How do i make myself happy ?

how do i make myself happy ?

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kys yourself

heroin till u die

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just tell yourself you are happy, it really works

Do what you love. Otherwise you're just a drone.

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get better at something you're interested in

I'm usually not serious on this board but this video changed my life. watch this, and do the opposite.

Meditation is the key brother!


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Happiness is a myth, at least in the way you believe it to be. Understand that first. If you are envious or worried that you aren't feeling happiness, do not fear, because that doesn't even make sense.

The closest you can get is to invest in yourself. Figure out what you like, and find people and work that compliment that.

reference: graham hancock

Figure out who you are, what your principles are, what makes you happy, how you distribute value between people, your goals, and then make your life revolve around working towards those things and setting up a clear identity for yourself

Thanks user I needed to see that.

get into a job that pays well and start taking adderall.
go to school for something that will get you a good paying job and start taking Adderall.

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