First job interview I've ever had is tomorrow

>first job interview I've ever had is tomorrow
>Mfw Marcos pizza
>What do for proper minimum wage job interview anons?

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just dont act like a drug addicted illiterate retard and you'll do great

the stupider you look the higher the chances you'll get hired, its fast food

had a friend who legit went in a suit to a mcdicks interview, got rejected.



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Show up plastered. Your boldness and apathy will delight your interviewer

Ususlly just reliability, punctuallity customer service oriented, and cleanliness. Express that and you should be good.

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go in there not smelling like beer or weed and you got it

Go in casually. Nothing over like a full suit. And after the interview say your ready to begin working when available.

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>Job Interview
>For a pizza place

Literally just show up in clean clothes, don't act retarded and don't come across like you do drugs. Boom you got the job. They might even hire you on the spot if they're desperate.

>had a friend who legit went in a suit to a mcdicks interview
What kind of fucking retard wears a suit to an interview at McDonalds?

How did it go from job interview standards to niggers and towel heads

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Fuck I have an interview too tomorrow technically today and I cannot fucking sleep I ain't even stressing on anything just have straight up insomnia