Adolf Hitler appreciation thread

Adolf Hitler appreciation thread

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uwu adolf hitler-san i very mucho appreciate youuu~~~~ :3

we still remember

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He said something along the lines of:

"My spirit will rise beyond the grave and they will know I was right."

Oh how right he was, as always.

R.I.P. Uncle Adolf. We miss you.

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one thing i will say for Mrs Schickelgruber's little boy - he did manage to kill Hitler.

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shut the fuck up, Hitler was a fucking cuck who lost the war.

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KKK back to stormfront. You faggots are so cringe lol.

Stalin killed communism

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So Stalin was never sexy? :(

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thats what happens when u ban cannabis harry ann slinger and have a fragile x down syndrome president thomas woodrow wilson

murder america

Nah he always had his rat face

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Remember how barbaric these subhumans were
Collapsing the Roman empire

The truth will always win. There is an oxymoron in the very headline:
-death camp

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Did not view. What is it?

Don't be stupid, be a smartie, come and join the Nazi Party!

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his biggest mistake was: my country can defeat basically the rest of the whole fucking world by itself

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Hitler was right about the Jews. Jews were the biggest threat to Nazis. That's why a Jew named Robert Oppenheimer invented the atomic bomb and defeated Hitler.

He was a mad man who cared for his country
If you are anything but german, here is a helping tip for you
Veru useful one actually

Hitler is not on your side, he only suppprted germany and those who submitted to it

He was a hero, but only for germans
Wise strategies, maybe, but he lost.

Nazis suck and so do you.

Go fuck yourself!

About Sex dolls

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He allowed himself to lose sight of his goal, and failed. Why would I appreciate a failure?


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>but only for germans
In Der Ewige Jude is was presented that the National Socialists are fighting for not only Germany or even Europe but for the entire world against jewish hegemony.

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He should have fucked off so Stalin could have annihilated America

he was pan-germanic


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He was a great man with a great goal

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>Implying germs are responsible for the collapse of the Roman Empire
It was Christianity all along

I greatly appreciate Adolf Hitler and wish him a speedy recovery.

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i really hope that the authorities in charge are monitoring these threads with the intention of identifying individuals who sympathize with racist ideologies and neonazi terrorism in order to put them on a watchlist.



Heh. You actually think there isn't a higher than average number of nazi sympathizers in the police force?

Roman catholic but never mind.

Thanks for making yourself recognizable and fuck you too.

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stop larping you fucking KIKE

Here's to the faceless German soldier.

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only few are such stupid simpletons to fall for neonazi propaganda, but i´m sure there are some.
let´s find them all and punch a little reason in them.

God hates you and sends tornadoes to destroy your trailer parks.

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You in LA? Punch me and I'll add you to my kill list. And I'll get 8 weeks paid mental health leave for it.

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>punch a little reason in them
Mussolini would be proud of your tactics.


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>The Way of Culling
>ONA may decide to join a police force to obtain combat training, and then use their position of authority to kill criminals, rather than arrest them
You don't realize how fucked you are.

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