Going to rehab tomorrow boys. Stupid as fuck. I don't even need it...

Going to rehab tomorrow boys. Stupid as fuck. I don't even need it. All that I did was take too much xanax ONE time and my parents lost it. I dont remember the what happened but they took me to the hospital because apparently I wouldn't wake up, and the dr said to my mom "your son has been sick for a long time. He needs help" stupid as fuck. I drank pretty consistently in the past but nothing extreme. I dropped that 6 months ago without a drop since. I definitely dont need to go to a rehab facility. My stepdad is a drug and alcohol counselor. So i think he talked her into it. Fucking stupid. The pills were even prescribed to me. Oh well fuck it. Ill drop some nudes for this to be up i guess. Just wanted to vent.

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Rehab is awesome if you want to change. If you don’t it’s the worst waste of time

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>ODs on fucking xanax
>WTF bro I don't need rehab!

Yes you do retard. You clearly have fucking issues.

Sounds like youre going whether you like it or not. So if youre already going, dont be a cunt and waste your own time, learn something.

I hear you bro. They've found out about me doing stupid shit in the past to. But i always stop if i have/want to im not addicted to anything, maybe im in denial? Idk im going to do my best to get something out of it.

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Dude you cant even overdose on that shit by itself. The hospital is stupid as hell

This is the kinda thread an addict would post though.
>I just got carried away one time and nearly died
>I haven't even touched this substance for (insert a short amount of time here).
>has family member whose job is to literally diagnose these things and also recommends it but of course OP is too smart for that jackoff

At least you have people in your life that care you selfish little cunt.

>You can't OD on xanax
Man you got A LOT to learn kiddo. Hopefully your stupid ass learns something of value at the rehab. Maybe you'll even get laid a few times if you manage not to sperg out.

Too add. Yes it was a shit ton of xanax and i forsure was blacked out. But, I was just getting out of jail for some completely unrelated shit. And didnt sleep the night before because i got out of there at 2 am. So i was tired too. And i was in there for like 10 days so i went hard because i was excited to get out. I dont black out like that ever

Xanax withdrawal can kill you. You're a fucking no nut nigger, guy.

Nice quints

Just let him believe whatever he wants. In a few months he'll be right back here saying he's being shipped off to rehab again. That's assumng he doesn't get his dumbass locked up next time.

quints of truth

>I killed myself with drugs if not for the intervention of my family and medical professionals

yeah thats not a small problem

if you aren't actually dependent on it, rehab will be a breeze

Okay i get what you're saying about learning something. but i didnt take anything near the lethal dose. I dont know anyone in the world that has 300 mgs. And the end of your post was a reach at an insult

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30 days usually if even that. Xanax makes air feel upside down for everyone around you. Stop doing shit you know nothing about. Have fun in there instead. Like try to get to understand, make talk, make yourself sound smarter and don't forget to try any valium (reverses xanax) and or ketamine type medications (this too) for a bit of a euphoria on the reverse of the xanax. Take it easy on all that and learn what it takes to remove that drug from your life as you live in that area you live in. So you can move on.
Drug dealers use it to crowd control so she freaked for a good reason.

I didnt say one fucking thing about withdrawal you fucking idiot

Yes because going once at 25 years old is a sign of going alot. I dont get posts like this lmao. and im going willingly btw

Are you in denial or just extremely retarded ? Maybe both, the xanax od probably caused you to lose some brain function from lack of oxygen kek

It doesn't matter dude. You're missing the bigger point here. You are abusing drugs for a reason. You might not think you need rehab but clearly you got some kind of problem. You should be thankful your parents care this much about you. There are people who get kicked the fuck out when their parents find out they use drugs. Just suck it up and stop being a baby. Maybe you're right and you don't need it. If you don't it'll be a cake walk for you. Also you mentioned you use to be an alcohol. You obviously have something going on if you feel the need to kill yourself with drugs.

Hold on, you're 25 years old, still living with your parents, and you're doing fucking xanax like some kind of fucking child? What the fuck is wrong with you? It's like I said, you should be happy as fuck your parents aren't kicking your ass the fuck out of their house. You need to get your shit together bro. It's not a good look right now.

Forsure. Im definitely going to get the most i can out of it. I just dont think i need it. I just took too much of my own prescription. obviously that doesn't make it better. but impatient is a little extreme

I had been in rehab four times. Stop crying and get your shit done - otherwise you end up dying in the streets.

Drugs can be pretty cool, no question. But it's not worth to destroy your whole life. It is easier to take nothing rather than stay in control of your consume.

When once did i say i live with them??? They found me at their house yes. No idea how i got there. And no. thats why i said im going willingly. i live in a shitty asd apartment

And thats another reason im kinda pissed about going. My phone bill is already late and I have other bills. Im going because i owe it to my mom. Shes done fucking everything for me

Then how the fuck are they "forcing" you to go to rehab? This isn't even making sense now. Don't you have a job? Your parents pay for all your shit don't they?

Yes they do. But who the fuck cares?

I didnt say they were forcing me anywhere. Why do you think im saying its a little extreme??? Im a functioning adult. Yea I have a job. im not pissed just because i dont want to go. I have fucking obligations. And taking 30 days off isnt easy

Bro im 25. I WISH my parents would still pay for my shit

Well, it's a lesson learned hopefully. Gotta be careful with that shit, addiction or no. Besides, you shouldn't be doing that shit while you live with your parents anyway. That's just asking for drama. Gotta work towards getting your own place where you won't be bothered.

I remember when I didn't have a Xanax problem either and I threw myself out my bedroom window and fucked my back up forever

definitely not addicted tho and definitely didnt have any problems

So just do out-patient and stop being a fucking idiot. You're a grown man. You can't live your whole life trying to please your fucking parents.

>Yes they do


Too much oxygen not lack of.

Yeah. Im going to go open minded and get the most i can from it. I dont live with them. Fuck if i did my step dad would seriously kill me if i did ANYTHING at their house. I wouldn't do that shit. I cant even smoke cigs there

>I WISH my parents would still pay for my shit
You'd be surprised how common this is. Tons of people out there in their 20s who "moved out" yet their parents are paying their rent and car payments.

72 hrs but a 30 day prescription.

This aint me guys. Like i said. If they did id have alot nicer shit than i do now. They are the type of people who make their kids buy and learn lessons by their self. Would be nice if they gave me money

>They are the type of people who make their kids buy and learn lessons by their self.
Seems to have done you a lot of good, LOL

Why dont you guys believe me about not living there lmao. I did pay off my own car tho so im lucky i dont have to worry about that

Just because i experiment with drugs doesnt mean my life is completely fucked up lmao. Yes im my own god damn person i dont care what they do for a living. i have a decent job and pay my fucking bills. I dont buy drugs ever because i dont really do them often. and i quit drinking 6 months ago without a hiccup. im probably doing better than most people in their 20s getting shit faced eveynight

I meant it's common in general. A lot of people live far above their means to the point they need to get financial support from their parents. It's pretty sad really. There are guys who are still working in their fucking 60s that are worried about retiring because they still support their kid(s) financially.

Ahh. Yeah that's definitely more common than it should be. I wasn't raised that way. im honestly happy and really fucking suprised my parents support me until i was 20. My mom helped a year or 2 ago with $20 for food. But thats about it

Eh, now that I think about it it's not that sad. These people usually learn that kind of behavior from their parents anyway. Or they marry someone who's a nigger with their money.

I don't know if I hate meth or xanax worse.

Xanax turns people into these zombies who absolutely do not care if they behave like fucking maniacs and don't ever remember any of the crazy shit they ever did at coming off of that from heavy abuse is very scary.

>Xanax turns people into these zombies who absolutely do not care if they behave like fucking maniacs and don't ever remember any of the crazy shit they ever did at coming off of that from heavy abuse is very scary.
That's why I refuse to take that shit. I've heard stories of people blacking out and waking up in a jail cell, having no idea how they ended up there.

Yeah. Some of that behavior is learned 100 percent. It was always impossible to get money from my parents for fun when i was younger. they would always say some thing along the lines of "15 is halfway to 30 we shouldn't be giving you money, work for it" sometimes my mom would sneak me a 20. But it was like pulling teeth. She doesn't

quints tell the truth op

you're in denial, best go through with the rehab

Thats easy for me. Meth is straight fucked up

my friend took that shit and threw a bottle of whiskey at a dude on a bike in the middle of a major intersection in a major city. glad he missed. he's always kind and cordial, not on that garbage.

>he's always kind and cordial, not on that garbage.
You'd be surprised man. There are people who legit turn into full blown fags everytime they get wasted. Might be your friend is just acting like a nice person when really, deep inside he's angry as fuck at the world.

i knew someone who thought like you once, then they took too much of a drug that "you can't overdose" on, and guess what? they didn't die! of course, they couldn't walk right or read for a few months either, but that's just because respiratory depression resulted in hypoxia. i'd be curious to know what you consider to be an overdose. fuckhead.

i'm not even the guy that responded to you, but i was so overwhelmed by your stupidity that i felt compelled to express it.

>then they took too much of a drug that "you can't overdose" on, and guess what? they didn't
Let me guess, weed?

>bro im not addicted
>i can quit whenever i want
>i dont need rehab
>i took too much it doesnt mean im addicted
stop lying to yourself op

Idk why anyone likes that shit, it MUST be somewhat euphoric for some people. But seriously, if you HAVE to do it anyway just get it over with and learn the lesson, seems like you may be rather sheltered if your stepdad is a counselor (not that that's a bad thing at all, in fact it's likely a blessing), but he's probably just concerned cause he's seen so many addicted degenerates. I only have experience with heavy opie addiction, but drugs like that can really turn you into something you don't wanna be, frankly I don't give a shit about the perception people may have had about me, or whatever it did to my body, but I just wish it didn't fuck with my reward system so much, and totally alter my time preference and other neurological changes. You don't want that to happen to you, anyone that's done it can tell you it's hard to get it back to normal, if it's even possible (or they're even aware of these things), there are studies that suggest it can return to normal, but others that seem to indicate it simply never does. Just be careful OP, I'm not accusing you of being an addict as I don't know you, but that shit will bite you in the ass when you think you have it most under control.

I gotta agree with this guy. You should try to get off xanax completely if you can, especially if you're already abusing it.

this. i mean if you don't give a fuck just say you're gonna harm yourself, spend a few days in a mental ward, and walk away.

I got kicked out of rehab for being on drugs there.

Guess you should kill yourself. The ultimate rehab.

No I work and go to school, I’ve been taking drugs ever since then and still live a normal life. Don’t feel like stopping entirely. Over the years I’ve been taking less though.

i made the mistake of mixing xanax and vicodin once some years ago, both of which i had a prescription for. big, big mistake. i'm a really laid back easy going "gentle giant" and the mixture turned me into a monster, everyone around me said they were terrified of me. i was doing crazy shit like taking batteries out of their cars and ripping doors off of hinges among other stuff. fortunately everyone recognized it was an accident and nothing came of it. sorry to hear you're gettin' dicked.

Working students kill themselves each day. You can do it bro.

I think you fell into a coma and dreamed that.

i guess the 3 other people telling me what i'd done were all comatose too. cool.

Bro go just to spite us yeah wow.
Get help.

No I enjoy my life, you’re welcome to kill yourself if you want though.

Explain this to the counselors at rehab. Mention "hammer syndrome" or however you'd like to phrase it, essentially your dad is a hammer, therefore every problem he sees is a nail which must be hammered. Don't appear upset or resistant, don't attempt to circumvent the amount of time you're spending there, focus on the idea that you're not sure if your father simply has flawed judgement or if he's really just using rehab as a form of personal abuse. You're "not sure" if he isn't paying adequate attention to you or if he just actually dislikes you, but are leaning toward one outcome based on other past interactions.

Rehab people DO NOT like their service being used as false imprisonment or abuse. The ideal outcome is not you leaving early, it's the facility in question having stern words and serious questions for your father about his character. This will hurt him and make him feel unbelievable threatened given that his own continued employment in a fairly easy field of work is dependent on public trust in his character.

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