Weird Nostalgia thread. What's yours? Is there a vidya game you played as a kid...

Weird Nostalgia thread. What's yours? Is there a vidya game you played as a kid, maybe you're a real old fag who had to type into the dos command line the address. maybe it's a low budget cartoon you saw one summer's day at a cousin's house and haven't found the whole thing since. maybe it's a movie, a song, something you downloaded on limewire...
what are the weird nostalgia things in the deepest recesses of your mind?

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here's one of mine. The first time I got stoned I had flashbacks to playing this game when I was 4. weird.

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here's another, I've never actually listened to this album but this image of the big lipped lady with lacquered nails and a fucking translucent steeting wheel tripped the fuck out of me as a kid

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what about this... I think this is when I first became aware of music video editing and how it was a style of its own

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I swear my friend's had the same blanket that Rossane had on her couch

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>maybe you're a real old fag who had to type into the dos command line the address.
Real oldfags remember 2600 baud & IRC.

shhh I'm trying to get down with the zoomers user, let's not scare them away with the OG shit

I miss irc, it was glorious

Donkey Kong country

what particularly about it?

bumping with random tits

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All kinds of weird nostalgia was activated for me yesterday with the Groundhog Day revisited Jeep commercial. I fucking cried.

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Parents kept any CD in any case. Because I was really young, and didn't read the actual disc inside the cd case, I'd just ask them to play whatever case I showed them. So I actually thought this was a Green Day song for a while.

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I used to buy crystal pepsi

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How so?
haha, that's great! Do you remember what the Greenday cover looked like?
very aesthetic

It was Dookie. So even though these bands have nothing to do with each other., and aren't common in the slightest. I still think of California Dreamin when I see that cover.

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Miss being too short to see over the counters in my grandparents house, always standing on my tip toes to try and see what she was making. She would make amazing blackberry cobblers and would let me have a little bite of the leftover filling sometimes haha. In the winter, the house would be cold in the morning from the wood stove running out so she would open up the oven and we would sit around the elements warming up our hands while Grandpa got the fire started. After breakfast, going out in her car and sitting in the driveway listening to talk radio waiting for the bus to come. Sneaking my Gameboy into school and playing Pokemon at recess. I miss it a lot boys.

I guess because the album artwork doesn't reflect anything about the band I can see how the two would get tied together in your mind.
That's a great story though, thanks for sharing.

those seem like lovely memories, but not particularly weird....

one of my earliest memories is when my grandma was taking care of me in this big country house
big cause i was little
i remember i came upon her napping once and saw her foot
and for some reason my brain thought hey lets lick it
i did she was startled but i got away so she didnt know
not a foot fag btw just have acted on intrusive thoughts quite a bit as a youth

300 baud modem you had to put the phone handset on top of to connect after you heard the bbs screech