What do i do if i have a curse from god? I have the perfect and unlimited amount of curses from god. For no reason...

What do i do if i have a curse from god? I have the perfect and unlimited amount of curses from god. For no reason. All ive ever done is be a good person and god comes after me.

I dont ask god for anything and all he does it attack me. I will constantly have the perfect bad timing, perfectly timed disasters, perfectly timed bad shit, the worst thing happening and the worst possible time every fucking day.


God keeps fucking attacking. God already won.


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Destroy god


You align yourself with something else something that I appreciate everything you do. your higher self I know it's not the same thing as God. Just God is just a Jew trying to f*** over you. Make very desperate steps to become more powerful and you acquire knowledge for yourself and no one else then use that knowledge to teardown a god that is no longer necessary.

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Everything. My entire life. Any time i find happiness it’s destroyed and ripped away by a disaster. Every day every month every week

God follows me around for no reason

Have you considered the fact it's not God? You're blame shifting all your own shortcomings and failures on God.

You call yourself a "good person" but how the hell are you a good person? do you help the poor? do you help the needy?

When was the last time you even opened a Bible? Why not start at Acts 2:38 and it'll tell you how to be a Christian. .Until you are a Christian, dont expect God to protect you or help you overcome the hardships in your life while you you scream at him. If you are being cursed, you are likely being cursed by devils, and the only reason devils can curse you is if YOU come out of the protection of God.

Holding resentment towards the only being that can save you from this isn't going to fix anything. Nothing/nobody will ever be able to love you the same way he does. If you reject him you will find yourself in a place without his compassion and protection because that is what you deliberately asked of him. The reason he gave us free will is so that we have the capacity to choose to love him. As loving him without a choice would not be genuine. Not a Christian or anything but as soon as I started looking at these things this way my life got a lot better. Evil has no face, and it wants you to believe that God is responsible for it's actions. Do not fall to this as it is the price we pay for our ability to make our own decisions. God only allows these things to happen so then he is not the only being of true sentience. He is lonely, and he wants you back. He will only take you back if you let him. Or maybe god's a woman... That'd be lit.

sounds like you have the onset of some kind of bob hickman-lite schizoaffective disorder. if u dont want to seriously go off the rails do everything u can to get on some ssri's / see a psychiatrist

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yea enjoy going braindead and getting 3 other addictions and thinking these empty abstractions w/o ever progressing lol

Holy shit, huge ego. First of all gods don't exists. Second, you think you are so fucking special that some god will change the world around you and other peoples life's to make your life tough for some reason. Yeah, sure. Its not you fault. Not at all. Its gods

Rather be braindead than not have a soul

today's religion is tomorrow's mythology

Get meds


Become a satanist

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>All ive ever done is be a good person
>is a wojakposter
I don't think so.