Are all pizza girls slutty?

Are all pizza girls slutty?

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kill yourself faggot

I've never actually seen one, it's always nasty pimplefaced pizza boys.

I’ve had one or two, but yeah they looked like Mexican houskeepers

second slides hot af

lasts ittys gonna age :

Used to date one that left me for my friend then came back for vangance sex cause her bf was talking to some other skank. Then I showed her bf some screenshots and fucked the skank too. I made sure she find out of course.

Only girls who end up working at pizza places are broke stoner chicks. Broke stoner chicks like to have fun

What’s the pizza place in the middle?

Mountain Mikes

Looks like mountain mikes.

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The question is, can you bring out her slutty?


Just sluts in general
Ex works as a traine Ambulance driver
She's given me mutible nudes like in OP in her Red Uniform
>Norway Ambulance uniform
She's a slut before me meet, and after.
She's hot too, miss that hoe, but also hate her.

>Post it

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Yes. When I worked as a delivery driver I fucked the assistant manager in store. On another occasion I got a bj from the manager. Both were students in the local college.

Both never knew the other did a anything with me and happened while opening and while closing the store

Don’t you mean are all sluts looking for reasons to whore around, then yes. Just look at the degenerate women on the Witcher Netflix show.

All women are sluts.

idk about to order delivery and find out...

Is this what South Park parodies?

What type of Pokemon does the 3rd one have on her phone¿

all women are bitches and whores

It's Eevee, a normal type.

that's eevee, he's a fire type digimon from the shin megami tensei series. He's has some of the highest stats and for a low-level persona he's a great for monster-rancher stand user

1 and 2 are surprisingly hot under the uniforms. 1 looks too skinny and flat chested but it suits her nude, she's quite nice. 2 looks disheveled and kinda trashy and like she might be saggy under the clothes, but has a nice little body actually, face and hair could use some help tho.