Imagine the US becoming a socialist country

Imagine the US becoming a socialist country

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Imagine so easily falling for conservative spooks

it would be such a hell hole

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>imagine finally using our massive wealth to lift up society as a whole


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socialism would be a huge upgrade from this oligarchy we have

thanks obama

Bernie's "socialism," which OP is linking, is simply social democratic reforms likeeee Canada or the UK or Sweden. Have your problem with OP's connection, but I'm simply giving real world examples of his politics in action.

>likeeee Canada or the UK or Sweden

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funny how it also shows the split of functioning economies, blue, vs rural 3rd world level shitholes in red

>be right tard
>start retarded wars
>hurr what are consequences

Imagine thinking the DNC isn't trying to rig the primary again.

Why the hell would we want to be like the fucking UK? You kidding me with this? That place is going to complete shit like the damn day

speak proper english idiot

Honestly all the red states are shit, blue states are the best to live in. Makes yah think.
Ah yes, real bunch of geniuses y'all got there

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Social democratic reforms.... ah oh..... black people exist?? We don't want any of those black people here cause then single payer health care can't work... lmaoooooo

Who doesn't want to get into life crippling medical debt. Exactly!

Get a job and pay for it nigger

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Actually, that's how they pay for single payer healthcare too. LMAOOO

Affordable education?

>That's socialism

Affordable healthcare?

>That's socialism

Working full-time should pay a livable wage?

>That's still socialism

Renewable energy and carbon neutrality?

>That's very socialist

I guess every sane and reasonable person must be a socialist.

>socialist country
is what you say, but
>a nation in line with every other PROSPEROUS civilized nation on Earth having basic shit

>be me
>make $11.22 an hour plus benefits unloading trucks at Wal-Mart
>live in shitty small town
>2 bedroom apartment is $400 a month
>other bills and expenses bring monthly cost of living up to $800
>can pay for it myself with money left over to indulge in hobbies

Wow it’s a dream come true...

Imagine Americans not using Socialism & Communism interchangeably. That's hard enough, so yeah vote against basic needs Ameri-tards

At least I might be able to pay my fucking water bill then

Nigger is a nigger nigger with the niggy nig nigga nig jews?

>We don't want any of those black people here
No we fucking don't. We can't make the ones that have been here for generations act normal. You want the feral variety? Hippy faggot, grow a fucking brain. Best part is your idiots want to flood with illegals AND disarm! If this is the world you all want to live in, go to Africa, it's all there for you.

>>other bills and expenses bring monthly cost of living up to $800
While your particular situation might work out (for now), many employees earn below the poverty line. Maybe it's not simply blue states vs. red states but the entire system itself... just putting thoughts out there

Ok faggot.

>Best part is your idiots want to flood with illegals AND disarm!

>Hippy faggot, grow a fucking brain


It is the system, but trying to fix it with communism, is insane. A good way to fix it would be to make employees have the same mobility as the rest of the company, with either automatic stock options or to tether the bottom tier of employees to the top, by total percentage of total profits. This will crush monopolies and get actual competition going again.

I always feel like I'm either talking to an edgy 13 year old, an emotionally stunted 30 something year old, or an overconfident asshole when I'm on Cred Forums and a lot of what can is said is "nigger" and "faggot" thinking it hurts. It's like the funniest thing in the world but also the saddest.

"Your idiots" meaning your politicians, dipshit.

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Ok faggot.

the irony is this is a bot reply

if that was true than yes it would look bad
but its simply not

which part is not true?

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LMAOOOOO. This makes it even funnier.

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You're assuming i didn't know what you meant??LMAOO

stop i can only get so erect

Lmao imagine being a faggot and thinking you're gonna get a serious response on Cred Forums.

ah you must be on welfare

Who said anything about a moneyless, classless, and stateless society?"Socialism" for Bernie is just basic social democratic reforms. I think we ought to fight for workers owning the means of production tho

Then you're on the wrong website.

LMAO you're assuming I'm expecting a "serious" response? Nah, just find the use of "nigger" and "faggot" as terms people think hurt other people on here as both funny and sad. It has nothing to do with seriousness. Just find the use of the words on here meaningless.

Eh, I've seen Lefties on here. Yet, who's to say who should and shouldn't be on here given the kind of free for all Cred Forums usually is. Seem antithetical to the platform's purpose.

Imagine Cred Forums becoming a cancer free site

/bant/ is what Cred Forums wishes it still was.

>simply social democratic reforms

yes, like paying an additional 25% on every purchase you make, to give a more meaningful example

also, you pay this with what is left of your income after paying 45% income tax

OMG, I forgot paying for single payer healthcare through taxes on something mostly everyone already pays for, but will now be progressively taxed (i.e. most people will have an overall net savings), along with other programs will somehow affected every single consumer good by a flat 25% across the board cause that's how the economy works?? I'd imagine life is so much more unaffordable in every single developed Western country.
45%? Maybe you should do some more research. he's not proposing a flat tax rate or anything lol

> I'd imagine life is so much more unaffordable in every single developed Western country.

you'de be amazed, more then 4,5 USD for a gallon of gas is what they pay in an average eu country

>45%? Maybe you should do some more research. he's not proposing a flat tax rate or anything lol

who is saying anything about a flat rate tax? in my country you start with 36%, the lowest tax rate, if you earn more then 100k you pay more then 50%

sanders can promise you anything, but believe me, once in power these socialists never have enough tax money and are always hungry for more

It's almost like you pay for school out of pocket and pay to drive on the roads, and everytime there's a fire you pay the fire department. Except you don't. It's partially socialist already.

I live with my mom. we get section 8 and ebt. I don't want to work. I would rather be homeless than be a slave. Time spent cannot be gotten back . My time is for me. You hate me for being a leach? Good. I am proud to be free and hated. Enjoy your slavery. "why should I pay for you to live". That's what you agreed to when you got a job, so fuck you. I don't feel guilt over this. I hate society and am proud to cost you money.

Ample evidence...?

Debt = Wealth

Niggers like this need to die

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why? because I must earn my right to life?

When you make it harder on people that already have it hard that work hard for something then they see you sitting around taking from them you get hardened enemies

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What a loser

implying I give a shit.

Funny, this is the reason people hate billionaires

lol that this is the best you can hope for in the US. forty years ago you could have been doing the exact same shit but also afford a wife and four kids and a new car. instead you voted to give all your money to three already rich guys. pretty smart.

KKK go back to stormfront


you pay taxes so we can have roads and bridges, a police & fire department, city utilities like water & sewer, also an airforce, army, marines & navy and the coast guard, those are all socialist systems you already live in a socialist country you moron

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I dont think you understand what socilisam is...

If trump is guilty then he will not be acquitted, he will be acquitted if he is innocent

imagine being this deep into paranoia.
smoke another bong and chill.

>Honestly all the red states are shit, blue states are the best to live in.
It's not opposite day.

yes i do you idiot, dont confuse socialism with a totalitarian dictatorship like soviet russia or china

Trump has shown us that with a big brain like his, you can easily take billions and make millions out of it

Illinois being a functioning economy lol....good try.

It isn't even right or left but Zionism. Obama and Libya.

Your forgeting a few things and confusing social programs with socialism.
Like denmark

Remember when Trump said he was king of the Jews lol

.Any of various theories or systems of social organization in which the means of producing and distributing goods is owned collectively or by a centralized government that often plans and controls the economy.

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If you watch it all youll see he was talking about how he was the only one to standup to china.

Government programs and services are not Socialism.

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No, that's is the problem, you want to use MY wealth to prop up those that refuse to better them selves, fuck you and fuck the commie bernie

People on both sides think that it is. Try explianing it to either.

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We've already done that.

>>idiots on both sides

Hell, why stop at imagining it? I'm going to help make that shit happen.

Socialism is not a bad idea. The problem arises when you have socialism along with blacks and supporters of the Black Lives movement. The Black Lives movement goal is to let all prisoners go free, and allow ex convicts to breed uncontrollably.

Yeah that's totally what happened to the USSR

They have had areas that didnt have blacks and it didnt seem to work that well.

Yes, it would be awesome

Technically you're not wrong but you should really seek therapy. You seem kinda obsessed with black people having sex.

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Like all the other successful Socialist countries that don't exist

The armish could maybe be conisdered "socialist" but that isnt an easy life.

The American education system is socialist.

All the Socialists should go be Amish then

And it sucks. And that doesn't mean that we're Socialist as a country.

Dont think many could. From my experience they mostly want money from very little to no work for it.

I mean we tried capitalism but that's really going down the shitter now.
Whats a better alternative?

It's okay for blacks to have sex, but they should not be allowed to produce offspring. I am mad because they gave $3.4 million dollars to Rodney King. Rodney had a violent criminal record. He was an abusive alcoholic speeding and resisting arrest. They rioted to defend Rodney.

We tried that with Welfare. It didn't work.

More capitalism. If we work hard for wages that'll never increase, we're bound to become billionaires, right?

Southern states have large populations and concentrations of blacks. Why do you think they score so poorly?


No you didn't try it, dumb ass. You're too fucking dumb to understand basic concepts so it's no wonder this confuses you so much.

>the transcript wasn't released because I don't like what it says


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how mad are the zoomers going to be when this faggot loses again

are people unironically supposed to be mad these guys get young pussy lol

Rather not thanks.

Did they blurr his face or was it just like that.

Mad they got away with it


the begging for your money already starts at the welcome page of berniesanders com

Yeah. You dont expect him to use his money.

Opinion troll, as FNC hooks the liberals lurkers with nonsense. FNC knows liberals prefer the juicy falsehood over the truth, every time.

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America will never be a socialist country on it's face. We have some socialist policies right now & they're not working. Which is just one of the reasons the debt is rapidly growing (not the only reason, the Military Industrial Complex is probably the biggest reason).
As for the "Trump is guilty" crowd on here: guilty of what? Quid pro quo using aid money? First off, why the fuck are we giving the Ukraine shit tons of money? You want free healthcare & shit? Then we need to fucking stop giving all these foreign nations free money that NOBODY EVEN VOTED FOR. Name one politician who ran on "I'm going to give foreign nations millions of dollars." Nobody did. This is all bullshit & you're mad at the wrong stuff. FUCK. I'm mad that Trump gave any nation aid money. How is that a financially viable thing to do for a country that's over 20 trillion in debt? Pull your heads out of your asses so we can tar & feather all these asshats.

LOL Socialism? Please.

>almost like he isn't backed by the giant companies that he is opposing
Good catch there Sherlock

We tried capitalism w/govt intervention. It's not a surprise that govt fucking w/a "free market" via not letting it be a free market would ruin the free market. However, trying "not exactly capitalism" got us here. Trying "not exactly socialism" in other countries got them dead (others would argue that it was exactly socialism, but even if it wasn't it still got hundreds of millions dead).

>>almost like he isn't backed by the giant companies that he is opposing
>Good catch there Sherlock

you mean like the clintons?

i can't find any official list of companies that support sanders, perhaps it is not public

Imagine not knowing the US is already a socialist country will all these bailouts to banks, wallstreet, and other big corporations.

Literally what socialism is.

>you mean like the clintons?

Trips of Truth

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Bet your apartment is a fucking slum, isnt it

What's interesting is that the quality of living EVEN IN A "SLUM" is far higher than it used to be. I bet that even in a "slum" these people have A/C, big screen TV, video games, sweets, booze, all the sanitation supplies one needs, decent clothes & bedding, a vehicle w/insurance, and can even afford to eat out at least weekly. They don't consider these things to be a luxury because they're common. But they weren't common 40 years ago. I grew up in a house that had 2 incomes & we had 1 window air conditioner that sucked for the whole house. Tiny TVs. Game boy. Usually ate mac n' cheese.

Life for the poor has gotten immensely better, but the poor still bitch. I barely have my shit together & I made it to middle class thanks to learning a trade. It just took determination. That's it. In any case, I love living in the US. Even if I lost everything, I'd still love living here. In fact, I can honestly say that when I had previously lost most of my stuff, I was happier. I felt freer. Like it or not, the fact is that being poor in America isn't as bad as it used to be, nor as bad as it's made out to be.

Dubs confirms.

Trump voters are Putin's cattle... Well played Ruskies! You got them all exactly where you want them, every fucking time!

Putin will be viewed as the best strategic MF of the 00's and 10's in about 50 yrs. Future generations will have this in the history books and all these dumb Americans are too blind to see.

Well since we are in a mixed economy & just after having 4 years of growth rolling back taxes I hope we don't turn into any other European country. I would assume after just 4 years we would course correct since now people are seeing that deregulating the free market so that it can AT LEAST FUCKING FUNCTION is a good thing on top of stopping wars followed by letting the Gov run off of what it needs rather then what it asks for

i'm imagining it and my pp is becoming the big pp

Watch all of the tweet where he said he was king of the Jews?

i see the retard commies are in full force today

I used to be a cop and my station was in the third ward, what you would consider a slum in Houston. You don't know shit. These motherfuckers use literal barrels full of scraps and trash to stay warm during the winter, they don't have a bunch of luxuries like large flat screens and video game systems and sure as hell aren't eating out weekly. Shut the fuck up.

>Different fag
Slums are slums for a reason. The only difference in the US is that there are cops & people who might give a shit about you. That does not save nor really make a difference though.

So lets give them free money they can burn and import several million more of them.

Great Plan.

This is correct, but that actor is actually a right winger who probably loves Trump.

Why lie young communist?

Trump released the full transcript last year.
All informed voters know this.
You are trolling for the stupid right?
DNC 101

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tbqfh i really wouldn't mind if it if i was making more money. i work as the audio/video tech guy for my job and my boss (my dad) sure doesn't pay me enough. so if i was making more that way then fuck yeah i'd be fine with it. as long as it meant it was one way to get an apartment with my gf sooner..

YFW you lose so hard, fgt.

Don't worry, they'll get him next time! Or the time after that, or the time after that, or the time after that, or the time after that, or the time after that, or the time after that, or the time after that, or the time after that, or the time after that, or the time after that, or the time after that, or the time after that, or the time after that, or the time after that, or the time after that, or the time after that, or the time after that, or the time after that, or the time after that for sure!

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>Different fag
I will not disagree that they will attempt again & again, but as of right now on what I do not know because he is just being an ass hole.
& that is why I voted for him. An ass hole to get shit done.

Trump is so innocent, all the facts point to it!
>Ok lets see some documents
Lol nah, we don't need those
>Ok lets see some witnesses
Lol nah, we don't need those.

tHe dEmS hAvE nO eViDeNcE

didn't hillary do some of those same fucking things

Knows nothing of Social Democracy, attacks it anyway.

but we can see the flllaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwssss

nogs are dumb as monkeys but you just cant be dumber than a southern white. They're literal anti-intellectuals, it's part of their political platform to replace scientific venture with religious dogma.

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Yeah like how Bernie Sandars keeps saying he is a Socialist & you people keep saying he is not. Just admit what it is. Stop beating around the bush. If your for it then defend it! If you don't stop saying the Social Democrats are not! They say they want SOCIALISM!

looking at all the corruption and violence it already is. maybe some of their capitals still have some decent ppl living there, but the countryside is a pretty dusk shithole...

Whatever dusty ass broke nigger

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>the countryside is a pretty dusk shithole
have you ever actually been there?

Yeah! Fuck Carrot Cake!

So, lock Bill's ass up too. What's your point?

>Imagine the US becoming a socialist country
Ugh, user please, I can only get so erect.

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>Nevada, land of Gun, Drugs, Gambling, and Hookers, NOT American
Shit meme.

Imagine having an education system so shitty and brainwashed that you think billions of corporate welfare and defense spending is capitalism but spending a fraction of that money on healthcare and tuition is socialism.

>It's a whataboutism user, there is no point

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