some new age scientist says. Human being are animals and like animals we are subjected to the laws of nature. Humans aren't an exception to the rule.

idk, i don't think about it to much. I like who i like. Call me what you will.

Anyone got Asian Twink on off trap /cd mode? Willing to pay cute trap to do that for me :p

Scat please!!