Loli + todd thread

loli + todd thread

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Literally being this autistic that you put together 2 different fetishes.

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And this shows how desperate the shitty toddlercons are. Spamming a thread with their shit... If you are fag enough not to recognize this... the poster count literally proves my point

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Thanks for the bump

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Bump... Kek. If you'd post slower, and not actually fucking up the spam filter you'd bump the thread yourself, but instead you're throwing the thread into auto-sage ruining everyone's fun.

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>2 different

Loli is not tod and tod is not loli.
Loli posters cand be also tod posters.
But it's 2 different things.

I love these because of how unhappy and pained the little cunts are

todd is a subset of loli

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I have no idea who sold you that idea, but you're wrong as hell. This is exactly how you'd say that cubs are a subset of furry... yet cubs and furries are 2 different different fetishes with 2 different fetishistic groups following them.




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get the fuck out and make a todd-free thread if you don't like it

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This todd is more productive than your todd

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here's a new nishi iori translation

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I like how comedy central hyped bojack so much for season 1 then cut all its commercials and pushed the air time back to like 2am

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If you didn't add loli in the actual title... I'd probably do that like I always do until you faggots start posting non-loli in the tread. 2-3 threads with the same topic gets everyone v&, lolis and tods alike. Just because you're a sad little faggot.

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This shit is fuckin' unrealistic. Not in the 'I want real 3D loli" you sick fucks but in terms of how exaggerated everything is. It's unnatural and uncanny as shit. Jerk off to real tits. God damn. There are chicks with flat tits. Not this "todd" bullcrap because you all know it's representing actual toddlers you sick fucks.

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*uses ur tears as lube*

Myopic loser. Go the fuck outside


You're not getting anything out from arguing with these fags. and this is enough to tell you that. Sperging all over the place, just spamdumping every thread.

If you literally watch todd threads in their peak, they mostly clock at 20 posters, and ~10 posters are actually people who're telling them to not post their shit up in good loli threads and what remains are the same sad lonely fat faggots who find this shit actually arousing.

Tods as anatomy resemble... actually tods and guess what. Midgets.

Yeah, sure you can say that
But the name "todd"
It's not under the mindset of jerking off to midgets at all, even then you're still going down the slippery slope.
'What do midgets look like" etc

I was only pointing out that it's just gross as fuck. Not that you can call them midgets. Midgets are gross, toddlers are gross and that extreme guro exageration is just disgusting.

I'm agreeing with you here. How can you find that shit arousing? You must be a shut in to enjoy this.

>you all know it's representing actual toddlers you sick fucks.
what's wrong with wanting to grind my cock against a toddler?

>what's wrong with wanting to grind my cock against a toddler?

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Maybe they can, I don't care about what they think and do. All I care about is that they can actually make their own toddler threads and circlejerk there or whatever they want to do, and leave the actual loli threads alone.

fucking a pretty midget would be hot as hell

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larp all you want, but it seems you never saw a midget in your entire life. There is no such thing as pretty midgets as it's literally a fat small body with abnormally developed adult features.

itt kiddie fuckers fighting with other kiddie fuckers

you people make me sick

user has a point

can anyone help me find this loli's name or source ?

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>since only jewish autistics like toddlers, we will roll it into a loli thread and not be obvious hehe

Anons point is why they do it.

hehe poop

So you are a fag who don't like Japanese art and want western stuff? got it.

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you're a real man, thanks so much !

That's not what im talking about retard
This is even worse

hehe haha

don't take thing srs hehe

The conclusion these guys come up with are absolutely halal lol.

lol hehe

idk unrealistic cartoon stuff never appealed to me

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Based Akira Toriyama.

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>spammer thinks he can keep up with a passchad

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I love coming here to fap to these before family wakes up

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Gods work, user.

Thank you based poster.

Someone already stuck this comment in, in case you should recieve it, in order to lessen your credit...but you earned it

Toddler CHADS won the fight, Spammer is sheething!


Hurrr I has a Cred Forums pass and I troll people by posting shit pictures online. Hurr me so funneh

That's the gist. Keep paying attention to him and his monies are well spent