Chubby/slampig/pawg thread

Chubby/slampig/pawg thread

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My wife.

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Nice dude. Any slutty clothes or poses

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Mallorie madore

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Fat ass on this piggy?

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Those fucking hips. Keep going

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I like where this is going

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amazing. go on

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Would anyone fuck Alice?

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Or one of her sisters?

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Let's see those tits

Would smash


He was 18 when this scene was filmed

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Damn post more

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What'd you do to my wife, Cred Forums?

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Any interest?

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Get her naked

Shes actually not bad. Probably loves anal


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Alice is curvy. All woman. Would do a lot of squeezing and slapping.

No cumshots sorry. Message me on wickr for more of my wife. Eska217

keep posting

Post em

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She does in fact

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More of her

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That asshole looks tight



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My wife

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Fuck yes

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Like her?

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Want some Ashley 504 I know someone has this slut

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That's how she make up for that face

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More please!

More please

Nice! More outdoors?

These girls are just happy that somebody, anybody, is paying attention to them.

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My wife, more to come if you want them

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Look at them big ass nips

show her belly

No black man drinks that stuff. I bet the dude that took the photo was white.

Her and
Oh yes

Let’s see from the front

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Exposed pig. Post comments!

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If anyone wants an in depth review/rating of your ladies boobs kik me kate105105


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Love these fat udders


Slampig wife

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Shes a cutie

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I'd slam this piggy hard

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full frontal? or some mirror selfies?

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Go on . . .

Almost looks like that climate change cunt. Greta whatever.

Keep piggy cumming user

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Yes sir!

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Tonja nichols your delicious fat slut

Slampig tits

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Needs to be tasted and used

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Anyone like this piggy?

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Wholeheartedly agree.

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My unaware slut wife is exposed by a bull on xhamster.

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Lips clamped round her cunt and make her moan

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That face. When she sit on your dick and is stretched to the limit

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hottest chick Ive ever fapped to

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Epic nips!!!

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Is that how deep she can take it?

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Thx, she is a cute lil slut

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Get her nice and lubed up for the pounding, kik?

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Like em?

Any full frontal nudes?

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Now those definitely need milking

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hot, great shot. moar?

She can take about 50% of it without gagging and that goes up to 90% when she's drunk

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I need more full frontal

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Pussy tight?

The pussy is alright, but oh fuck do I want to hammer that asshole! Hope she likes anal.

Where's the videos at?

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need moar fappin hard

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She do anal?

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She attempts whenever she gets drunk enough, never gets passed more than my head

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fukin mOAR of this holy shit

Damn I’d wreck her pussy somethin fierce! She a heavy sleeper? I’m into sleeping sex: fucking her while she’s knocked out while seeing how she subconsciously reacts.

Fwb material

You saw her videos?

Naa she's a light sleeper unfortunately

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Not a deal breaker. What’s she into?

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Yes more


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She likes getting railed hard and choked/slapped.

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Last 1, sry gotta head out

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Sexy. More

She's not crazy for it, but will take it

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Take care

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Post the videos

I love this whore, I have a few more of her OP didnt post.

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Fucking sexy

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Yep. Definitely very sexy. Show ass

I'm sure she loves suckling dick. Those piercing eyes would make me cum in an instant

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Keep posting

Keep posting

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Slampig means slutty in swedish


Post more please

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You guys swing?

i actually think she looks good. would publicly date and would impregnate

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What's her ig

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I would put my penis inside her vagina and slide it in and out.

That's skinny

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Why did you delete, who saved them

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Keep going

I'd fuck her.

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someone posted this in the "clothes pics or girls i he nudes of" thread.
looking of more of her

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more like this

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Damn! Yes! I'd fuck her any time.

Donutys Stormborn, Mother of Danishes

HotCallia on MFC. She has the greatest set of tits ever.

Ask for her consent to hold her hand

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Chubs need bbc

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Jerking off to her right now

No wasn’t her

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I need more

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I'm happy you like her

thats all i got, she looks like my ex, who is she


Gonna blow my wad to this slut

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Love her. Jerkin hard. Your wife?

Just GF for mow

Lovely ass

I'm glad you really seem to be enjoying the pics. Where you from?

more piggies here