How the FUCK do we even compete?

How the FUCK do we even compete?

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We can't bro, all we can do is submit to the majesty of BBC.

Having steady jobs

By not abandoning our children. Because once you go black- you're a single white mom.

By making more money, not being criminals, by not being on a lower platform on the evolutionary scale. All beasts have large cocks (horses, elephants, bulls) blacks are just animals.

With downward-pointing boners? I guess I could rip the suspensory ligament, but why?

whaddya mean “we”, Scholmo?

>Absolutely inferior in all other aspects of life
>B-but muh dick

>implying i'm a dirty jew

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ug iik

How the FUCK do we even compete?

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/thread also sage

I'm in a competition...?
since when?

Does it fucking matter?
Post cock and show OP who is boss

If a woman needs a horse cock to satisfy her, you're being desperate. Get better taste.

Fuck like every other race starving for white cocks the untermensch loves us and we to focus on that

we cant compete

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And showing my cock would prove what, exactly?

I'm happy with my own success and relationship. There's always going to be some faggot out there with a bigger dick -- why would this bother me? I'm not a child.

A lot of women I know don't like cocks that huge, because it hurts.

Tfw when you’re an enormous big dicked white man who can play sports and instruments. Sorry lesser white brethren... it’s not black vs white. It’s best genetics. Don’t worry, still a bunch of decent fit white fellas to carry the torch forward.

b-buh b-but wuz kangs
>smacks lips
m-m-muh dick
>adjusts pants
>smacks lips
h-haheh stay mad whitey

you can see the photoshop wash filter around his dick...



>it’s not black vs white
Correct, it's whites Vs. kike fantasy and subversion.

Ok homo fagget nigger

Found the person more interested in cock

Kinda obvious >6ft

Bow down paleskins, we run this shit

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Excuse you, all of those people have small dicks

I don't. I just win. Grow up.

it's simple
instead of competing with the men
we compete with the women

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6’7” and it ain’t a weird hormone thing either. My dad is literally like the mountain. 6’9” Scandinavian mathematician. He played college basketball too.

His only shortcoming is he’s the sort of fearful conservative dumbfuck who would be triggered by this shit.

not having aids

Are you trying to say these nice subversives would photoshop penises, to make a political statement? They look pretty real to me.

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Exactly this. Never any actual nogs in sight on this site. Just trembling little kikes posing as goyim in their shitty attempt to turn a few insecure lefties.

Kinda ironic that operation "no whites by 2050" will be their biggest downfall. Because of friendly-fire, more jewish brides are taking on the nog cock than ever.

Oh wait, nm...

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This implies blacks can compete, they can not.
Easilly the least attractive of all races next to middle easterners.

Stay mad

we run this shiet now

Gaze upon our barren tribal fields, and see all the success our dicks have given us

>dies of starvation
h-heh u mad whitey?

We can’t complete. We are inferior and belong at the feet of the black race. Black men deserve rights to our women while we simply act as slaves.

African Americans the superior race

Here are some facts that back this up:

1) Higher test scores than whites when the test isn't culturally biased.

2) Commit fewer crimes than whites when not placed in a culturally biased setting.

3) Better at sports than whites.

4) Hung like horses. The average white guy is four inches and skinny as a pencil.

5) Better lovers.

6) Treat women better. A higher percentage of whites are convicted of domestic abuse when African Americans are not subjected to police that use culturally biased law enforcement techniques.

7) Funnier.

8) Better dancers.

9) No African civilization has ever committed genocide.

10) African American scientists have come through with the most scientific breakthroughs.

11) It is impossible for an African American to be racist. They can be prejudiced but not racist because in order to be racist, your ethnic group needs to be in power and whites have all the power in the United States.

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Nice try, gaylord.

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Wasn’t this some bs from the nation of islam?

Your own subjects are laughing at you

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In this case there is no competing, antique farm equipment isn’t worth competing with. They were better in the fields instead of freely roaming.

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as a beta white male I wish I was a little bitch faggot for a black alpha

would be cool to come home and have my girl's pussy full of black seed to eat

The man who had a picture of Hitler on his desk? Gtfo

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What time is it in Israel right now? 1130am? About? Getting the before lunch trump threads?

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The jews hate trump, which is what the right love about him. Stop trying to play your faggy little uno reverse card. Your little kike friends wanted Hillary and they're still butthurt about it four years later.

Why else do you think the media has been on a non-stop campaign to bring him down, but still haven't succeeded?

Implying I'm the Jew for supporting him is fucking hilarious, my fellow (((goy))).

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Jewish lesbians caving for a man? Fuck yeah. This I can get behind.

Why can't all the interracial bullshit here be believable like this one?


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Shalom my nigger

Fuck this gets me hard. Knowing that a traditional jewish couple has been deceived by their own faggotry. The jewish bride letting a filthy nigger rail her husband up the ass to the point that he ends up being full-blown trans and giving up on his heritage and future. Fucking love it.

most people are dumb

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>posts horse porn

Keep them coming... oooooh fuck yeah.

Love these jewish-degeneracy stories. Splitting up traditional couples by a filthy animal. Fuck yes. What would their parents think? All that work against whites just to have their own progeny spoiled to transfaggotry by the blacks they tried to control. Hmmmmmmmmm keep it coming!

I like the last sec. of this.
See how they shit their pants for one single hat man?

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Why are hapas so pathetic that they can not deal with their daddy and mommy issues without hiding behind negroids?

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Most niggers have a small penis.
Knowing that another nigger will crush them in a dick size competition doesn't help them.

>Somebody actually typed this out
>I (((wonder))) who?

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For some reason they've taken shelter with the kikes. For some reason they don't understand that pushing whitey out is the worst thing for them. They keep slamming that nog button, thinking that the world is going to be brown in the next century, and they'll be the master race.

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How do blackies even compete? Always another black out there with a bigger cock. Why aren't they ruling the world yet? Nothing but genitals matter

Poor transfag only hates it so much because his parents raised him to be a practising Jew. Why have so many kikes fallen to their own subjects?

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Alright. This one has finally gone full-blown retard.

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By stopping watching porn and not believing all the bullshit they portray as normal.

Do you actually enjoy LARPing?

flex my everyday life and they flock. no blk man can compete

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How the FUCK can the mods let this cancer keep being posted?

Well said. I call them useful idiots to the cult-Marx System as the ideology really has no long term use for Northeast Asians or hapas. They're higher genetic stock and so too good to be labeled as "oppressed" like groids and browns and serve as tools to harm Whites and western societies.

If you read leftist propaganda they'll advocate for POC's but of course that does not include Asians or hapas. How many Asians are cast in TV commercials in America? Very few if any. That alone should tell them what the System thinks of them.

I'm sorry... Do you think women WANT to get up onto a step ladder to get onto a monster dick? So you think they want their guts stirred while they suffer the entire time? I'm sure some do, but bragging rights don't apply here. You are born with what you have, nothing is earned.

Noooo why''d you reply to it. My man is clearly 5'6 and bitter about it. Let it rest.

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Who's we? I don't compete with beasts for mates. I am above that.

Right? Asians are always the first to lose out when it comes to the woke diversity media. But who do they choose to side up with? The fucking Jews.

You're late to the party. OP is a hapas kike-supporter pretending to be white. No real person actually cares about the genital size of unimportant individuals.

It's like this one that keeps popping up over and over.

s a g e d





Whoops forgot to put sage in options

Jew detected

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Poor guy has run out of arguments. Is simply posting jewish actresses getting railed by nogs.

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Would you watch Emma get Blacked?

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imagine her pussy xD


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anybody else notice the shoop around his pelvic area ??

cunts wearing a bolt on, and the shoop is fucking terrible.

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have a massive dick and the socio economic bullshit, but also niggers are not a reality outside of the US and there they're a made up thing as well, niggers also seem to drastically over report their dick size and almost all studies have shown an only small deviation to it

on the other hand, I think posts like this will emancipate white faggots who go out to kill niggers and then post videos of it on Cred Forums, there's so many nowadays

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i just hope that americans kill each other all, it's hard to understand how a society can become so degenerate

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rearing and guidance create intelligence.

its a learned phenomenon, not a given one.

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They never had any arguments to begin with. That's why they post bestiality. They can not argue with those they hate and so the only thing they can do is lash out like this. Anyways, this is why anyone promoting nigger bestiality to women is downright evil. These "people" must really hate women to see them harmed in all sorts of ways.

77% of women who have children with Black men earn less than $10,000 a year.

98% of White women who have children with Black men are not financially supported by the father.

The average White woman who has kids with a Black man earns $7250 a year, excluding welfare.

97% of White women who have children with Black men have used welfare.

97% of Black fathers who have children with White women are not active in their children’s lives.

Race-mixers may give less parental support to their children because of greater genetic distance.

97% of interracial (Black man, White women) children are born out of wedlock.

White-Black couples have more partner violence than White couples and as much violence as Black couples.

Bias against miscegenation is likely biological in origin.

Interracial marriages have a 23.5% chance of divorce, compared to 13% for same-race couples.

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we dont, we submit

catch up

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Wrong. Every scientist knows that intelligence is purely genetics. Environment only decides about how much of your genetically given potential can be used.

I would never compare myself to a nigger.

You can't nigguh.

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We? You have a mouse in your pocket, Tenda? Ask your daddy, he knew how to handle a woman, you miserable cunt

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How do i improve my oral and hand game to not get cucked ? plllease

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by realizing that BBC is a myth

"we"? Quit pretending youre one of us. you got the short end of the stick, accept it, move on, and go suck one of those black cocks youre so obsessed with.

>>No African civilization has ever committed genocide.
1994 Rwandan genocide
Hutu's killing Tutsi's

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Niggers are killing themselves left and right in Africa and American cities infested by them. Of course it didn't about it from mainstream sources so it assumes it's not the case.

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What you mean we, hapa faggot

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By having a stronger erection that dick looks flaccid and weak

Are you retarded or something? He doesn't care, most of us secure with ourselves don't care.

>culturally biased

So majestic

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Well, I have a full time job I go to in an hour and a half, so I can compete by putting food on the table every day.

If all she's after is a big dick in her...

It's called "buying power". People with jobs have it.

you're not even funny with this BS

Can you guys just please offer some advice on how to compete with that big black mamba between the black man's legs?

Don't worry, as a non black you're capable of using technology. So not only can you use photoshop and prosthetics like the guy in the picture, you can do one better by doing it yourself instead of paying a jew to do it for you!

The pic is shooped you pathetic faggots

fake picture

still fake picture

by getting off the internet

Dont compete. Just give in and be a good whiteboi. Jack off to IR porn. Its the best drug.

so asians are the only human being because they have smaller penis?

Anyone have that post by that guy that studied african laguages and basically reasoned that they dont have the capacity for higher thinking?

it was long as fuck and had a dark blue background.

1. Get a job
2. Eugenics

What is her name?

>culturally biased setting
what virtual reality are you in?

I'll represent

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come on cunts, i know one of you have it....

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non of the links to show any studies?

how dare they do that to Amai!

If women wanted to fuck big dicks, they'd chose a horse or a big ass dildo.
Nobody wanna fuck a monkey

>mfw all the white girls are being paid to fuck
>mfw they wouldnt look twice at a black dick outside of being paid to


Every single person in this thread including myself have severe mental health issues for the love of god quit looking at porn. Pornography is a manufactured product its not real life

But if feels so good to give in and just goon your brain into mush. POST MORE IR PORN CAPTIONS ALREADY! GET EVERYONE ADDICTED!

subtle joke you got going there there, user. personally I'd add something a hint for the fellow anons without your wits.

These are the discord trannies behind all the BBC threads


Whats your favorite star wars movie?

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oh look its the same black fag posting cocks everyday sage

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Not even that, most blacks doesn't even have dicks that huge. It's a myth propagated by the jews via pornography.

just kill them and rape the women that go black?

that lip bite tho ahahaa

Her dad deserved it to be honest

By having penises that actually fit

Yes but only for reasons redditors wouldn't be able to handle

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If this is what happens then I offer my daughter up for the next blacking


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Imagine being so obsessed with the knowledge that some black dudes have. If floppy dicks

Why would this occupy so much of your mind

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Is that ash Hollywood ? Didn't know she did IR..time to fap