All these suffer from Borderline Personality Disorder

All these suffer from Borderline Personality Disorder

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>Tyrone's are worse than black people

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unfortunately, everyone else also refers to liberal whiners as snowflakes so this observation has no definitive merit

Didnt the left steal the snowflake meme though?

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*citation needed

I prefer to call them the MAO people

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No, they're bussiness people who realized that playing to people's ideologies and biases makes a lot of money.

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Ai canto stupu

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You know that's not true, right?

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he hit the water so hard it changed his shorts!

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aaah and ppl wounder why plagues evolve here

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it will be true after I post it two more times, just watch!

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more BPD sufferers

There's treatment for that, if they only knew or could afford it

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beyond disproven, but ok

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>beyond disproven, but ok

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Was it disproven?
Or did the PC crowd just dilate and scream 'das rayciss!'
protip: I already know the answer

Cred Forums suffers from Faggot Cred Forums Homosexuality Cancer

beyond disproven, means they dont want to talk about it , please ignore

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Ok then what NRA member has committed a mass shooting? Or are you referring to them being Democrats? Saying something isnt true doesnt make it so user.

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Most of this board is shit reddit memes and porn ,how is that Cred Forums. Plus Cred Forums was going down the shitter when /new/s was Cred Forums , go fuck yourself newfag

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Understood, carry on

registered democrats? half of those ppl aren't even old enough to vote

this kind of weaponized misinformation actually makes me sad

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Anyone who fights over how to catagorize these people is playing into their money making scam.
Tits for attention.
Then again tits should always be welcome.
Left or Right, it doesn't matter which hand they use to steal money from you.

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I too, will now use this phrase

I don't think you understand what a snowflake is...

Well the burden of proof is on the person making the assertion or theory. All I've seen is a graph with a Cred Forums file name; no evidence, no data, no citations

K e k

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check em for truth!

Look it up yourself faggot ,your at a computer ,dont need to explain what google is

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my sides

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Why does it stop at 139

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IQ tests are racist! They don't test people with subjects that they know black people would excel in!

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And yet they say it is racesit to offer to send them back..

What like stealing, raping ,murdering or idk abandoning children?

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something that floats around causing piles of annoying shit to form unless you burn it or throw it away somewhere

alone it is fragile and easily manipulated

I guess so but it is general knowledge. At least most of them.

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You dont burn snow. You melt it.

>What like stealing, raping ,murdering or idk abandoning children?
youre being racist!
what about NBA, NFL, KFC, EBT?
>general knowledge
also racist.

No it isnt, iq tests are based off problem sloving and predictive capabilities

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very nice. im gunna add this to my collection of monkey tits. heres one for you too.

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Those europeans really try to cover up their racism pretty hard. why is that?
very nice that they give a nigger a spot on the TV though!

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That's not the way it works, as well you know. The only possible conclusion is you just post stuff you found on places like Cred Forums and have no idea if any of it is true. Hitchens' Razor applies.

>That's not the way it works
Whatever retard if you so sure weres your proof that there isnt a difference between to biological groups seperated for 10000s of years in different geographical and climatological ? Its not like africa only came out of the stone age 400 years ago ( some regions still lacking the wheel till 1800)

>if you so sure weres your proof that there isnt a difference between to biological groups seperated for 10000s of years in different geographical and climatological ?
You really are a fucking idiot. Firstly, you can't prove a negative. Secondly, I never asserted that there wasn't a difference. If you're implying that there is then, once again, the burden of proof lies with you to support your assertion.

fucking frogs are gay and shit though

Whatever gay

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>Common knowledge for AT LEAST 50 fucking years
>hurr durr what's Google
>Y-you can't prove a negative
Jesus Christ, this is either top tier bait or American education has really gone to shit

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this is your brain on Russian propaganda


>Jesus Christ, this is either top tier bait or American education has really gone to shit
I'm not American and anecdotal "evidence"
>"common knowledge for AT LEAST 50 fucking years"
simply won't cut it. So you have no evidence, which implies your assertion is just made-up bullshit. So, over to you for proof.

And the mere fact I can point out your need for citations and evidence shows that my education system is just fine.

Or come from families of registered Democrats - like Columbine and Sandyhook shooters.

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