Waifu thread

Waifu thread

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Aigis claimed.

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Good morning everyone!

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Another bump!

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Trrrrrrriple bump!

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Noooo! We must stay alive, Sad-Bot!

Heyhey fren!

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I'll try my best.

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It's funny cause she's sad.

Why boop

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Very funny

Also dubs!

Also also baps are harder than boops tho

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Hilarious. Get!
It was in self defense. How are ya?

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seeth diolate and have sex big ooff


Self defense!? Did I boop too hard? ;-;

Also am gud. Just lying in bed fighting off the winter air under blankets and snugged against my pillow lol. You?

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>did i poop too hard? ;-;


You startled me.
Sounds top comfy, very nice.
I am, eh, I came in for work to the new place but apparently I wasn't supposed to be there, but somewhere else entirely, and tomorrow.
Apparently my previous higher ups were neglectful and overall pricks.
So I'm just going to loiter around the beach for today.

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Very top comf! Just got up to run water and am back in conf until it's ready^^
Oo, get that beach bod rocking!

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What do you mean?
Also yeah, I just have my stuff packed in a duffel bag, and I happen to have some clothes according for the beach.
So that's that.

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Oh I meant like bath water. I like to take a warm bath on days I don't work out to soothe my muscles before they start aching and stuff lol.
Also yeah mhm. You just HAPPENED to go on the wrong day and you just HAPPENED to have a swimsuit, bucket and shovel, metal detector, volleyball, beach ball and ring floaty. I see what you're doing there~


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Nergigante is actually pretty difficult. He completely circumvents my strategy of not being close to the monster.

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Didn't know you were a psychopath. Do you sell it afterwards though?
What do you workout, any place in specific? Mass or strenght?
What? No, why would I need any of that? I have some running shorts and some sandals. It was just a chain of unfortunate misinformation.
Circum.. eh?

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Oh you playing MHW? Yea the first couple times Gigante can get on your nergs~

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Jesus that went from 0-100 real quick

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Shooty shooty no worky

He just has all the hitboxes in the world. I was super close though. Maybe I should upgrade my weapons a bit.

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Christ.. I guess that'll show them?? Lmao.
Oooh, whack.

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Baths sooth the bodyyyy!
Also I totally do. You wanna buy some?
Also also I don't WORK OUT work out. I just try to stay in shape. Do light workout stuff like calisthenics and your standard pushups, squats, situps, etc, and run on the treadmill down in the lobby of my dorm basically every day... but sometimes I just don't wanna mooooove lol
Mhm, sure you don't. You also don't have a Super Soaker and a whole picnic worth of food including the obligatory watermelon (wink wink)

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Extreme lewd detected!

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Take showers like a decent, God-fearing citizen. Do you make a decent buck? I could help you set up a marketing op.
That's... still working out, you know? Actually that's more or less the same routine I had, maybe different intensity though.
Am I a joke to you? This isn't a SoL anime.

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I do take showers! I just take baths on occasion because I get all stiff, especially my shoulders. My shoulders basically kill me when they get extra stiff ;-;
Also I know it is, but like I'm just saying it's simple light workout just to stay in shape. I don't plan on getting all muscley or super strong or gain weight and such, y'know?
!? Are you saying you've never just been on the beach with all that equipment before!?

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Sure you do, stinky.
>"I get all stiff"
Why not? I love being and looking strong, it's a decent indicator for a healthy body. What's wrong with that?
Yeah, I mean, at most a tiny bucket when I was a child?

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also yes

> you on the left

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Ok, tested and removed

Miko is hilarious!

I see what you're doing there...
I just don't find it to be a super appealing aesthetic to be too muscular is all^^
You poor child! We need to revitalize your childhood immediately and make it awesome!
Oh my

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Ah I see, then that's me getting molested on the left?

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Idk about you, but I'd personally prefer to think of it as a simple case of friends bonding rather than molestation

Are you winning, son?

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well yes

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I shot a pickle to death, if that counts.

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Oh well, to each their own, right? Being strong is a requirement in my job so I am required, again, to constantly train.
Ah? But I'm an adult though..
Tummy, nice.
You say?
I see.

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Dubs for the pickle death so yes it counts. Also, just saying that in the desert location, Cactuar OP and also great pet

We can make a time machine or something. You need more funnn!
Also tum very nice!
And yea I do say

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Right now I'm just trying to get armor and fight Nergi. There really aren't any good gunner sets.

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Do I sound too dull or something?

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Are you doing the proper Nergi fight btw? Like actually full on hunting it?

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Of course not! But you've missed out on an important pastime activity at the beach for so long!

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Yeah, I'm at the Slay Nergigante quest.

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O wao good luck! Tbh that's one of the hunts I'd highly recommend doing with either a super tank/evasive build or play online because Nergi is a toughie. Same with the last story boss monster too.
Main difference between the two being unless you have a SUUUPER min/maxed build, you just won't do enough damage to kill it on your own

Dealing damage isn't a problem, it's not getting hit that is. Heavy Bowgun isn't exactly quick to evade.

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You have so many bikini pics.
So, what, a picnic at the beach you say?

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Hirasawa Yui
based and this

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Not just that, the whole beach extravaganza! It's like a rite of passage!
Also yes I know. I make sure to save enough pics of the same type for any appropriate situation I find~
... are you complaining?

Yea I get ya. Also heavy bowgun can like... tank pretty well if set up right if I remember correctly...
Idk more the Long Sword/light bowgun/insect glaive type player tbh^^

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Great sword best weapon.

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Extravaganza? Eh? I've gone drinking with my coworkers to the beach before.
Not at all, they're a treat.

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Dubs gets it, especially when you get into those white sharpness builds? Mmmmph!

Well then I shall continue!
Also nono, the extravaganza, not drinking. Ya silly nut... don't get me started on drinking... heh

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Ameli Claimed,

Iv'e got one with Sop too though, how is everyone doing?

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It can, if you use the shield. I think you lose a lot of damage to do that though, and you'd have high recoil on a lot of stuff.

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>becoming the tree
What's the extravaganza then?
Ah? Why not? I like drinking.

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Hurr durr I claim

Wow I sure fit in

I uh, I think you're talking about the wrong game lol
(Seriously, you told people you leveled dex? Fkin casul)

Heyhey fren!

O I c I c, that sounds like it isn't exactly the best tradeoff...

Gang gang? Gang gang gang...
Y'know, like the full beach experience!
Also uh... heheh... alcohol gets me weird...

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I don't follow...
Aaaah, I get ya! You are a violent drunk, yes.

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NOOOOOO NONONO! If anything, the exact opposite! I just get... weird

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I have Gunlance as a secondary weapon, so if I really have to, I can use it. Though, I need to actually build one and farm Uragaan for his armor.

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I'm teasing you. I know what you're trying to say.

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I was never a fan of uragaan armor... sure am glad I was around for a few events to get some glams because I am the type of person that will forsake all types of efficiency just to make sure I look good... which is extremely counterintuitive in this game, but I still did it lol

You do!?

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the jokes's on you, i infused it with a heavy gem

are you the gun bunny

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It's super good for tanking. I usually run Kirin armor solely because it's cute. Plus, there's really no good armor set for bowguns, tbh.

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Mhm. I'm familiar with the different kinds of drunkness. I am aware of the that specific type.
What's the full beach experience?

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Present day, present time.

Dub dubs again you absolute dub machine!
Also yea Kirin armor is nice!

Ah shit, sorry. I underestimated you. (Fr tho I'm more a Falchion fan than an Estoc fan)

I'm amazed you know! Super impressive! You just be a drunk scholar!
Also like, it's hard to put into word but like... the whole experience! The volleyball, the chilling, the chilling on the water, the frens, the beach ball, the actually good castle, the food... it's a lot of stuffs

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You are a retard if this isnt bate

It is 100000000000000000000% bait, hence why we all ignored it

Is this a Lain reference?

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Maybe we can play together sometime.

Attached: __aegis_persona_and_1_more_drawn_by_segami_daisuke__b1e578b9f5c0f0a07652848d615b68f8.jpg (530x750, 339K)

That's mean, to call me names like that.
You need friends for that? Too bad! I'm a loner.

Attached: 1563822574558.jpg (2000x1084, 171K)

Yea, maybe!^^

!? It is!? Why!?
Noooo ;-;

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I'm not a drunk scholar, cause I'm not a scholar, lol.
Yeah, I usually keep to myself, is it bad?

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ice rapier says hello

Attached: 3dgifmaker74.gif (350x350, 1.02M)

Tell me about Tomo Ball.
Why does it spin?

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Attached: 1574763094566.jpg (2999x2249, 1.35M)


Wrong game

So many dubs!
Also not really, but you're missing out on a key piece of the beach experience then ;-;

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Oh welp, I guess there's no helping it, right?
So, a beach picnic is the beach experience then?

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I think its Takane Shijou

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How far are you?

Attached: __aegis_persona_and_1_more_drawn_by_c_brown__ec12e54b82987a9a681bb24464a1641a.jpg (724x1024, 134K)

Ally peblebe

Attached: 1580539879374.jpg (2500x2500, 280K)

Well, there's more to it than that, but that is part of it yes!

Heyhey Kaguya fren!! (So close to trips ;-;)

Attached: c5c63076f78885c8ac8877804468741a.jpg (1000x562, 65K)

Lets go get shitfaced by the beach instead my guy.

Attached: 1580539461865.jpg (3500x4500, 586K)

I don't think me getting drunk is the best idea around like... anyone~ lol

Attached: 568eou42cn631.jpg (1748x2409, 308K)

mon cher fusil

hello Emilia, only one off oof

Attached: chrome_wLkj4EVFMN.png (410x454, 142K)

Because you'll pull people into a chokehold, right?
Free booze by the beach, ya?

Attached: 1580539109338.jpg (2000x3500, 360K)

Good morning senpai.
Sweet dreams?

Attached: 37328_DB8IZbUq.png (600x600, 206K)

NOOOO! I'm not violent drunk! ;-;

Attached: nSSaqBV.png (500x697, 319K)

god I wish booze was free

I dreamt I was in thread, pretty sad that I dreamt about that all things considered
how's you niggy

Attached: chrome_Wu2gg393SO.png (151x244, 37K)

That just sounds like we need to get out more. My dream wasn't much better. I was just couped up in my room with my cat. I don't even have that cat anymore.
She was such a sweetheart though.
I'm doing fine all things considered. Playing counter strike right now.
Why did I spend $40 for a bunch of pixels?

Attached: EFjSq9qVUAAsCo5.jpg (900x1200, 182K)

That's what you'll say right before you start swinging, I know it!
The 3 litre whiskey bottle is 30 bucks dude.

Attached: 1580537706818.jpg (2480x3508, 403K)

ew the outside world. did the cat die or run away
do you enjoy your 40$ collection of moving pixels at least

I actively avoid liquor, I get too drunk on those

Attached: chrome_uWQ4kF76S9.png (776x534, 315K)

You're like a baby.

Attached: 1580536372200.jpg (744x1052, 33K)

hey folks I am back at it again

Attached: 1580746976165.png (5293x2076, 267K)

Noooooo ;-;

Glug glug?

(I'm starting to run out of non-suggestive swimsuit pics...)


Attached: JTLBwJ.jpg (900x1200, 749K)

and needs to be taken care of like one once I get my hands on liquor
liquor never again

beer only and not today. maybe on the weekend
aren't they all suggestive

Attached: chrome_WL4tKsy9ZK.png (602x1018, 424K)

These weren't suggestive? Oh my.
Eh, as long as you aren't annoying while drunk I don't mind taking care of ya.
Crying drunks are annoying.

Attached: 1580539834067.jpg (2893x4092, 394K)

how about giggly drunk too drunk to walk and think straight?
that's what I was I think

Attached: firefox_CM5ey4D0iC.png (795x549, 437K)

Well yes but actually no.
Also there there drunk fren

You want to see suggestive in terms of swimsuit pics? Here! Look!
Good fren drunk?

O so funny cute drunk

Attached: q375e9ajdim31.jpg (707x1000, 115K)

You're a fun drunk, would totally lend my shoulder for pebble.

Attached: 1580539047636.jpg (2048x2732, 334K)

>Crying drunks are annoying.
but where is a bro to go to cry

Attached: n1.jpg (119x117, 2K)

I need to sleep, but now I want to drink.

Attached: 1577710818497.png (500x500, 74K)

You do have a point. Tharr be germs out there.
I'm gonna go to the store today to buy my mom and sisters valentine's day gifts though. Whatever I can get with a $25 Target gift card, at least.
The $40 collection of moving pixels is pretty sick, but I don't play the game nearly as often as I used to.
The cat was fine, but this isn't my house.
So when your mom gets tired of your stray kitten, she makes you give her away.

Attached: sample-d695fb8083e994072129cfeab7099725.jpg (850x1199, 165K)

I tried to laugh about it
Cover it all up with lies
I tried to laugh about it
Hiding the tears in my eyes
'Cause boys don't cry

Attached: n2.jpg (119x117, 2K)

I see, like this?
The buzz feels warm and nice.
Not around me that's for sure.

Attached: 1563841089834.jpg (1000x1396, 130K)

I'm perfectly sober now what the frick
I'll be a drunk fren this saturday, got nothing to do on sunday

still better for me to just drink beer, that way I don't reach the embarrassing phase as fast
I also want to go places when I get drunk

and real physical people, pretty yucky
honestly forgot about valentine's day, I should get my mom something. no clue on what to get her except some expensive chocolate.
oof, rip the good times that could've been had with stray cat
I barely played any CSGO, I suck ass at it

chug chug chug

Attached: chrome_u6hbyS9eC0.png (780x514, 240K)


Attached: __aegis_persona_and_1_more__2fad1e5fce222ac42b876561543270be.png (500x538, 144K)

why did she leave me

Attached: n3.jpg (119x117, 2K)

Also buzz buzz
And yes, like that! And this!

Yes yes. It's okay, drunk fren. Let it all out. I'm here for you.

Slurp slurp

Attached: re-zero-kara-hajimeru-isekai-seikatsu-devushki-seksi-rem-emi.jpg (1332x850, 246K)


Attached: smg4g_m.png (1495x1052, 1.25M)

I've only been drunk in public once and I wound up talking like a pirate and talking shit for however many hours I was there.
Every other time it was the brooding innaroom emo drunk.
Nice poem N-user
I'll probably stick to cards and chocolate. It's about the best I can do with my budget, eh?
That cat was my best fuckin' friend bro. Loved that thing to death.
The thing about csgo is that there's always someone who sucks more. Which is how I just 16-3'd some kids.
Hey Supreme

Attached: EJuY1GPU4AA7PsJ.jpg (875x1124, 119K)

>likes to roam while drunk
Oh no.
And how would you know, uh?
Like this?
Glug glug

Attached: 1563840972503.jpg (1920x1080, 187K)

Shots, shots, shots!

Attached: Haters_Owned.png (540x406, 130K)

why did she say no, why dose's she like me

Attached: n4.jpg (119x117, 2K)

Anyone else ever have a dream where they adopted an elephant solely because it could turn into a kid, then got rid of it after like two weeks because a tornado hit your house and you couldn't afford two kids anymore, then that person tried selling it into the circus so you found your way on the semi it was in and tried breaking it out but before you could some big trucker dude knocks you out

Attached: tenor.gif (498x278, 1014K)

>Nice poem
part 1
I would say I'm sorry
If I thought that it would change your mind
But I know that this time
I have said too much
Been too unkind

Attached: n5.jpg (119x117, 2K)



Attached: wait2rfhs.png (650x750, 854K)

Heyhey fren! Very specific dream to ask about...


It says r-18, for adults only on the corner!

And yes, like that!

Attached: 71GXOEY8+9L._SL1500_.jpg (1500x1356, 184K)

I take it you're an English major?
What's up?

Attached: 1507660738643.png (1000x920, 394K)

sounds like a personal problem

what the heck

maybe if you got a job you would have enough dosh to give nice gifts
I say as a NEET, hypocritical of me
damn bro, I'm sorry for your loss

I mean, if you have a designated driver who just drives you around in the city to nowhere in particular. best scenario for a chill drunk time imo. one of my friends liked to drive more then he liked drinking

make everyone proud

Attached: chrome_SZL4gvolaj.png (287x315, 69K)

is anything really ever up- not for me... it just cannot be.

Attached: shi2hwh.png (800x540, 499K)

Lmao, BRO, Cambucha!!
It does say that, yes.
You're going all out on the bikinis, I like that!
Wait, you have friends?

Attached: 1569285902982.jpg (1260x1831, 170K)

part 2
I would break down at your feet
And beg forgiveness, plead with you
But I know that it's too late
And now there's nothing I can do

Attached: n6.jpg (119x117, 2K)

I'll drink a whole bottle tonight!

I don't know what that is!

Attached: __aegis_persona_and_1_more_drawn_by_ilya_kuvshinov__sample-9d38850dbb2106fc8e1c293e51bdc321.jpg (850x850, 194K)

part 3
So I try to laugh about it
Cover it all up with lies
I try to laugh about it
Hiding the tears in my eyes
'Cause boys don't cry
Boys don't cry

Attached: n7.jpg (119x117, 2K)

part 4
I would tell you that I loved you
If I thought that you would stay
But I know that it's no use
That you've already gone away

Attached: n8.jpg (119x117, 2K)

Well you have to when talking about going to the beach!!

Yosh yosh, here, drink some water fren

Attached: 159b871fe4d9cbe576d19ec288f61999.jpg (850x1214, 197K)

part 5
Misjudged your limits
Pushed you too far
Took you for granted
I thought that you needed me more, more, more

repeat part 3

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and you aren't one of them

bottle of water?

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why wont drinking take my pain away

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but I'm not drinking

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Mmmh. What about sailor uniform?
I'm spiking your drinks, retard.

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Yeah everything n says is shitpost, found that out a while ago


YoUr MoM Is A ShIt PoSt

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this is why we can't be friends, stupid
how can I trust someone who would spike drinks smh

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Yes, and also vodka.

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the vodka Mellon dose not work unless you poke a hole in the bottom,
have you tryed it is good

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I don't deal with that shit. MDMA on the other hand.
Want some?

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can robots metabolize that
how drunk do you plan to get

wtf SOP is my new best friend

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Dmt is where it's at

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more like retarded


No and I don't know.

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Sailor uniforms are cute!

It's okay, I have pedialyte for you to hydrate and sober up

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That too

is aegis being piloted by a "something"?
therefor the "something" is driving under the influence

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Nono, Aigis is sapient

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so human brain, robot body?
like Darth Vader ?

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understandable, have a nice buzz

I dont like where this is going

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favorite pic.

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nep takes pressed meth and caffeine and thinks hes rollin


Heyhey Kurumi!

Close. She's all robot, but has basically a human soul implanted in her. She's completely capable of emotion and decision making.

What do you mean by that!?

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We close to image limit...


therefor the human soul implant" is driving under the influence?


No. That's like saying "oh yes she has a gear in her thus that gear is driving her" you nut

ok cuck

yes, but multiple gears are a machine and using a any heavy machinery is DUI


Best frenbs
So many spiders.
Mood. Wedding?

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you have been ticked for using 1 aegis robot under the influences.
do not pass go




Tbh anything Emilia wears could be a wedding dress, but yes. I love wedding dresses! (Would post a pic but image cap ;-;)