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Because I need your cock

wanna go out?


autism and social anxiety
next question

who wants a girlfriend when you could get a boyfriend

My wife wont let me.

i don't have the dlc

Whatever. Last faggot I dated had both. What a motherfucker. Same with the shithead before that.

> cause i was waiting for you.

what do i win?
probably nothing.

That's your own fault for finding shitty men you ugly roastie

Too busy playing Kerbal Space Program.

> implying you'd be better
> immediately jumping to insults

why are you people like that?

Yeah... But where are they now?

nah u lost.
>she was waiting for u

Because we broke up in November, and I haven't found anyone I liked since.

26yrs old, 5 relationships, fucked 14 females, somewhere over 20 males. I've developed an iron wall of irrational insecurities and trust issues due to trauma from child as well as adulthood. Not only do i not have a gf, I don't have a soul to rely on. I've lurked here on and off since i was 13. I could be the poster child of reclusive degenerates of Cred Forums.

we were never dating emmxx

Me too man, 'cept I'm a chick.

and you've fucked 14 females?

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It's possible I'm deluding myself but I don't want one. I'm basing this claim on the fact that options are readily available due to me not being an utter loser and many decent-looking girls being rather desperate. Just for reference, I'm a 24-year old non-virgin white male and I live in Europe.

Anyway, y'know anything about watches? I'm thinking about buying myself a mechanical one. What's your opinion on overly large men's watches (above 40mm)?

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> implying you'd be better
i'm starting to think that you're the terrible one
> immediately jumping to insults
>why are you people like that?
because you deserve it you ugly peice of shit

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Just to make clear that was Accidentally answering

im not the person you replied to originally, though.
you dont even know if that was a girl. like there's no faggots on Cred Forums, come on.

I don't want to, I only want silence, I want to be a mechanic, I want to die and nothing else

cause I can burn my own money and be a pain in my ass myself

because nobody wants me

no faggot gets angry when you call them a roastie, that's how you can tell if they are a faggot or not

Too much gay sex

because my life energy levels are currently too low to be sucked dry

also this

They're overly large.

Faggots wear them.

>I know it looks like I am retarded but actually it is a sound bit of reasoning that no one understands

>things that don't exist

They're basically wrist fedoras. And they're crap at actually telling the time.

Need to get my life together first.

They hurt your hands during pushups.

Im perfectly capable of fucking up my own life.

My wife would be pissed if I had a gf

>I don't want to
>I can't
>I don't have to anymore

Once upon a time diagnosis were able to be used to help people struggling to function. Now they just vilify the lazy.

>many decent-looking girls being rather desperate

what European nation is this?

I'm so glad we all agree.
Could any of you give me your opinion on Seiko SNKE63K1?

Greece, actually. There is considerable pressure on women to settle down with what is described as a "good boy". Especially when said women are within their mid to late twenties.

Because my fiancee would slit my tires an break my ps4, torch my jersey collection & nikes if I had a side girl. She already threatened to cut my dick off if I cheat.

Diagnosed Ptsd makes me not be able to trust people so forming relationships can be hard but i have a fuck buddy that is attached to me but i don't know if that counts as a girlfriend

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/thread. 1 woman is enough crazy to deal with. Having a girlfriend on the side will drive you to an early grave.

I dont and have never felt the need for one. Something is probably wrong with my brain but I have never had any desire for one. To me it just seems like it would be a huge headache and a big risk for little to no gain. Its not like I'm gay ether I feel the same way towards any kinda of partner. I guess I'm just a natrual loner or something like that. You guys have any idea?

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A girlfriend is the final item I need after a 4wd for my SHTF/grid down prep.

Need a fat one that carries like 200lb of edible meat.

Got bullied by girls in school/college

Hey, if even I can get one, there's no excuse.

I have micropenis

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landed a girl I've known for 6 years last week, and now I feel epic

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because I have no time for thots

I don't talk to girls since I am 19. I am 29 now.

>diagnosed had a hard time once

gosh I'm sorry you're ruined for life

Some people are honestly asexual. Just don't tell anyone or suddenly all of your friends and half of Cred Forums is now too no one understands us guys!

talking to people face to face makes me shake, no words can come out of my mouth, i dont know what to do anymore

My lifestyle doesn't put me in contact with any women. Going after women would be a pain in the ass anyway, even when I had the opportunity I never found a woman I would change myself for and go after her.

Never actually gone out and looked for one/asked.

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too used to online relationships and I just get really nervous and clingy irl...

We broke up last August.

I will never have a Japanese girlfriend again, Cred Forumsros. Why even live?

Wife would be upset, and I like my wife. Also I have a wife so don't really want anyone else?

because I am the girlfriend

Had a ldr for a while. A couple of months after our first irl visit she left me. Guess I'm just unlovable in person.

Cause I want a gf into ss or loli. Want to be cucked by these kids and then reclaim her right after

Still doesn't explain why you don't have one. What are you, fucking gay?

>20 y/o
>body count of 9
>lost virginity at 14
>got qt girlfriend right now
>just saw my model ex on billboards across Amsterdam

I, as a lightskin demi-God cannot relate to this struggle you mortal fools speak of.

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I have yet to find a woman whose inner beauty exceeds her outer attractiveness, who also appreciates my superior intellect and highly evolved code of ethics.

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tits or gtfo

I think i respect the women a lot....

What a waste of dubs

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What a waste of dubs

>grew up poor fag
>have poor fag teeth because parents were poor fags
>am super insecure thanks to poor fag teeth
>Bad financial situation
>can’t afford to get teeth fixed
>get told I’m attractive but girls never show anymore interest than that
>actually am probably just ugly
>haven’t ever been in a serious relationship
>fucked up every good relationship due to insecurities
>now have major depression but people around me always use to think I downer so I have to hide it now
>still depressed as shit and on the verge of killing myself

I’ve been think that if I was to kill myself I would want to od on heroin. But that doesn’t seem like a common method. What could go wrong?

Maybe it's because you've been wanking for all of ur teenage years wasting all that sexual energy.

I don't know. I just don't know...

how do I get a fuckbuddy user? Like how do I even bring it up? Like how could this situation even possibly happen. Please help.

I'm lazy, too shy, not confident and maybe ugly a little. well... at least I sucked some dicks