Whats the most fucked up movie you've ever watched Cred Forums?

Whats the most fucked up movie you've ever watched Cred Forums?

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The Grifter, hands down

The grifter

August underground

pyramid, 2018, with baby girl xxx

had to cuddle her all night cause she was the scares
it was fucked.

The Item
Holy mountain
Daisy's oops nevermind
My own birth video

Grifter is gay as fuck

>Grifter is gay as fuck
Just like your life. You must love it in that case.

"A Serbian Film"

A cooworker burned me a copy of serbian film. I watched it without subtitles so some parts i was confused about however I thought it was a decent movie

What was it gumo or something? A pretty good movie about killing cats. Everyone in that movie likes killing cats. They start off with drowing one. Talk about microwaving them, putting glass in cat food, and they catch/kill to sell to Chinese restaurant.

Needs a sequel.


I can't find it atm, but this foreign film called "Nude." It was probably a different title translated loosely into English because I dont see anything popping up when I search.

>me and my friend
>be like 9-10 years old
>friends dad always buys all the tv packages (this was in the days of DSL internet being "really good")
>stay up late
>see a movie on HBO or some paid channel coming up called "Nude."
>oh shit, this is what we've been waiting for
>10 year old us: "lol boobz, this will be great."
>3 or 4am
>the movie starts
>anticipated girls gone wild type shit
>VHS cassette quality film
>not in english, but looks set somewhere in Europe
>could have been french, maybe??
>movie begins with some woman being raped in an alley
>distraught character trying to deal with it, hides it from friends, etc...
>stop watching that shit
>irritated that we just sat through every generic late night talk show waiting to see a movie with tits, but were thoroughly disappointed
>I dont even think the rape scene had any nudity besides the guys ass

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Event horizon was kinda fucked up

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Irreversible and The Serbian Film

the human centipede

Mordom is way more fucked up, probably the most fucked up movie out there.

There is also that one about the poor mortician, freaking drab.

Defending a gay ass fake movie cause it scares you

Whoa we got a genius here with these freshies

More gore movies are dog shit plots with overly long death scenes that were made by some underage Cred Forums poster. I liked the event horizon log scene, wish the lost footage was found.

A Serbian film.

The faces of death series.
Faces Of Death 5, to be exact.

Any google search will result in jackpot.

Documentary series of collected film snippets, people getting killed caught on tape.

I saw FoD 5 when I was 12. Buncha goth kid wannabes in 2002.

Film opens with credits and the background is a body being cremated. A narrative plays while morbid snippets of actual occurrence sequence the screen:
>Chinese family butchers/prepares dinner with live aikido puppies.
>a police raid on a New England farm in the 80’s shows two “witches” covered in blood with 90+ bodies on their property
>a doctor at a psych facility films as a patient steals a screwdriver from a maintainence cart and goes in a murderous rampage.

Those are just a few of many snippets.

I heard some of the other movies in the series were re-enactments, but this one is b& in many countries.

I didn’t realize how bad that movie affected me until i was in my twenties.

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Recently, Parasite

Holy fuck! I had forgotten about those tapes. You used to be able to rent them then they got banned.

A Serbian Film

Scientist have been baffled for years.

A Serbian film

The Black Chapter

requiem of a dream
my friend's sister fav movie


The last jedi



>Event horizon
This movie was dope

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Watchmen fucked with me when I was 11

Dogtooth. I don't even remember how I came across it, and have no idea why I sat through the whole thing.

Dead alive

A Serbian Film and August Underground are my obvious choices, but I'm gonna go with Deadgirl just because it hasn't been mentioned yet.
The Black Room deserves a honorable mention too, last time I checked it was available on Netflix.


Also shoutout to Bad Taste and Braindead

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The skin I live in.

Antonio Banderas has a seriously autistic daughter who kills herself after being used for sex by a boy at a party, he then kidnaps the boy and plastic surgeries the fuck out of him and turns him into a woman, makes him do yoga and shit to maintain a slight physique, the whole movie is super fucked up

Kids. Watched it at school when I was like 13. Can't go a week without thinking about the first time I watched it.

Martyrs. The french one. Fucked me up for days, which never really happened to me again so that one wins. And i have seen a lot

>Bad Taste
Absolutely patrician

That movie with Daisy

gives some perspective, don't it?

i walked out of the Last house on the Left remake, shit got me HEATED and all my friends told me "should've stayed, man it was worth it for the ending" and it ended up being a reason why i slowly stopped hanging with them. not a point of contention, just a worm that planted in my brain about them and the whole movie industry that wouldn't go away

It wasn't base moi?

This movie?

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Your mom's German sheisse video

Com and see


Most of Faces was recreations, etc. Traces of Death, however was all the real thing.

Jurassic Park 1.
Those raptors gave me horrible nightmares for weeks.


OPs mom being gang banged by nigger Muslims. Shit scarred me for life.


Made me depressed and made me feel dirty for a couple days.

1998 Happiness

The Holy Mountain
Naked Lunch
El Topo

Dragon ball evolution, I watched all my favorite characters get fucked by James Wong

i remember watching the thing when i was like 7. the dog scene fucked me up at the time

>A Serbian Film

Yup, that was pretty fucked up. Man fucked a baby just after delivering it. jesus