Cuckold since 3 years ago

Cuckold since 3 years ago

>pic related

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more pics?

Si hoy show more

She is my wife, this was our first and unique foursome

Pic related

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So fucking hot
Show us a normal sexy photo of her

Like this?

I forget the pic

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I have pics of my wife too with other men


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Ever had her take bbc?

Sadly not, but she wants to try it this 2020

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Love the pictures and with cum?

How did it feel the first time you saw some over guy slide his cock in?

Bull in Vegas Kik under vegasrod we should talk

I get it as long as they are loving it I am cool. I love seeing my girl act like a slut.

Give us some more pics in which she’s enjoying herself. Hot as fuck

How did you both come to such a relationship? From the get go or did things and kinks develop?

Cum in her tits, not face

Was awesome, i cum like not before

I will

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I meet her and after 2 years i get married, the rest was just a good communication

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Got some more where she’s enjoying some cock?

There is, and thats not me, lol

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Bull, will use your girls nudes, save them, caption them, repost, set as phone background etc. Kik is cgr941

I always wonder how does these things start. Was it your idea and she played along? Her idea and you played along?

If so, what did you/she told her/you?

>tfw big tiddy gf doesn't post revealing pictures of herself or generally attention whores whenever she's mad at me
Why live

M25 German bull
Thick cock
Cant satisfy your slut and want a real man to do it?
Kik: davidavedav12


Was Las Vegas an easy place to find Bull.
Include Details

Yes, we find a couple of guys actually

Casinos or clubs.

Just why ?

cuck here
anyone interested in a milf?

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Is love to give her my bill cock
28 yo

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would love you watch you open her up with that

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Wife and I are interested in details

details of what ?

Your Vegas experiences

Your Las Vegas experiences

not him
i was asking why someone would want his wife get fucked in front of him
what's the sentimental and psychological reason behind it

Not necessarily a cuck, but my wife and I play together quite often. We have a friend that we normally play with. Started with drinks and strip cards and progressed from there. Love sharing her and tag teaming her. Awesome having my own personal porn star.

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Mrwhiskeylover is my kik

You are posting in a psyop anons

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How did you convince your wife to cuck you? Did you feel jealous? How did you find the bulls and know they're safe?

I'm fucking curious. My girlfriend and I are monogamous and satisfied with each other, but this is forbiddenly intriguing. Having fantasies of her cucking me or getting gangbanged in front of me by bigger men.
Pic related.

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Never jealous! It’s so hot, just takes time patience and being open about your fantasy and desire to see her get fucked.

She’s sexy

Was she reluctant to comply to your cuck desires?

Thanks, she might blush from hearing that!

Feel free to message me to chat or kik me some pics of you get bored. I’m stuck at work.


Imagine if she knew about all the hard cocks throbbing for her

do you typically do it with friends of yours ?
my gf and I would like to propose a threesome to a very close friend, but I'm kinda worried this would make him uncomfortable and make things weird in the long term
we often hang out with him and both share a deep rapport with him, and I'd hate to sour that relationship
any advice regarding that ?

Well, she would be angry at me for sharing her pictures without her consent. So far, I haven't seen her entertain other men(I checked her social media accounts). Is that too suspicious?

Let’s see more ass and soles.

If you have a kik message me mine is Hyg3iolatry2

"663 700 989" ...


I've taken my wife to a few gloryholes. That was always fun.

that make you a cuck, not the bull

you sucked with her ?

Alcohol. Then yo have an easy way to wave it all away should anyone feel at all awkward afterwards.

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No I just watch her enjoy sucking cocks. in between she stroke or suck me. sometimes i fuck her while she sucks other cocks.

You'll always there in the room when she fucks and sucks other dudes ?

Want to share my beautiful girlfriend with a bull

Kik parsleysagerosemary6

Yes, I'm always with her when we share her. Turns me on to watch, and depending on the scenario, it helps keep her safe.

why and how did you start that game ?

we were watching porn while we fucked. inevitably 3somes came up and my wife was into it. The thought of seeing her suck cock was pretty hot, so we went with it. Figured a gloryhole would be impersonal enough that if either of us wasn't in to it, it would be easy to move past it.

Porn consumption pushed you into threesome ? because regular sex became boring ?

Does it bother you that she doesn't respect you at all?
Does kissing/cuddling and catering to her emotional needs ever fill you with a sense of self-disgust?
Do you ever take a good long look at yourself in the mirror without any distractions and truly reflect on your relationship?


I'm guessing it was always there for both of us, but porn was the icebreaker. It's ok to have sexual fun in a way that pleases us both, while knowing that sexual fun is all it is.

you're married, got kids ?

Cuckolding is BETA as fuck. It is being pushed all over the place, in order to weaken men and make them servants. Why would you let another guy fuck your girl? How fucking stupid is that?

married, been together for 11 years, and we do have kids

When you got friends over your kids dont ask questions ?
At what point in the 11 years you wanted to spice things up ?

we don't bring them to our house. WE either go out for the night and have a baby sitter, or have someone join us if we go away for the weekend. It isn't hard to hide it, and we don't do it every single night. its a once in a while thing when we feel like it.

your both attractive ?
what's the next step ?

I mean I think she is attractive so i'm guessing I am. And what do you mean next step? We have fun with normal sex regularly, and with kinky stuff every once in a while. I'm not sure there is a next step.

Way to violate one of the only people in the whole dark and cold universe who might actually give half a shit about you

full cuck here. shared last gf a ton before she and i split. add me on discord to see pics of her fat cunt. fetlvr #2766

>next step
not some orgy sex parties type of thing ?

Bruh every cuck in this thread gets off on violating their partners. Thats the point.

I mean, it's never come up as something she or I want to do. Not saying that it will never happen, but it hasn't been a fantasy of either of us yet.

Do you think your relationship is stronger now ?
You talk about those kinky stuff like you talk about vanilla sex ? ("hey wanna go to the GH tonight ?") ?

I think our relationship is as strong as it ever was or will be. And yea, sometimes I say, "hey lets go to the bookstore this weekend" or she says, lets go into the city for a weekend. It just comes up at times. I can kik if you want to ask me questions and get quicker answers.

If you guys are happier go on and good luck !
I don't i've got more questions now

it's fun we both enjoy it and hasn't caused any trouble. People get so worked up on her about it, like its something that couples do 24/7. It's not. its just a fun thing to have happen every once in a while

Oh last questions :
Ever thought about having other women ?
Do you think it's common in your country ?

I don't really know how common it is my country,we don't advertise that we do it. And not into other women and neither is she.

You're a pathetic excuse of a boy.

Can you share some details on this?

Like what it's like? Or how we do it?

how can you live with yourself?

Tell a good gloryhole story? First time? Most extreme time?

this might be easier on kik. stephenwilliam314 is mine

I don't have kik. Can you just tell story here? It's what the board is for.

I was cucked by my now ex wife. For about a year and a half she was fucking this 50+ year old and his friend. She was 23 at the time, on birth control so taking gallons of their donations by the time I figured it out. Made me sick to my stomach and left her. Now I jerk off thinking about it. Pic related.

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First time we went. We walked slowly around the store and loudly got tokens for a booth. We wanted guys to know what was up. She had taken her bra off in the car, and her nipples were clearly showing through her thin tank top. WE went into the booth and she took her top off and looked extremely nervous. Neither of us knew if this would work or be fun. That was the moment the first cock came through the hole. cont?

more stories and pics ?
how did you discover it ?

You can absolutely continue. I want every detail user.

you're a pussy lmao

Wife says she gets hot thinking about a gloryhole type situation. Wish there was a safe no strings attached option for her. Lol

Could try a swingers club with her. Or do you want more anonymity.

She looked at me nervously, and started stroking a stangers cock. My wife. who knows who the cock belonged to. Once it was fully hard, she got on her knees and started sucking. She quickly got into it, and i unzipped my pants and started stroking. she was really into it, and got the guy off pretty quickly. he came in her mouth, and she knows i like to see her tits covered in cum, so she drooled it out with a smile onto her tits. It was fucking hot. he pulled his cock out of the hole, and about 30 seconds later, a 2nd cock came through the hole.

Second cock was a about an inch longer, and already hard. Now that the ice was broken, my wife went to town and put on a show. Long licks up and down the shaft, slowly sucking his head. She enjoyed this cock, and made sure to take her time so I could enjoy watching, When he started to tense, she pulled him out of her mouth and added his load to her tits.

She didnt really have a father in her life. She met this guy and we all had dinner together, he was "like a father" to her... Well that was the story she gave me, so would meet with him 2-3 times a week. Yes I was dumb 27 year old. Also around that time she got on the Nuva ring. I thought it was very fun but still didnt put 2 and 2 together. This goes on for almost a year and a half then I get spicious. Took me some time but was able to figure out her passcode on her phone and one night looked through her texts. That is when I found out his friend and him where actually using her as their personal fuck puppet. Next day I left her ass.
Why do you say that?

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Any cucks in the San Francisco Bay Area? Hung, dominant brown bull looking for white wives.

Kik hung_persian

Last cock was also average, but black. That was hot. But the whole "black cocks are huge" myth is just a myth. BUt my wife went at it with some gusto. She had never had a black cock before this. She was really working hard on him when she pulled off, looked at me, and said "I'm swallowing his cum". she went back to work, and pretty soon, he shot a pornstar sized load into her mouth. She turned around, showed me, and swallowed every drop. She stood and kissed me. We went back into the store, went to our car, went home, and fucked like rabbits when we got home.

she worked it hard and swallowed because it was her first black dick or she like BBC in general ?

>She stood and kissed me
So you're not just a doormat but a closeted faggot too. Got it.

Because it was her first. BBC is over rated. I don't think size is, but bbc as a fetish is stupid. skill is more important than race.

Sure, happily married with a loving wife, but i'm a faggot.

Sounds like you did the right thing tho user.

You're a faggot. Dice it up all you'd like, but you are AIDs breeding trash.

you got some good tips/guide to get skills ?
his cum tasted good ? she wants to get more black dudes in the future ?

I mean, she had swallowed and it wasnt like she stuck her tongue down my throat. and skills for getting your wife into it? Take it slow and don't push the issue. She has fucked one other black dude, but his attitude made it not worth the work. WE have more of a hotwife thing as opposed to a cuckold thing,

They're faggot losers that don't have the guts to just be gay lol're a faggot that fucks other men thru your wife.

I love how you didn't object to the doormat part.
So what would you call a dude who kisses a woman that just swallowed another man's load? Cause it sure as fuck isn't heterosexual in case you were wondering.
>inb4 is orally prepping your bull considered gay

Earth worm Jim hey

skills to be great in the bed
the black dude was fit and hung or normal ? how did you find him ?

The black dude at the gloryhole was normal. The black dude she slept with was bigger, but a dick and not good in bed. Like I said, not worth it. And when you have a good looking wife, its easy to go on the right sites and find bigger than average guys who will fuck her.

where were you when she fucked the black dude ? not good in bed ? what do you mean exactly

I was watching. And not in good in bed meaning selfish. He got off, didn't care about her cumming. The whole point is for her to have fun, not for him to get his rocks off and leave.

You weren't cucked. You were cheated on. Theres a difference. "By the time you found out" is the key there.

i'm happy to chat on kik or discord if you want

what's your kik ?
same poster ?

4 years married 5 years cuckold masterrace standing by

lol 3 years wooooooooo what are you doing why do you let your girl fuck other men lol thats dumb man. thats dumb lol youre pathetic. thats just straight up pathetic wooo

those are all me. stephenwilliam314 is my kik


whats your discord?


where you from OP?


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This is her btw

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why lie, friend? your english is obviously a 2nd language, 1st language not germanic