Do you think she's fat?

Do you think she's fat?

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FILAs went out of style for a reason kids.....

And what is the reason

She is not fat.

And that is OP

Nah she's definitely not fat

cause the whole club foot look didn't last longer then 2 years max

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Idk it's kinda hot on goth girls tho


post nudes!

No. She has a little pudge, but not fat. Fat is when they have flabby bingo arms. Then you know they're fat.

Is she really not fat?

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Why do you care user? Can’t you make your own mind up on that?

No. Again, it's pudge. Not fat.


>Drunk on a public bus midday
She's not fat, but with that lifestyle, she will be soon.

No not at all.



Not fat, not skinny.



she's juuust right tbh

No wtf.

No just perfect

No looks curvy.


A little bit.