New kik thread - post your kik, and what you want

New kik thread - post your kik, and what you want

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Will fap to your girls nudes, save them, set as phone background, repost etc. Kik is cgr941

Post your kik if you wanna trade stolen nudes

27 m USA

kik: kramer1337

Like hearing anons describe the gay experiences they had growing up with their good friends, especially if they involved group experimenting on sleepovers, campouts and so on. If you experimented with a group of your friends and enjoy talking about it, feel free to message me.

If you want to get some help in trying to get nudes of a former HS/college friend or some premium model you can't afford, kik @morriton
IG and snap only, I don't hack, legal only.

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Show me your gf/friends/daughter/sister for brutal WWYD's



I've been fucking my girlfriend's little sister for the past month after she moved in with us for "financial reasons". She's a voyeur, exhibitionist, and a great model for my camera.

Kik punkrockstock

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Send taboo, cuckold, anything im open minded


8"uncut white cock, also ginger cd

Send anything

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OC, gingers, girls you know

shes a bitch

cuck sharing sister (non-nude), humiliate,expose and bm me

kik: pantycuck35

Lets see them sisters and gfs

Kik: freakznme
22 m
8” cock
Send your gf, ex, daughter, sister, wife, girls you know. Anything. Like trading, roleplay, incest, cheating, down for whatever.

Will use your girls nudes, humiliate them, repost, set as phone background, caption etc. Kik is cgr941

Throwawaytaw I love momcest, incest is hot too


German bull hmu for meetups


Send me your female family and I’ll jerk to them. Send some good ones, and I might send back.

Kik AnonGabeItches

Send me anything. I need friends

Up for talk and other shit >.>


Send me your best taboo stuff. I’ll share of equal if I have.

I want people to tell me how they’d rape or molest my chubby gf if they saw her in public. I also have tons of pics to share
Kik: dlbw1111


Exposing hot thot that needs little public help to keep the fame alive

kik sluts
not sure how many are still active


Will do captions for your sexy pics aaronhill_55

I would do nothing to her. I would though perform vivasection on you.

Need someone to help me try and hack a password on a wix site. Kik jjstamos

Carlislenudes - Looking for pics of uk girls preferably northern

Kik JJBJ420
27 M VA bi switch
Compare/wager, send me anything or show me your gf, bf, brother sister cousin, mom, whoever

Asdfbe want trans trap or fem hmu

Set my gfs body as your background Kik is anonbroszz

Dragmedown549 send some taboo stuff, females only


I've cheated on my boyfriend pretty regularly with the Pakis in my area, some of them married. Pic related, I sent it to one to convince them to come over.

Mock me, degrade me, berate me, I don't care.

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Haha gross

The worst larper on the board

And stop sending me dick pics, I'm not interested.

Kik Fo4today, little bitch cuck doesn't want his girls nudes posting, let him know you've got his girls nudes and get more

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giwe me your best wwyd story for my wife
best story wins her kik!
no story no kik or chat

my kik brokenhansi

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Bull Here
EU meet ups

Looking to spread a leaked slut, gonguana

Got forced

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Set my gfs body as your background Kik is anonbroszz

Dontmindme710 for a good time

Forced to do what?

Will fap to your girls nudes, save them, set as phone background caption etc. Kik is cgr941


trade anything 18+

High as fuck

Send nuds at Andre..P

kekorn, down for anything

M 20, looking for nudes. Straight only.
Kik is Kluppjr

cuck show me your wife gf ex privatly kik juju.mte

Y’a des français pour échanger des photos de nos meufs ? Noidspace

I rate and wwyd to your ex, gf, wife, sister, cousin..


Sharing my collection of porn and hentai

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Send nudes or anything
Kik JuJuman_93

Uhhfck10 trading oc teens

Kik: stvnthrowaway

Like sharing gf and different girls I know. Even exposing a few.

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24 sub m

Looking for people to fap to my mom - rosmilf


Lets chat about our sexual experiences including first time, chicks we screwed/want to screw

Got this pic from lombax_fur earlier. ""She"" mostly seems to want locals (Bristol, UK) to fuck her (they're into forced stuff) but they're sending pics too

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Want to know what a girl would do to your girl? Show me her and I’ll tell you.

Send girls you know or teens and make me take these undies off!


Send me girls nude/ flashing in public

Looking to trade cheesy content.

Send nudes of your wife, gd, ex, mom ,aunt, daughter ...... For tribute, wwyd, rate. Also available for loyalty tests.

Kik Johnsonj214

Send me vids jerking to my pawg wife kik antiandy94

That yours or hers?

Make me your sissy! Severant

Showing off gf’s goods to let people jack off. Kiks throwarays if your interested. (Usually bad at messaging more then one person, but I’ll try and get to people if there’s interest)

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Add Dlm_77
I will send or message your girl on here and show you reactions

Only send via kik?

Kik or possibly other things if you want

For hot teens and wwyd of them

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Kik : Andre..P

Send me girls nude/ flashing in public

6 hours to go then i will choose the winner

Uhhfck10 trading oc and sending pics to girls you know on Kik and messenger

I like the idea of sharing my ex with people from our area the idea she won’t know people have her exposed is hot to me

What ur kik

What’s your kik

Drop yours if you wanna chat

What’s the area?

Kik group up?



Need someone to trib my coworker

kik breeeeeeeeeep

also anyone else who just wants to share their gf/ex/whatever


Stuck at work keep me entertained.

M_orl2. Trading teens or dicks and sexting. Cut only please.

set my gfs body as your background Kik is anonbroszz
Smartwatches very welcome :)

21 m Sweden

kik: ploli123

if you want to share your deepest darkest storys / fantasies im glad to listen or discuss if that is what you want.
Nothing is to much and no judgement is done.

If you want to share pics I am very happy to look too. Come on and talk :D


Lets chat about our sexual experiences including first time, chicks we screwed/want to screw

Kik: noble065

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I’m specially looking for someone to cum tribute my gf shookszero

Preview of her here?

Nice cock user. You do tribs?

Post 1 pic of her here first, for interest

Kik JackSpade22 share mother daughter pics. Over 18

24 m with a pretty big stick
Open minded

Not much time, hoping to see my tattooed gf get plastered with a strangers cum... Drop Kik if interested

20m bi. Looking to be dominated.

You do tributes?

drop your kik and the pic and it goes much faster



Trading gf pictures.


fucked up shit - wetmydicklmao

Eu bull


Kik: y2kthxbai

29 year old male who'd love to jerk to your female family members. 8" white cock. Into incest, tranny's, spit, ...etc..

Uhhfck10 send me girls and I’ll massage them with the picks you send

look for Germen Girl Vids

Kik : Andre..P

Kik toothoot8888 for more of her

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Your filthy secrets and no limits chat

Kik: johnanonanon955
Bonus if you already have some saved

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Send nudes of your wife, gd, ex, mom ,aunt, daughter ...... For tribute, wwyd, rate. Also available for loyalty tests.

Kik Johnsonj214

I want to cum, send me anything you want, maybe we can trade

Kik: uyilok98

No limits? Jas9496


Leave me some good shit to come back to after work. Will return the favor when I have free time. No limits


Let me see ur sis and gf

4 hours to go and then i will tell you if you win or not

I like pale teens, busty teens, incest
kik: dinggles


Looking for the most deranged porn you’ve got...

I’m just trying to cum. Send me whatever

Porn where someone walks in on a couple smashing and joins them

kik: gai457

Kik dnick1223 if you’ve seen/saved his wife.

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Make my gf your background add kik anonbroszz

Private sharing groups
And individual trades of hot women naked

Dragmedown549 I like taboo stuff, I have a couple nice pics to trade. My stuff isnt really taboo tho

send me some cute girls nudes

willing to do wwtd and rate but only nudes

19 m bi kik noggeregott will legit trade anything. Bonus if beast or loli hentai/candid

cuck sharing sister (non-nude), humiliate,expose and bm me

kik: pantycuck35

Straight bull, can brutaly degrade your close ones if that is desirable. Trading megas, dropbox, pics/vids no limits.
Femanons can hit me up for chatting and fun.
Gay/bi can see more for something in return.
No limits chat and story sharing.
All saved for saved, live for live.
Kik : lovesick9797

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34 bi like shared wives and gfs, clean shaven cock, stories, pics, wwyd 18+


At work bored

Got nudes of my black gf. Love race play. The dirtier the better. Feel free to tell me what a faggot
I am while you stroke off to her pics.


Lets fap to AOC in a group.

Kik: mamagooby

Attached: 9B6FC448-A39E-4E9D-8092-C8C6C51ABE16.jpg (640x993, 77K)

Life gfs, wives, fiancee. Wwyd.

Gf, ex’s, teen, trade


Robzombi70 looking for someone to send my dick to. Preferably femanon but anyone will do

3 hours to go and then i will tell you if you win or not

29m US
Send me some good shit to jack off too. Open to anything female. Also if you want to do wwyd

Kik: johnanonanon955
Bonus if you already have some saved

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Indirek, looking for people who want to fuck their sister/daughter/mother whatever and hopefully willing to do so


With the period at the end

Looking for Arab girls with big tits and an Indian girl with green eyes

Kik gramrock66, like to trade pics/vids of big boy butts

Welsh girls

Will fap to your girls nudes, caption them, save them, set as phone background etc. Kik is cgr941


Not me

Kik lolitsbrit7

Country singing hooker in TN and black history month all star

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I've got pics and vids of my wife and would like to see your tributes on them / what you would do to her / trade for pics of your wives or gf

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Trade anything

Kik sweetgirl2507 to wwyd my female german friends

sharing, non-nude


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I don't get how Brit still shows her face in public

UK, nuneaton, coventry or rugby trades kik: chrisLjames1

Or Send anything! No limits

Her kik, not mine. But I can post mine if people want more pics of her

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Would love to hear what u would do to my cousin kik mel2lol1

I'll take all you have

What's your kik? I want to see more of her

Kik me some momcest or any taboo


18m Send anything

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Message me kkcs14 and I'll dump my pics of her

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Make my girls body your phone background add anonbroszz

Send my your gf, friends, family... And i send you more of my teen gf.
Kik: adri_md

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Anonvik, slut likes being exposed and if you've got a big cock she'll send more

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25 m bi
Bored at work. I'm down for whatever

24 m. Anon0867 on Kik. Can share girls but wanna jerk to yours. I’ll also snap chicks you know and send my cock

18/M kik:Tessa_Slut_
like to be Sent pics/vids of Trans,futa,Milfs,celebs,incest (mainly mum/son stuff) or some other taboo stuff

lost most of my stash
Help rebuild it if you want your girl traded around like a commodity

bumping this :) Make my girls body your phone background add anonbroszz

Will save your girls nudes and trade them with other anons like a trading card game, she'll be owned by hundreds of guys, kik is cgr941

Whos in cali? 209 here. Looking for whatever idfk. Kik: RealEricCartman

send me your wife, gf, cousin, sis, mom, aunt, daughter. no limits chat. the more taboo the better
will wwyd/tribute/etc.

kik jibbernjab

Lost her kik.
Does anyone have it?

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Love anal play and BDSM, come to play
kik: subanal94

Also interested in you sending back any of my girls I've sent you

Damn i want it now. More pics of her?

27/m/bicurious army vet
Super bored horny asf make me cum? ;) into just about everything so hit me up!

I have
But sadly lost her kik

Attached: 4130df46-52b8-4d24-abd0-babc2d44173c.png (1600x800, 619K)

Keep posting

Have not that many on my phone.
This is the last

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big ass

Send OC, girls you know, family, even older, gfs, exes and some sluts KIK usernames
Trade ofc


Rate my dick.

Doing boy/ girl privates tributes on kik : finzp

Kik odinxxx
Milfs only

Attached: Screenshot_20200203-185233_Gallery.jpg (1080x2220, 462K)

Kik eeasmith

For fun time

1 hours to go and then i will tell you if you win or not

looking for a bull to cuck me with my sexy female friends willing to dump pics here. bi bull willing to dominate also appreciated. kik me philadelphiashaw

Kik hellalit556
Sharing sis and other sluts for tributers
Also do tribute for tribute

Attached: 74970416_2483467015076590_3924773932418656686_n.jpg (720x1280, 112K)

send anything and everything ;) liathecreature

Want someone to make my gf their computer desktop background drop kik if interested

Send it, whatever it is

Attached: 9A064EA6-9770-494D-B14D-5D52985F5BF1.jpg (828x992, 174K)

M 31 Europe
Kik john_finn66

Attached: f889ab1a-66c6-4fc5-b82c-9755b62a7a94.png (720x540, 301K)


My guess is to pet a turtle. I'm bad at guessing though.

Anything going, riskier the better

Attached: Screenshot_20200203-181927.png (1080x1920, 196K)

22/M horny before work
Send me anything you like


I lost my collection and looking to rebuild it. Just send whatever you're into.

Phone back ground?? Kik me husky706

Looking for chubby kik sluts that like getting dick pics


Attached: 285924D9-1839-4C89-ACBA-6D0D8319DCA0.png (1125x2436, 422K)

Milfs/ anal / puffy pussy lips

Attached: 9F7A7972-F382-43EE-B0DB-83AB2ADAF8F3.jpg (1005x1005, 123K)

I’m looking for people to make fucked up porn or fakes/art of people I know

Please add DisMFhere123

Please add DisMFhere123

Please add DisMFhere123

My kik is alexisn543 need some guys to spam my ex on Instagram.

Attached: 73FB3A4D-0CA1-4827-9790-D399D4DBDEF1.jpg (1387x1802, 527K)


Looking to see your hot family members and hear / validate your fantasies with them.

Also looking for people to cum-shop pics of mine.


Kik's HundoMungo
I wanna cum to hot girls
Can trib

Kik me if you want me to message your GF to see if she’s loyal



kik: uwuboyy

sorta trap, would like to do rp/ whatever you want, just shoot me a message

pic related it's me

Attached: PicsArt_01-29-06.47.13.jpg (714x720, 57K)

Send nudes of your wife, gd, ex, mom ,aunt, daughter ...... For tribute, wwyd, rate. Also available for loyalty tests.

Kik Johnsonj214

Need to cum. Send girls to me at docschlep on kik. Gf, wife, ex, sister, mom, friend, doesn't matter. I'm into everything.

Send anything

Attached: AC9ED37B-BF1E-4B43-A36B-BB8789941D65.jpg (664x652, 89K)

Massive foot fetish

Looking for people with feet pictures of girls they know, especially if it's their family members/gf

Attached: ht2.jpg (1080x1349, 132K)

Forgot to add, my kik is jayjayjayzee

Submissive cuck here looking to be a good boy for big dominant bulls that make me stroke my cock to them as I share my gf

I like teens, cum, sucking, cocks and sissy hypno stuff Write me and send me Kik: phil6543210

Robzombi70 - looking for someone to send my dick to. Preferably femanon but anyone will do. I aint fussy

Ryanderrickk Send me pics of your big cocks. Mine is tiny and I want to see what a real man looks like. Tell me in detail what you will do to my ass with it. Bigger the better

jujupussy1 mega trade

M 27
Bored horny

29 male tx,usa
Kik: hlfasnman
Bored females pls

Attached: 20200201_135918.jpg (2592x1458, 1.38M)

Kik anoncanadab if you want me to do cartoon captions of your GF, wife, fiance, sister or whatever

18+ only and OC please, will keep private

Attached: comica1580757180451.jpg (1080x2658, 450K)

No limits wife chat
Shes a 33yo cheating cock slut

No limits chats



Attached: Screenshot_2019-12-15-23-21-51_compress41.jpg (1440x2560, 317K)


This cuck faggot made me promise not to share this pic of his girl. Tell him you wanna see the rest.

Attached: DE96B0A2-2BA3-43CF-871F-64E999697F16.jpg (1135x1146, 442K)

imagine breaking bro code, what a pussy
fuck yourself

Tribbing everything you want me to, now's your chance.

Post more

Only legal pls

Attached: 881C286C-AE5F-4F77-B50B-8F787D55D8F2.jpg (1125x1188, 263K)

so we have a winner story!

good luck to all next time

Attached: Screenshot_2020-02-04-02-42-26~2.png (1817x774, 117K)

Attached: DD4834EE-B802-4051-A5D8-CE29E0462F7F.jpg (480x640, 78K)


42 M US Divorced Dad of 3, I have full time, with dad bod, but I hear that's in lol.

Love to chat with all femanon of all ages and sizes. I will chat with anyone, but I'm not interested in your wieners.

Also, I'm an ER nurse, so my healthcare peeps, make sure to stop by and say hi! Nothing sexier than RN's, CNA's and RT ladies...and guys too.

I guess it cant hurt to say I'm hung also;) kinda thick...

Thread dead?
If not send me your chubby Gf’s and I’ll see if your girl is loyal


Keep going any tits?

Someone to tribute on me and wife's wedding pic tinycocc on kik

Attached: _20200203_062944.jpg (3127x1944, 711K)


Shes an admin to some incest groups and posts live pics of her daughters panties.

rush_dog M 20s will rate send your girl

Kik illnessjay if u can do snap hacks

Need to jerk and cum, send me anything no limits , cheeko556

hey. i would love to be exposed as the fag i am. kik me: WI1991

Attached: 1523381034176.jpg (640x426, 46K)

kik me Deymoniy I'm not from English speaking country. I'm from Russia. It's a known fact that russsian girls are the prettiest but I wanna be sure. Send nudes of your GF, cousins, sisters or anyone.

29m looking for some ladies to swap with


does anyone have any videos where the girl is being abused, humiliated, crying, being forced or anything where the girl is doing something sexual with an animal


Kik: missaylen

19f horny
I get off by people looking.
I don’t want dick pics please


Attached: 76B6634D-F9BE-4FA0-8D25-D23DE3B60A2C.png (750x1334, 1.96M)

Will do full reviews of your ladies boobs. Kik kate105105

Kik: darkzahn

Want to trade pics of my gf, and want you to tribute her

That wiring job

Attached: EA4AADC2-778E-42C6-9899-83076470BA0C.jpg (590x406, 30K)


Show me what you got willing to trade

27 M, straight from the US. Looking to share my unaware gf with other anons. Shes chubby, Latina, and into tattoos (a bit of an alt girl look). NOT looking to chat with BI anons (if you like sucking dick/getting your dick sucked by other guys, please don't respond). Don't be one of those weirdos fascinated with assholes / anal. Kik: riksan13

Attached: 15.jpg (409x800, 105K)

Hubnersoles add if u wanna talk foot fetish and share pics

Attached: received_904089612976493.jpg (2048x1536, 171K)

I want people to trade with me their exes
And also people looking to expose or expose their girl

No one wants to do that fuckin weirdo

WI1991 faggot crossdresser wants to be exposed

Showing off a few college girls feet’s. All English soles size 4 to 6


30/M/US (out of the country now)

Straight, looking for females around my age or younger


Attached: 0E1F67C7-4008-584F-9102-25DEBGF40713.jpg (1080x1437, 326K)

Wanna talk to people with an incest fetish for their real relatives like mom or sister, no larping

Kik Steveeeeee6

No user found

Kik yuyu302 for no rules invite

Trib my gf: cmddder

Note to all time wasters trying to get free oc. You won't get nudes unless you trib a pic I send beforehand

Like ladys fem and traps to chat with while i get off 38 m ny hmu kik Dmex66

Bull here

Been with 5 wifes


KIk: ekdnsqwe

Send teen nudes dudes

Send me white girls.
Bonus for feet/bikinis



No limits

Taboo, teens, milfs whatever

Any bulls who want to share their experiences, especially if you've fucked women without their partner knowing about it hmu tomaszn2
I don't have much to offer I just think the whole bull lifestyle is alpha as fuck and something I admire.

Also bonus points if you ever had to deal with a violent/jealous ex partner being mad at you for taking their girl

Kik: hereforthefemboy
Looking for females, femboys, traps and cucks to dominate with my big dick

Looking for someone to tribute my ex.


Fake just stealing content

paperLiquor2 trading my gfs nudes for your gf

Denise Otto
>Kik: Denise1xy
Cute anorexic slut

Attached: IMG-20181229-WA0006.jpg (720x1280, 73K)

Cinder27ella- married slut for black dick, send her as much black dick as you want.

Any guys in Chicago with big dicks hmu chiguy8472 for my gf

Like to trade ex/gfs nudes

abcdefz9 coming at ya. hook me up with teens and cum

kik bigbrowncock19

show me your best teens (no lims, asians, latinas, anything), filthiest porn, and most violent abuse/rape. make me cum for a reward.

Looking to stroke to your gf, sis, wife, ex, daughter etc. Let's have a dirty chat about her and jo together. Kik: highlife.12

Secretly a cumslut

Any pics?


Sharing exposed slut megalink

Anyone got real gay r*pe vids?


Lets chat about our sexual experiences including first time/chicks we screwed

Kik JJBJ420
27 M VA bi switch
Compare/wager, send me anything or show me your gf, bf, brother sister cousin, mom, whoever

kik: hobo.william
looking for either nudes of people you want me to fap to or a fem to fuck. Must live in devon.

KelvinMac69, I wanna see ass

Send me teens

Kik sweetgirl2507 to wwyd my female german friends

She's a huge slut. There's pics of her with so many guys. Convince her you want to pay to fuck and she'll send you nudes

Kik slvlyre. Will tribute for btc

Got any pics?

Anyone recognize her?

Attached: IMG-20190904-WA0015.jpg (960x1280, 174K)

Teens and wincest

I'm not that guy but if you kik me kkcs14 I'll share pics/info of her

Attached: 6fe7ee55-38bd-4df9-8209-84ad0d775c28.png (575x960, 386K)


sharing pics for wwyd tribs rates and captions

I like showing my cock off

I don't need anything in return, but teens are nice
I also like lolis

lookin for just thoughts on girls ive got saved

Havanahome some Cuban slut in NYC. Met her in a group and she came to my apt. Ez slut

Looking for guys of any sexuality to bully, abuse, humiliate and degrade me. Can be platonic or lewd, either is fine.

kik: fag.boy5

Attached: tumblr_m2qepdwO0u1qe4u5po1_500.png (500x524, 39K)

21 male 8.5" dick, exchanging nudes

Kik rayyybay

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21 male 8.5" dick, exchanging nudes

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24 m married. Looking to obey.
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Eveve690, send me dick pics, will respond later on tho. Not into blacks


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