My girl caught me wanking to my buddy's gf, more specifically her ass (they know each other) what should I do...

My girl caught me wanking to my buddy's gf, more specifically her ass (they know each other) what should I do? (pic related)

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>my girl
u got bigger problems m8

honestly I believe she THE perfect ass, I just can't resist it

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Honestly I've gotta jizz at least a couple of times a day, so I can't blame her haha

meh fuck it. at least it wasn't a pic of your gf brother or something gay like that. worst case she dumps you...then you go off and bang other randos and the world keeps turning

What did she say user?

The baby booty bump then started licking my butthole

More details liar. Lets see that imagination work

Stroking keep going user Pls user PLS

She was sleeping in the bedroom and I got really horny, my dumb ass thought it was a good idea to sit on the couch, relax, cast the photo on our living room tv and jerk off... she first saw me and just started laughing (first time she ever caught me), but then she saw the pic on the TV and I'm pretty sure she recognised her.

After that she obviously felt a little uncomfortable, just said sorry, but she's been very distant in the past two days since it happened.

….this guy wtf. how about just peep some pornhub

It turns me on way more when I know some sweaty dude is larping all of this. Nothing turns me on more than another man's boner but not in a gay way


You done goofed!
I mean, now she knows you wanna fuck her friend :(

Welp you’re probably fucked user.

Thank you daddy best nut of the day by far

get her really high and tongue her asshole

Stroking to this anons sesh fantasizing about OP larping

Keep going I'm diamonds

Well... if I caught my girl masturbating to a shirtless pic of my friend.. I'd probably dump her

Is this before or after you came to idea of her wanting to fuck your sexy lumberjack Bromo

Buttplug or no Buttplug?

can confirm - might work

you people are a disgrace

That's racist

Keep going user I'm diamonds answer the fucking question Buttplug or no Buttplug also why does autocorrect capitalize Buttplug

Thing is that my girl has that petite/cute vibe to her, while this chick is complete opposite she's tall, curvy and always has that look on her face like she's looking for a good fuck.

I enjoy my girl's body but it's been so long since I fucked a chick with a little more "meat" on her

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Show your girl we must compare to fully understand the situation and advise you well

This is probably what she's thinking about dog

Pick what u want more and pursue that whether it's fixing your relationship or fucking thicc amazon bitches

Her curves are just unreal to me

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Any inkling of jealousy she's had about her friends body has just been magnified x10000000

4d chess would be to set up the TV right before she gets home and be caught jerking off to her pictures

By her I mean your girlfriends pictures

Would also be hilarious

>just said sorry,
Sorry for what? If your gf don't know shes fine then shes got problems of her own.

>but she's been very distant in the past two days since it happened.
Fuckin oh well, she'll get over it. If she doesnt, then tell her to.
Trust me, life is way too short to give a fuck what your S.O. masterbates to.

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I meant that SHE said sorry, I was just baffled and speechless at the moment.

Just look at those legs, this chick objectively attracts me more than most models or celebs in general

I know this is probably joke, but I feel so bad, I'm even considering this lol

Things my girl is really conservative in showing her body in pics, she doesn't even share any pics privately with me.

I mean is it realistic for me to be jerking to pics like these of her?

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Yeah, shes a good looking chick, dime a dozen my friend.
You looking for a solution to your gf issue or you just looking to show off what your buddy has and you don't?

Stroking to this anons appreciation of layered larping


I guess I'm trying to justify myself haha

Also I wanted to keep posting pics with what I say to prove it's actually me and not some dude LARPing as me but I get your point

If your buddy was a real bro he’d give you panties to sniff.

Post your GF’s body. Crop the head off if you’d be more comfortable.

yas pls

>trying to justify myself
Don't. It's not worth your time. Theres no explaining what gets us off. Like I said, if your girl cant understand why you wanted to bust to that other broad then shes got issues of her own to deal with first. Having a conservative gf can be a blessing. Well, as long as shes not conservative in bed.

Well he was showing me some private material of theirs back when they first started dating and before it get serious, it's also one of the reasons I'm obsessed with her.

My girl would never be horny enough to take pics or vids.

Post I quoted is a pic of her... she is REALLY uncomfortable with nudes of herself, she never wanted to take pics for me and let me take pics of her when we're fucking. I only thing I could have is to take creepshots of my own girl, but that would be too much even for my standards.

Only from time to time I get pics like this

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shes beautiful tbh

Prudes are my thing. Girls that I’ve fucked within the first month usually don’t last to the second. Even the super hot girls I’ve dated lose my interest when I find out they’re skits. Only had two lasting relationships; first made me wait 6 months and second (current) has only given me head in 16 months. Prudes are way more interesting than hoes.

Thanks, just to be clear, I don't think my girl is unattractive, it's just that after a pretty long and faithful relationship I feel like I'm sexually attracted more and more often to simply "different" things.

Is that normal?

To be fair, it is quite a nice butt

i dated skinny and curvy girls.
when i was in a relationship with curvy girls i watched porn with skinny girls and vise versa.
idk, i think its just what humans do and tbh it was just porn - i dont think that she has a problem with it, even if you watch fat chicks but it was her friend.. so yeah, maybe her bad mood is over tomorrow, maybe not
2 options:
wait or talk about it - you decide

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