Girlfriend has me locked in chastity and plugged. Also took me to buy panties at VS today...

Girlfriend has me locked in chastity and plugged. Also took me to buy panties at VS today. This is all after I told her about my fetish earlier in the week.

Totally shaved, sharing her lingerie and toys.

Did I go to far? Will she ever look at me the same again?

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nope, she won't. If shit don't work out and you don't wanna be her sissy for the rest of your life you better become a conservative borderline racist while you find some wrestler men to fit in with.

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I wouldn't mind being her sissy for the rest of my life, but I'm just concerned that it's just a phase or she'll get bored of it.

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The thing about bdsm relationships is that youre doing it because normal sex isnt good got boring so yall look for other fun shit to do..until that gets boring lmao

Ass pics of GF

Got kik? Bull here. Interested in seeing you both sharing her clothes

That's actually pretty accurate. I was never good enough to actually please her sexually. She's been way more turned on treating me like the bitch.

I don't even know what else there is for me if she gets bored of this. I don't think it's something I can take back or that she would forget.

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Her ass is better than mine

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Don't have kik sorry daddy.

Oh wow
Skype or discord ??

I would like to fuck this trap thing, I'm a pretty good looking dude and not at all like a Cred Forums creep but I aint gonna post my face here bruh also OP is probably larping real hard but if not put your insta on here I have an account with 10.2K followers I'll hit u up

Jelous af

You a Steelers fan bro
Let's party

You also look good, altough you could lose some weight.
More pics, please.

Honestly if things get boring again find some bull on grindr to fuck your gf after you suck his cock

Mid 50s daddy dom would love to spoil you cupcake

Find me on tumblr princess


This. But find a black bull.

I don't know if she would be down for that. Would also be scared that she would just run off with him.

I would love to see that, but then she would really know how pathetic I am.

I can post mine if you'd like

Hhnnnngggggggg saved

If she loves you she'll stay and have fun along side you. You don't have to lead her in any direction. Just do what you both enjoy.

No future together.

Same here

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You like women
It's okay

Why not?

Great advice. Thank you!

Damn that ass is juicy as fuck

She locked me too

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Thanks I try!

aint gunna lie, laughed pretty hard at all of these but that last one really got it going.
thanks, im going to save these and needlessly shitpost with your gay degeneracy everywhere I go!
Your legacy will continue on after you undoubtedly kill yourself by the age 30.

sauce is ambertrapxb

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